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   A medium-sized tortoise, the popular Red-footed Tortoise is considered to be one of the most responsive and personable of the tortoises!
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Oscar Subirana - 2009-04-10
I have two beautiful ones: Petino and Putona. I don't know how old either of them are, but they are the most beautiful pets. They have different personalities. Petino is friendly and curious, he walks all over the place; he's been found in the kitchen and even inside a bedroom once. He eats off our hands. I hit a spoon against his porcelan food plate and he shows up after the salad he's gonna be fed. Petina likes to keep to herself. She doesn't get too close to the house. She rarely eats what we try to give her... Well, that's just the way she is. I love these animals.

cam - 2008-06-27
I have a red-footed tortoise but sadly I don't know how old he is. His name is zipper and has lived with me for around 3 1/2 years.

Terra - 2008-04-16
My red footed tortoise's name is waldo. He's 21 years old and he's 8 pounds. He thinks he's human :P wouldn't trade him for anything

emma - 2008-02-08
I love my tortoise!

Travis Reed - 2007-09-09
Also note that red-footed tortoses LOVE humidity. If your tortoise is kept inside or in an outside enclosure in an area with low humidity you must provide them humidity. If you can't provide a smoke machine/mister or frequent sprinklers, I have found it effective to turn a plastic container such as a trash can on its side, bury it a couple inches in the ground, and fill it up with mulch. Keeping the mulch wet all the time allows for a good humidified area that your tortoise can crawl into and regulate his own humidity. Enjoy your red-foot and take good care of him/her!

Burnworth - 2007-08-01
My husband and I enjoy Bruce Lee at night. He climbs on my husbands shoulder like a cat. He has an awesome personality and has a better pad then we do.

violet - 2007-01-31
my red foot is 5 mo. and it's smart as a whip (but it trys to walk off the couch)and loves to explore.

Kalen - 2006-06-26
The red-footed tortoise makes a great pet. They are loving and they have such great personalities!!

Chris Skinner - 2006-06-06
This tortoise is really cool. it's amazing. i dont want any other pet, just another one.