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   Leopard Tortoises are among the most beautiful pet tortoises!
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jay - 2014-08-24
I have a 17 year old female leopard tortoise, she is lovely and spends most of the day wondering round our house as it's too cold outside. She has a large box in our kitchen with a heat lamp where he sleeps at night, and then she has a day lamp which she chooses when to go under or not, he is free to go in and out of his enclosure in to our house whenever she likes and spends alot of the time basking in the sun coming in through the window or sitting with out dog who absolutely loves her.

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  • shannon - 2014-09-04
    I have 2 torts about. 1 and half yr old male and female they r so sweet there running the house right now they get a bath every other day they where a amazing addition to my life
  • Karen Sadler - 2014-11-11
    I have heard of torts living loose in peoples homes that they say 'house trained' how exactly do you accomplish this?
Anonymous - 2008-10-05
Hi Doug,

I'm wondering where I can get the Vit. E for my tortoise?


" If you want to really perk up your Tortoise, apply vitaman E on the entire Tortoise and rub in with your fingers. This keeps their shells beautiful and healthy. It also relieves any discomforts they are having from shedding of their skin. Doug Wolkow, Highlands Ranch, CO." - Doug Wolkow

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  • Patty - 2010-06-25
    Really don't rub any oil or waxy material onto your tortoise's shell! They need to have a clean surface to exchange heat with their environment. Do not paint them with polish/paint. Do not rub oils on them. Do not apply any oils, period. Vitamin E, do not use either. What do I need to do to get this through to you people?
  • Pam Lane - 2013-03-03
    Spend time researching please!
  • Dr. Ray - 2013-05-03
    Vitamin E is really good for tortoise don't use it all the time but it does not hurt tortoise heating issues. You do not paint tortoises either! Vitamin e and paint are two different things. Whoever said put vitamin e on shell is 100 percent correct..
  • mallorys12 - 2014-03-10
    As long as they have a heat lamp and and uv lamp that's all they need, and a good dust for their shells, should stay nice anyway.
Jeanne - 2012-07-29
We have had our Leopard Tortoise for 13 years now and have not changed how we have cared for him because it works. He lives out side in the summer and has his own house and eats mixed greens fruits & veggies. He gets alot of sun and shade. Yesterday he had a normal stool and then after that he had a very bloody discarge. Never has this happened before, after that he seems fine and eat again and was running around. What could this be and what should I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-29
    Sure can't know for sure but possibly a prolapse or hemroids. Look at the vent area and if there is a sorta lump or string looking thing hanging out, then take a q-tip and just gently push it back in.  You can use a betadive solution on the q tip for cleansing.  If this solves the problem - then great but otherwise you would need to take her to a vet. 
Sabrina - 2010-03-21
I just put my 10 year old leopard tortoise on sand and loam. She is getting all this sand in her food. How can I prevent this and is this the wrong kind of substrate. IF it is ok what percentage loam and what percentage sand should i use.

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  • Doug Wolkow - 2010-04-29
    You should never, never use sand or any substance for a tortoises bedding. Sand and small pieces of any foreign objects get bound in the tortoises digestive tract. This leads to a lot of unhealthy blockages for the specimen. I suggest using a pretreated wood mulch, Timothy Hay, or a solid dirt ground with a grass or straw bedding area. Do not ever use sand! You should also be putting calcium and vitamin powder on all your tortoises feedings.
  • Leslie Andress - 2011-05-05
    I have always used rabbit pellets for the substrate for my leopard tort. He has never had a problem with it and if it gets on his food, he can eat it.
  • Gary Liska - 2012-01-30
    Anything that can impact is something you should avoid, despite sand abundant in the wild - there are safe alteratives such as topsoil and dry rabbit beddings such as dry alfalfa and or hay. My tortoise came to me at only 65grams and now, 2 years later comes in at 5lbs. Digestion is a key focus for your tortoise - change your substrate to avoid impaction potential.

nick - 2012-03-25
hiya i have just buy a leopard tortise and the shell look matt. does that suppose to be like that.
thanks ..

Barb - 2011-08-01
I have a leopard tort baby and he lives in a 4x4 doorless closet. He is very healthy, eats and poops fine. My question is, when I take him outside, he is very active. Inside he eats and hides, doesn't walk around much. The substrate is a mix of Timothy and alfalfa hay. Any suggestions?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-02
    There just more room to run around outside???? Like the outdoors - makes sense but could there be enough light for him in a closet. Is there a pen you can set up for him?
Tony - 2010-04-13

I have a leopard turtle but do not know if it's male or female. It's about 10" long. How can I find out?

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  • Doug Wolkow - 2010-04-29
    Check the base of the tail. The females have a larger V around the tail. The females also are larger and have a more domed shell. The larger area "V" is for the passing of eggs in a mature specimen. A male will also start to form a concaveness on the bottom of their shell. This serves to mount the female in mating so the shells fit and don't slide off each other.
  • a - 2010-07-28
    Would you want to sell her?
  • Walter - 2011-02-22
    Go to YouTube and in the search box type:Tracking and Sexing a Leopard Tortoise
julie - 2010-09-23
I have recently been given a leopard tort, I already have a sully and have had no question is the leopard hisses and goes in its shell also i have seen it with a wet nose, not all the time but a couple and have had it a week now, is it ok and is the hissing normal, it was kept in the wrong conditions before and was with a dog that annoyed it? Much appreciated for any replies..julie

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  • Anonymous - 2011-03-24
    Yes that is a sign of RI (respiratory infection). Go to your local pet store and purchase a 100 or 150w bulb. Put the light fixture 12 inches away no farther no closer. That should make the basking spot 92F to 100F, next get a high quality UVB bulb and use it to help with the tortoise.
    I like the Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Desert UVB Bulb
    Zoo med Repti-Sun 10.0 are good maybe better just have never used one :)

    Use 8.5 inch domes for both the bulbs. At night change the Basking bulb for a infrared bulb 50w they are $3 dollars at PetSmart! They are called; Zoo med nocturnal infrared bulb 50w.

    Make sure you only use calcium with d3 once a week to avoid a issue called pyramiding.

    Also make sure your Reptile Light Fixtures have Ceramic tops or the better (20% to 40% better) Porcelain topped lamps.

    For feeding I recommend dandelion, kale, lettuce (occasionally due to it being very wet) and as a staple I like Cactus pads and once a week Zoo med Grassland Tortoise Diet.

    You can find all of this stuff at and
    Tortoise supply even has the cactus pads! Although I DON'T recommend every buying a tortoise from there! They are overpriced! I prefer Robert/Trish from
    They are A++ Turtle and Tortoise breeders. I bought my leopard from them.

    Also I recommend 50% sterile play sand/Zoo med Repti-Sand (They are the same thing) and
    50% cypress mulch/coconut coir.

    Hope that helps feel free to email me if you have more questions! Email

    Thanks, Thomas
    Turtle and Tortoise Future Breeder and long term parent! :)
s.dodds - 2010-09-21
I have two, what I have been told are the Snow Leopard Tortoises, male and female. Both I believe are over 7 years old. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I am not able to care for them any longer.
Should I send you photographs?

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  • YY - 2010-11-11
    Yes. Let us see your Leopard Tortoise.^0^
    I like leopard tortoises. I have one.
  • brian - 2010-12-14
    do you still have those two snow leopard tortoises? im really interested
Ming - 2010-11-15
Hi my leopard tortoise is 10 cm in length. He's the sweetest little guy in the world and has warmed up to everyone he comes across. I just don't know how old he is, could you help me out?