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Susan - 2006-09-09
I have two a girl and a boy. we want them to mate but we dont know how or when

Eddie - 2006-08-28
i have 2 of them.... they are so awesome...... there names are speedy and would love to have them like i do...

Omar Ainen - 2006-07-12
My baby turtle is called sparky he tickles my hand when you lift him up by the shell.
Omar aged 5

Adam - 2006-07-12
I have a red eared slider, his name is roland, and he is a baby. He is just fun to look at. when you pick him up it feels like he is trying to tickle you!! He is a new edition to our family (2 fighter fish and a cocker spaniel)

Caitlin - 2006-06-26
these turtles are a great and loving pet, I have two of my own named shelley and squirt and they are alot of fun too have around. would definetly reccomend as a pet!!!!!

Monica - 2006-05-04
That's a good amount of information here. The only thing I was wondering about was they pyramiding of the shell, where the young/hatcling turtle is fed too much protein too quickly and it causes the shell to grow like a pyramid; unevenly.
I've recently taken in a RES in my area and have easily converted him to Reptomin, and he'll also eat dried krill and brine shrimp, and he loves his frozen blackworms.


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