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   Not only is the African Spurred Tortoise the largest tortoise on the African mainland, it is the third largest tortoise on the planet!
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Scooter - 2007-01-30
About 7 years ago, I bought a 4" Sulcata tortoise with exquisite diamond shapes on her shell in a pet shop. I asked the store attendant what he could tell me about it and was told "Oh yea man, that's a turtle." I liked the creature and bought it anyway.

The sales clerk who sold me the tortoise had no idea that a sulcata would grow so quickly to such a large size, nor was he aware of its nutritional and environmental needs.

I later learned proper sulcata care. The severe pyramiding process that I thought was so attractive but was in truth a deformity and was stopped with normal growth developing after. Finally, she has grown to the point of reaching the limits of the 55 gallon tank habitat in a Manhattan apartment.

Sulcatas should never be sold to live in an New York apartment. However they are easy and prolific breeders, and the market is flooded with cheap little cute tortoises purchased without understanding the committment a sulcata requires. No animal should ever be sold to anyone unaware that they would someday be unable to properly care for it.

they should never be bought as "cute pets" and no one without experience in keeping these huge tortoises with difficult habitat needs should take on the responsibility for keeping one.

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  • dv - 2010-10-28
    I completely Agree They are the cutest pets yet require life long commitment and proper living condtions Lots of Land, warm climate, Interaction with natural world a Must! maby not during the winter but def the summer.
steve & Kui - 2009-02-05
Aloha from Hawaii do you remember Kui the African Spurred Tortoise. Well Kui has done it again, he has gotten his picture in the Midweek in Honolulu Hawaii. See Kui snacking on his favorite red hibicus flower. The guy taking the pictures was amazed with Kui and I think Kui was a little impressed himself. You can see kui's picture in the 2-4-09 Midweek in the windward section. Aloha S D Lynch & Kui
Editor's note: Thanks for sharing the update on Kui, and amazing tortoise!

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  • jessie - 2010-09-03
    Steve, I live on oahu hawaii kai area and was wondering what u feed kui. I just got a baby sulcata and was wondering what kind of local grasses I can feed him/her. Hit me up if u can
Nikki - 2009-05-10
A year and a half ago I found a Sulcata tortoise at our local parkc so I kept it! Do you think this is ok?

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  • Sue - 2010-05-20
    Are you sure it is a Sulcata and not some other type of tortoise? If it is a Sulcata it isn't native to the US so I think its probably okay, and better off.
  • Anonymous - 2010-06-16
Chris - 2010-04-03
Why do people only get one? What if he or she gets lonely? They need one more for the pair!

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  • Gwendolyn - 2010-04-22
    I can't imagine! I get all my pets in twos! Ha!
Albert - 2010-02-23
I just got mine yesterday, two Sulcata Tortoises. I need help, one is not eating. Can anyone help me on this. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-03-29
    Try hay and alfalfa pellets.
Tortoise and Turtle Love - 2009-09-23
Hello all tortoise and turtle fans :)

I've just started a brand new tortoise appreciation group called Tortoise and Turtle Love on ning. It's free to join, family-friendly and fun.

"Faith" & Daisy E. (Hermann torty) xx

steve - 2009-05-20
Aloha remember Kui the famous Kahaluu African spurred tortoise. Well Wensday 5 /20 & the next Wensday 5/27 you can see Kui and all his tortoise friends on chanel 16 a show called the pet hui this is Hawaiian time 730 PM Hope you all can take the time to wacth Aloha
Steve & Kui

Mary - 2009-04-02
I just became a proud owner of sulcata turtle three days ago. There is a big chance that it is a girl. I can't be sure for another year. I have named her Miss Warning... Miss Tornado Warning. Why the strange name? Well, she is gentle but when she gets happy she leave a trail of mass distruction. Oh this sulcata loves to bask in glory with the sun. You see she was rescued and has been in two homes. Well I'm tearfully happy to say she will never have to move again.

Lisa M - 2009-03-11
Maryjane, give your tortoise more time to adjust. It really takes a couple of months for a tortoise to settle in and become really comfortable in its new environment.

Maryjane Butler - 2009-03-04
My boyfriend bought me a Sulcata Tortoise this year for Valentine's Day. I named him Chester "Buggy" Puccio. I love him so much. But he has this little problem of peeing when I pick him up. I dont know if it is because he has figured out that if he does that I'll put him down, or if he's marking his territory or something. Can anyone tell me why?