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sunshine - 2010-05-24
I can not figure out what kind of turtle I have he has pretty markings on his back, looks just like a red eared glider, but he don't have the red ear! Maybe a yellow bellied glider! Idk! I just finally got him a 10 gallon tank after having him for two years, I'm terrified he is going to drowned! He is about 5 inches long, he is in 3 inches of water! Is that enough or too much or do I need more? I really need some one to tell me I'm scared he is going to drown when I go to bed! And gravel does it matter if it is small aquarium gravel? Thank you for your help in advance!

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justin - 2010-05-20
Thanks for the info my girl friend and I were walking my dog and came across a baby paint my dog almost stepped right on it, but of course after my girl friend seen it we had to care for it.... we named it crush.

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jack boothe - 2010-05-08
I have 2 hatchling common snappers I caught and I absolutely adore them, much more than most my other reptiles and amphibians (im a collector). But my absolute pride and joy is my wonderful, beautiful, 12 inch adult female. I very strongly believe that she is the mother of my hatchlings since I found them in the same river no more than 30 feet away from each other (all on different weekends). Common and alligator snappers are my favorite turtles and since I think I've had a fair amount of experience with keeping a common snapper I'm really hoping to get a hatchling alligator snapper. :)

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jeremy thurman - 2010-05-02
I have an eastern box turtle that is 10 1/4" wide. I was just wondering what the biggest one on record is.

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Miyuku - 2010-04-30
My sister was driving home from a friends and saw a turtle ahead of her get hit and spun around (lol poor Turtle) It wouldn't move so she couldn't let it die there. And not knowing were she came from my sister could not just set it on the other side that would only endanger it more. So she took it home and gave it to me, the turtle has a lil hole on its shell and you can see the skin it doesn't look severe but we found out its a box turtle, I've been feeding it and its eating =D I have not had it long, I live in Ferdinand IN The Home for her is temporary. (its indoor with a Florescent light) My sister saved a hurt fresh water turtle and you can see its outer organs. *shudders* but she wrapped it up. I emailed a turtle rescue about it and they might come pick it up. I plan to hand my Hiroshi over to them as well. I want the best 4 her.

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daniel - 2010-04-28
My fiance and I took my niece and nephew to a small pond near our home in Indiana and my niece saw the turtle on the edge of the pond.. this is some of the nastiest water I've ever seen I wouldn't recommend eating any fish you catch out of I caught the little sucker.. my nephew had one of these spiny soft-shelled turtles before and the dang thing lived forever and his sister broke the aquarium with a belt and they had to turn the turtle loose.. they say about how you are suppose to keep the water really clean.. why when they live in nasty mossy water..maynard (the spiny soft-shelled turtle we caught today) is beside my bed happy in the mossy water he was living in before I caught him.. are they suppose to be aggressive? Mine hasn't tried to bite me yet.. well I will let ya know how everything goes.. :)

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Kinzie - 2010-04-26
I am adopting a couple turtles from a friend due to her moving. She has no where else to put them and I have experience with reptiles, just not really turtles. We have a 55 gallon....can I just fill it with hose water? How warm does the water need to be? How well does it need to be filtered? The water is WELL water, so is that a problem? I appreciate any insight, these little guys deserve the perfect home!

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  • jacob - 2010-05-03
    Hello, first of all turtles are super easy to take care of. The only requirements is that they have a place to get out and be dry and warm, 70 degrees is a good temp, they can be in colder but they will be more active with med warm temp. Well water should be fine, turtles aren't sensitive like fish are, they could live in mucky still water. However you can get a chlorine reducer additive for the water if you want. Since turtles can leave dirty messes I found that clams from freshwater rivers clean the heck out of the bottom of your tank and eventually a tasty meal for the turtle.
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fox - 2010-04-19
We just found a florida box turtle in HOUSTON TEXAS!

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maddy - 2010-04-18
What do they play with?

maddy - 2010-04-18
I have one also.


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