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   With a naturally upturned "smile" and a pug nose, the African Side-necked Turtle has a great face!
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lara - 2012-05-01
Hey i have a baby female red eared slider in a farely large tank but i cant remmember how many gallons and i have plants,rocks,and land for it. i was wondering if it would be ok to put in a bit larger african sideneck in the same tank with her i think its a male. The RES is very friendly and she has shared a tank with another RES, but im a bit worried about the ASN. it would be very nice if someone could help me cause a friend is giving the ASN to me because she says its to much work and i cant really say no. So please tell m if i should or should not put in in the same tank, thank you:0)

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-01
    Really depends on it's personality. If it is a 'friendly' turtle it should be just fine.
Kimberly - 2012-05-01
I have now an African Side-necked Turtle and his name is Butters. Butters has been with me for about 3 weeks now and at first he was very shy. After setting the tank and putting in piled rocks he dived right into the water. It took him about a week to really get comfortable with his surroundings. I added plants for him to nibble on. Def. do not want to over feed, it may seem like they're really hungry but they're turtles, in general if you keep feeding them, they won't stop eating! Now at the 3 weeks mark, Butters let my boyfriend and I both touch his head while he's in the water but not on the dry bridge! We even feed him by hand with pellets. As long as we approach him softly and not run up to the tank he won't swim behind the rocks and hide. Very curious and active turtles and I love them! Especially when he pokes his head up right up against the tank to take a breath and stares at me for a bit! Cutest ever!


guillermo - 2012-03-14
I like turtles so much I want a pond of turtles.

mary - 2012-03-08
Do I leave his lights on all the time or how do the lighting go for african sideneck turtles?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-10
    I would get a lighting system with quality spectrum lights on a timer and at night have moonlights turn on.
Anonymous - 2012-02-04
I have had a african side neck for about 6 months and it has always been very placid and just used to keep to itself. I have another turtle in with it also. Over the past few days it has started to be very aggressive and goes for the other turtle and also went for me. It also attacks the side of the tank as people walk past. Does any
one know why this is and what I can do about it? Thanks

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  • Cely - 2012-02-06
    When my ASNT attacks the side of her tank, I ussually let her out to walk around my living room. Then she will explore all the corners of the room and fall asleep. Maybe she is tired of been inside the tank all day.
Erick - 2011-08-28
I bought an African side neck Turtle about a week ago. My son tried to play with it and it has been hiding since. I have it in a good size pond in the front of my home. I was wondering will it take off or will it stay around the water. How long does it take for them to climate themselves?

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  • Ron - 2011-08-30
    i paid 40 bucks for mine to put him in a tank and to keep long as i can.. not a pond so it can run off
  • floyd - 2011-09-17
    i ve been having my asneck for two years ,and i notice that after beening in the water for a week or two they like to stay dry about the same amount of time,you can put them right back in the water they will quick so make sure that your yard has no way out ,they are good climbers to so make sure if you block off a part that you might think they will get out make sure its with something straight and very tall.
  • Raven - 2012-01-27
Rita Malone - 2012-01-09
i was just given african sideneck turtle and i was told that it was endangered because it has two this true

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  • veela - 2012-01-24
    As far as I know, Side-necks are not endangered and have only one spine.
Bella Forster - 2011-07-16
I currently have an african side necked turtle. I was out looking at musk turtles today and wondered if they could be kept together? My ASN is around 5 years old I think. It is about 27cm long. I've had it around 8 months my friend gave it to me as she could no longer care for it. It is unknown if it is male or female. Please could you help as I have read lots of different views and I'm getting confused with all the different information.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-19
    If it worked for the pople that the two different turtles got along - then it worked and you have that opinion. If it didn't work then you have that opinion. It may or may not work for a variety of reasons. There is no reason that it shouldn't but you don't have to have them on top of each other either. You watch them, give them each their own safe place etc. Two different dogs or children may or may not get along. You just take the situation and act accordingly.
  • Barb - 2012-01-13
    You could put different species but I would be very careful! All turtles and tortoises carry different bugs. These bugs won't hurt the carrier however they can kill other species. I wanted to put an African pancake tortoise with a Russian tortoise and my reptile savy vet advised me against it. Also side neck turtles are know to be slightly agressive to the same sex. Good luck:)
gary simpson - 2011-11-19
how do you tell weather or not this African sideneck is A male or female?

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  • Sherry - 2012-01-03
    I just bought one, you can tell by their claws, the males are much bigger and the bottom of the males shell has a little curve down by the tail, the females are straight.
sylvia - 2011-09-29
I was looking to post a question about asn turtles. We took one about 2 yrs old from a neighbor. He was doing great but now his eye looks a bit swollen or he keeps the lid closed. Pet shop says it is due to water quality. We clean tank each week. I bought test strips but can't find info on what ph, nitrite, nitrate, gh (general hardness) and kh (carbonate hardness) should be? any help?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-29
    Article on Animal World African Side Neck which covers a little bit on eye problems. Scroll down the article and look at Ailments and Health problems and you will see eye problems there. It also says they are very tolerant of water conditions. I would think if you can drink the water - it should be safe for him. Possibly stress of move.
  • Ron - 2011-10-05
    most likely needs more vitamin A and also would help would be vitamin a eye drops
  • WIll - 2011-11-21
    1) Go to the pet store or wal-mart and get a pump for the tank ( it will help a lot, so you will only have to clean it every two months), it does not have to be expensive just go buy some affordable.
    2) Buy 'Top Fin' at a pet store or wal-mart; all you have to do is get this and put it in tap water so the turtle can breathe a little better (Two drops for every gallon).
    3) Take him outside, let him run around while watching (He can runaway before you know it).
    4) If he starts to stink up the place, it maybe that theres some left over food in there or he pooped.
    5) If he stinks real bad, take the tank and him outside and leave it there (It will take a while for the smell to get out of the house).
    6) If you have a dog, make sure that you keep the dog away.
    7) Clean the tank if needed.
    8) Don't worry about leaving him outside, he'll be fine (unless it is really cold or hot)
    9) Don't ask the pet shop, they will make up something for you to buy stuff that you don't need.
    10) Wash you hands real good after you have touch the turtle or anything that might have touched it and the tank.
    11) Clean the tank with ONLY hot or cold water( hot water is the best), don't put dawn or bleach in the tank.

    If you listen to me, the turtle might get better in three weeks or so.
    Don't forget to fed him, if you don't he'll start scratching on the tank and might fall on its back.

    Note: This type turtle loves to dig, and loves caves; get something flat (not too big or small) and put it in there( like a CD case or something), make sure that it's not dangerous.