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   With a naturally upturned "smile" and a pug nose, the African Side-necked Turtle has a great face!
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debbie - 2010-02-11
Hi cynthia, just about your turtles not basking. Are you sure you have a heat lamp in the tank because mine did the same and it turned out I was fobbed off with an ordinary bulb instead of a heat bulb and they were burying themselves for heat. Also they may do it, I have heard, if it is to warm to keep cool. Enjoy them though, I love mine. Fantastic and very amusing to watch.

rose - 2009-09-13
I got my 2 turtles for my b-day 3 weeks ago. They're aweswome - now they don't eat or play with me - they just burrow under the gravel. Looks like they have a little pink in neck area and one almost looks like some of the brown skin is peeled off in a spot or two, couple spots on the turtles face and neck -if anyone has any guesses or logic.

middo666 - 2008-10-27
Hello, my names Middo. I've got a female east african side neck and she's great. I got her from a pet shop by my house where she was brought in because the owner was mis-treating her. She was fully grown when I got her and in quite bad shape. She was starved, dehydrated and her nails had all broke :(. She is fine now. I feed her on live hoppers and mealworms mostly. I have her in a tank with a 12 month old female musk turle who is also a very good turle. I have pictures of them both on my myspace page

Holly Costello - 2008-03-13
I purchased a side neck turtle about six months ago, Nitro is her name! I must say, she is the best pet for someone who travels and she is so docile. I feed her by hand and she often falls asleep on me while watching TV. I have handled her a lot and not one time has she ever snapped or acted aggressively in any way. She just wants her neck scratched all the time. As a matter of fact, I put some small fish in her tank to supplement her diet and now they are her buddies.

Holly - 2008-02-01
Hello, my name is Holly and I want to say that I just got an East Side-neck Turtle and he is so cute. I love these turtles, they are so cool too have and they are so very hardy. I really did some studying on this turtle and I understood all of the things that this turtle needs. And then I have decided to get one and I am glad I did. THANK YOU.