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   Leopard Tortoises are among the most beautiful pet tortoises!
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Doug Wolkow - 2009-01-16
The care of a Reptile whether it be a Tortoise, Snake, Iguana, etc. requires different care than Wild animals which are Free to Roam and Pets which are enclosed as Captive hatchlings unfamiliar with the Wild or the environment of the Wild.

So yes. It is required to use special treatment for PETS and Not Wild animals. God takes care of the animals in the Wild. As ambassadors of a particular species we are to take care of PETS.

So in reply...Yes. Absolutely you should rub any skin conditioners or shell conditioners on a Leopard Tortoise which is Captive. This procedure is similar to spraying down an elephant at the Zoo. One of the Zoo Keeper's favorite jobs I might add. The Elephants ENJOY it also.

Good Question though. But Yes certainly you do different things to Captive animals than Wild animals. I hope that answered your question.

Stay Well,
God Bless,
Doug Wolkow.

bob - 2008-11-18
I really don't think you should be rubbing anything on any tortoise shell or skin. They wouldn't get this treatment in the wild and thats what your after isn't it. To offer your tortoise a life as close what it should be living? Just my opinion!

Doug Wolkow - 2008-11-08
You can purchase Vitamin E in gel capsules from any store. You take a needle and poke the capsule with the needle and squeeze out the liquid Vitamin E. If you do not want to use your fingers to rub in the Vitamin E then simply use a Q Tip.

Doug Wolkow,
Highlands Ranch, Co.

Amy Greenhut - 2006-07-08
I have three Leopard Tortoises(babcoki). One is three years old. I purchased her as a hatchling in 2003. She weighs about seven She is friendly and very beautiful. She will eat out of my hand. The other two are yearlings out of two different clutches. They were handled from a very young age and also are friendly. The bigger one has a four by six wooden pen I built for her and the other two stay in a 35 gallon aquarium for now. I started with Golden Greek tortoises who are also very beautiful but very hard to keep because they get upper respiratory infections very easy. I love my tortoises very much and hope to breed them in about five years.

Doug Wolkow - 2006-04-04
If your leopard Tortoise is eating well and not having regular bowel movements you need to be soaking them. You should soak your Leopard Tortoise twice a week for good digestion and growth. A shallow area which is luke warm with water, do not overfill the soaking area. Water should be a little over the bottom of the tortoises carapace. The water stimulates their system and rejuvenates them. You should have a healthy bowell movement within a half an hour. Growth of your Tortoise and appetite will also increase. Make sure to dry Tortoise off after soaking it and place in basking area. If you want to really perk up your Tortoise, apply vitaman E on the entire Tortoise and rub in with your fingers. This keeps their shells beautiful and healthy. It also relieves any discomforts they are having from shedding of their skin.

Doug Wolkow,

Highlands Ranch, CO.