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   Newly introduced into the American market in the summer of 2001, the pretty Spur-Thigh Tortoise shown above is known as the "Golden" Greek Tortoise!
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Adam - 2011-10-28
I've got two greek spur thigh toroises. Their extremly tame if I say so myself. They let you stroke their head. They stay out of there shell once you have picked them up. No animal is ever the same though I would recommend these as pets they are great!

matthew - 2011-03-28
I have a greek tortoise and was wondering how to differentiate between male and female. My parents have one of each but as they are young then it's hard to tell. Also at what age roughly can you start to breed these tortoises?

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  • Editor's Note - 2011-03-28
    The length of the Greek Tortoise's (Testudo graeca) tail and plastron (the soft underside of the shell) is the best way to differentiate between males and females. Males have longer plastrons than females and their plastrons are often slightly concave. Males also often carry their tails tucked up in their shell while females will keep their tales sticking outward. It is hard to tell the sex of the tortoises before they are old enough/large enough to breed however, so depending on how large they are you may not be able to tell.

    Males usually reach sexual maturity at about 8 years, while females are slower and generally aren't ready until about age 11. Males can generally breed once their plastron is 5-6 inches in length and females need to be 6-7 inches before attempting to breed them.
Dizzy - 2010-08-26
Hi. I Have Two Greek spur thighed Tortoises very large and had a baby last year and this year has laid 24 eggs , and so far have had two babies hatch out, so if you count the one baby from last year and two so far this year, I now have 5 tortoises and could have another 21 if they hatch, will have to start a tortoise farm. lol


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  • darlene - 2011-03-09
    Do you have any Greek tortoises for sale? You can email me back or call 541-914-1428
    Thank you,
Karl - 2010-12-12
Does anyone know what age a spur tugged tortoise ( testudo Greeca ) needs to be before sexual maturity? As I would like to know how many years I have to wait for my three tortoises to breed they are called female - fluffy, squishy male - stompy the females are four and hatched two days apart and the male will be three at some point this year also I know rarely some have bumpy shells but fluffy being the biggest I think has grown too quickly and has not gored her shell properly it is very bumpy, I'm starting to worry because it has not improved at all in the year and a half that I have had her and her sister :( thank you for taking your time to read this.

lisa - 2010-09-15
Hi ya can I keep two males and two females together?

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  • Karl - 2010-12-12
    No the males will kill each other and the females may get injured during their fighting.
guillermo - 2010-08-29
i have a cherry head red foot tortoise geochelone carbonaria. It is about 4 to 5 inches. I named it Eva and I was wondering if any one knows how big she can get and how long she can live. Thanks

Brian - 2010-05-26
We have a tortoise we acquired from a pet store in 1995. The sold him as an Egyptian Tortoise but after looking on the web I can surely say he is a Greek Tortoise. I'm not sure if the two are in the same category but they don't look alike although to an untrained eye they could. We had our tortoise living in a large enclosure outdoors with several other tortoises which were western box tortoises.
He doesn't really like other tortoises but the enclosure was large enough for them to run away when he would go after them and thump his self against them. After moving he had a place of his own outside on nice days and spent nights and winter indoors, Long story short he hates to be enclosed in anything and will continually try to get out. So now we let him roam a large bedroom and laundry room. He knows his way around and will sleep in the one or two places at night. We often joke about him being a VW and parking for the night cause he always goes to the same spot. The thing is he seeks out cold places. He will tolerate being put in his cage in the AM with a reptile light and will bask awhile but than he wants out. I also put him in a small tub of water a couple times a week with an inch of water in it and he will bask under the light the 15 min I let him. I used to feed him in it also and he'd bask eat and do his potty duties before he starts trying to get out. But now he no longer wants to eat in there so I put newspaper on the floor and he eats very well than I put him back in his cage and he does his potty thing than he wants out. I have tried keeping him in after he potties by removing the mess and still he wants out. I have put the light at certain heights thinking maybe he's too hot but nope he still wants out. Even where the ligh doesn't hit he still want's out, he enjoys being held and talked to and even a few times we think he's responded to his name. One time he got out the back door and we couldn't find him put in the yard so someone called his name and he came tromping across the yard to the patio where we were sitting. he's been under the bed and we have called him and he's come out. We have other animals in the house which we are always calling and he never responds when we talk to the other animals. He's never tried to bite even when I tube feed him. He goes to sleep for several days in the winter and I check on him often and he will come out of where ever he has parked and I warm him up and get do the water thing offer him food but he wont eat much. Hid hibernation times are normally 7-10 days than he comes out on his own. Than he wants to go to sleep again. He acts like a western box tortoise. So when spring comes he will get more active but doesn't eat right away so I tube feed him a few days to stimulate his appetite and give him a boost start. He does well after that. He will bask in any sunny spot coming thru the window. He seems content living like this. I worry about vitamin deficiency as this spring he seems weak in the legs all the sudden. He is on a diet of leafy lettuces. Such as red lettuce, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce. he will eat tomatoes every now and than, cauliflower and broccoli, peas, carrots and I give him a little corn cause he seems to enjoy it but I noticed it doesn't digest well so I don't give much to him. He will eat dandelions once in a while and some flowers. He has only been sick once since I have had him, He started getting an URI and because i heard him breathing different kind of wheezing, I got him right in to the vets and he had antibiotic injections for a few days and it cleared right up. he had a fecal done at one time and had giardia but he wasn't showing problems he had normal stools and weight was good so the vet didn't want to treat it unless there were problems down the road. Im taking him in tomorrow to be checked and even have blood work done on him to make sure all is OK. I am worried about his weak leg problem all the sudden and wonder if anyone knows about this?

Stuart Hall - 2010-05-07
When my mother went into a residential home I acquired her two tortoises which have now been in the family for 47 and 57 years! Early photographs confirm no change in their appearance during this time! One was a foundling (from the days when tortoises frequently escaped and wandered from garden to garden) and the other cost 7/6 (0.38) from a pet shop - very good value. Wonderful and characterful friends.

Stacey Carter - 2010-04-15
What is the Golden Greek tortoise predator?

Devin rowe - 2009-12-14
A glass terrarium is fine though it is discouraged because it doesn't allow air to flow in and out easily as a wire mesh cage. As for size it is always recommended that you give any pet an enclosure that is as large as possible but after confirming with several websites myself I found that a single greek tortoise needs only a 4ftx2ft enclosure. it is also recommended that he can spend as much time outdoors as he can, which is why I designed and built my own 4ftx3ft wire+screen mesh cage so during the summer my little buddy rocket is almost self sustained thanks to the sun. good luck.