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   Newly introduced into the American market in the summer of 2001, the pretty Spur-Thigh Tortoise shown above is known as the "Golden" Greek Tortoise!
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Jonah Bader: Owner and Main breeder of JB Herps - 2007-06-03
I have a male "Golden" Greek (I plan to get 1 or 2 females in august). He is so outgoing and personable but he does have his shy days. When i first got him he was very shy and to kept to himself because he was in an aquarium (I was uneducated). But now since he has lived outside (2 years so far, I have had him for 3) he has perked up and walks over to me for food and love. Even when I don't have food he rushes over to greet me. He is/was my first tortoise. I rescued a cherry head redfoot 4 months later but we had to overcome some health issues (being wildcaught), so I would definitely (if you are a beginner) consider a different species. All I can say is to: RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!

Julie Krebs - 2007-05-17
We have two Testudo Graeca (male & female) and keep them in an outside enclosure (we live in a desert climate). The male one is much smaller than the female, and is extremely shy. Whereas the female enjoys our company. I love that they will be my childrens' "lifelong pets"! We're all very happy with them!

B.Hayes - 2007-05-15
These tortoises are so loving but they do require a lot of care but it is worth it! My tortioise actually ran kinda fast for a tortoise but she was amazing!