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Robert Goines - 2006-06-26
thank you for the good information it really helped me. keep up the good work

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Chris Skinner - 2006-06-06
This tortoise is really cool. it's amazing. i dont want any other pet, just another one.

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Doug Wolkow - 2006-04-04
If your leopard Tortoise is eating well and not having regular bowel movements you need to be soaking them. You should soak your Leopard Tortoise twice a week for good digestion and growth. A shallow area which is luke warm with water, do not overfill the soaking area. Water should be a little over the bottom of the tortoises carapace. The water stimulates their system and rejuvenates them. You should have a healthy bowell movement within a half an hour. Growth of your Tortoise and appetite will also increase. Make sure to dry Tortoise off after soaking it and place in basking area. If you want to really perk up your Tortoise, apply vitaman E on the entire Tortoise and rub in with your fingers. This keeps their shells beautiful and healthy. It also relieves any discomforts they are having from shedding of their skin.

Doug Wolkow,

Highlands Ranch, CO.


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