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   Provide this fellow with the right environment, and the small hardy Russian Tortoise is one of the best pet tortoises!
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N. hawks - 2007-10-29
Hi, i have a russian tortoise named Tuttle, and she is the best thing ever! she's always crawling around in her cage and running around on my desk when I'm doing homework. I purchased her this summer at a local pet shop and ever since we've been best buds.
Everyone in my family likes her even my mom, and she has hated every pet I've ever had besides my dog. I highly recommend russian tortoises to anyone who needs a companion pet.

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  • marli - 2010-05-28
    Do they eat a lot?
olivia - 2010-04-26
I have a russian tortoise named mill she is a sweety pie and even gives kisses and she eats everything you give her, they are very sweet and outgoing.
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  • Sarah - 2010-05-25
    Does your russian tortoise have any health problems, because I'm thinking about getting a tortoise but I'm not sure which type to get.