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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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william - 2012-01-27
I have a rose hair i have had it for about a year and it has been fine. However just recently she has been spinning webs everywhere and digging alot. Now it seems she has encased herself in a large webbing looking like a bubble can you please tell me what is going on. It would be extremly helpful i am a bit worried.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    No problem. She is just getting ready to molt. Normal behavior and frequently will not for month or more.
  • Leraky Man - 2012-02-01
    Well, I recently purchased a female Rose Hair, and she has done the same thing yours is doing. She is just getting ready to grow, which is a very good thing. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, your little girl may be a little bigger. Please message back if she dosnt molt in the next month or so
  • Cathrine Graham - 2012-02-12
    I went on holiday and my grandson looked after my ruby. He got her a new tank but she won't eat. It's only been a week so should we wait a while to see if she will eat or put her back in her little old one Cath
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-12
    Cath, I wouldn't worry for awhile. They will and can go a few months without eating and will do so when they are getting ready to mold and actually molting. Yours is probably not eating because it is getting acclimated to the new tank. Let it go for a week or so - should be fine.
nicole - 2012-01-14
I have a question my rosie has not ate in 5 months she still acting great she just wont eat she loves when we hold her an we let her out of her cage to just walk around the house for a while she acts healthy i just dont want her to starve to death plz plz plz help what should i do .

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  • PF - 2012-01-16
    Don't worry, these days G. rosea are in hybernation and will eat less or stop eating for about 3 months. My female and male have stopped eating completely and since they're in hybernation, I have been recommended by a renown breeder to lower the temperature at about 16 degree celcius if possible. You can still pick her up and do as usual, my female climbs her cage when she wants out.

    Have a nice day!
  • Leaky Man - 2012-01-20
    Well, I recently purchased a Chilean Rose Hair, and I am extremely pleased with her. She ate very, very good the first week and a hlaf or so. (Normally 5 crickets or more a day) then, all of a sudden, she just stopped eating. She moves around alot, so i dont think she is approching a molt. Then I found out that Chilean Rose Hairs will actually go through periods of not eating. She seemed to become even more docile after she stopped eating, so I wasnt complaining. As long as your tarantula still moves around, and its abdomen is still plump and not shrivveled, she should be fine. Good luck with your G. Rosea!
jen - 2008-11-20
We have had our tarantula since Feb and she hasn't molted or looked like she is going to molt. Is this normal when fully grown or should she continue to molt for life? She still eats although not as much as she probably should and is fairly small! HELP!! :)

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  • emma williams - 2011-12-02
    How big is she? She will moult less and less as she gets older. Once a year 4 a adult, what species is she? e williams.
  • PF - 2012-01-16
    Maybe it could be a male, my male is smaller than my female. If it's sexually mature, males will have tibial hooks and bulbs at the end of their pedipalps. If you don't see any, wait until the next or two molts, maybe these will show. Don't worry for the size, maybe it's still a juvenile, a pet store clerk has one of 10 years old and she only has a leg span of 2 inches. They take a very long time to grow because of their slow metabolism.

    Also these days, their are in their dormance period and that will last about 3 months, so it's normal that they eat less or stop eating completely. Both, my female and male have stopped eating and I lowered the temperature to about 16 degree celcius until hibernation is over.

    Have a nice day!
Tim McD - 2012-01-12
I recently noticed a small hole on my rosehairs lower back, and I was wondering if this is normal, or if it indicates any sort of health problem. Any tips you guys may have will help. Thanks :)

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  • Brian Dzenkiw - 2012-01-13
    Hi Tim,

    I think that hole your describing in your tarantulas carapace is called the central apodeme, it's normal. This is an area of muscle attachment.
Monica Hunt - 2012-01-12
Good evening,
We have had our Rose Haired Tarantula for about 1 month. She has started making a web around the opening of the cave like area within her tank. She then started to add the bedding pieces to her web. She has built what would resemble a wall to close the cave with her inside. Do you have any suggestions as to what she may be doing?

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  • Anonymous - 2012-01-15
    Most likely your tarantula is getting ready to molt or reproduce. Most Rose haired tarantulas are wild caught. If female, it may be gravid and be getting ready to lay an egg sac. If male, they make a sperm web.
paul - 2012-01-06
Ive had my rose for over a year now when I first got it i was told it was a few months old,its not eaten now for about 2 mths. About a month ago I bought a exo-terra 12x12x12 due to other tank been damaged. I then did the enclosure with the correct substrate depth and put in moss which my rose was'nt keen on. Suddenly my rose started to burrow and web everywhere,to my amazement today the burrowing has got to the glass the substrate is piled to one side and the dry side of the tank is slowly dissappering through the burrowing. What is my rose doing or trying to tell me,the more I read the more answers and confused I get

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-06
    One thing seems to be fact in life and it is the more a person reads and the older a person gets, the more confusing their life becomes. No one can know for sure what is happening with your Rosie but my really big guess is that it is getting ready to do a big time molt. It has stopped eating and some have been known not to eat for up to 6 months. It is buidling a hidey hole to be safe and away from predators during its molt. Yes it will hide and then even hide more in a webbing. Just got to wait it out.
  • paul - 2012-01-06
    Thanks for your reply over etty my rosie,the 1 thing am sure of is it ate very well before it stopped eating,this was usually 3-4 medium size hoppers or 1 maybe 2 giant locusts a week. There is no weight loss or signs of poor health as it often hunts about the burrows entrance. I keep sayin its a (it),has all the colouring of a adult female is around 5 inches has no bulbous pedipalps or tibial hooks just don't want to be let down if it is a male either way its a happy part of family!
Melyssa - 2011-12-12
I just got my first Rose hair yesterday, she is so beautiful, I named her Isabella. I am so happy my boyfriend let me get her, even though he isn't fond of spiders, and is actually scared of them, but I have loved them ever since I was a child. I was wondering if someone could help me out!?!?!?! I want to know if I am doing this right, She is in a 10g tank, screen lid, the bedding of her tank is Eco Earth, she has a half log as a home, and a water dish with stones in it so her crickets do not drown, is there anything else that I'm missing? Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

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  • Christopher Riley - 2011-12-12
    Yes you done right also it's best to research and get book on the tarantulas to get full of learning exp. on the rose hair an others an on how they live. I getting one to research them an see how they are. I would love to go in to science an a program to keep them from being killed an to get them protected as a pet by laws in USA
  • Brian Dzenkiw - 2012-01-04
    Hi Melyssa, It's great to see you have a passion for keeping these amazing creatures. I've had Tarantulas for 20 years and thought I would pass on what I have learned. 10 gallon tanks are nice to look at, and decorate, but not the most practical because of keeping your tank humid, which is important for molting purposes, locating dead prey or uneaten parts and maintaining temperature. I found a 5 gallon tank gives the tarantula sufficient moving space. Having a screen lid allows the humidity to escape, so close off the top as best as you can, but leave a few small holes for air circulation. I find the enclosed lids and attached light source for 5 gallon aquariums work great for maintaining humidity and heat. A 12x12x12 terrarium with canopy and attached light source are also good.

    Purchase a hygrometer for your tank to monitor the humidity, as to much humidity can be bad. Hygrometers are cheap and easy to install. As for a heat source the aquarium light provides sufficient heat. Remember to turn it off at night because Tarantulas need a night time. Personally I am partial to using vermiculite as the soil because it's clean and less likely to form insect that can harm your pet. Vermiculite maintains a good moisture level and you can go long periods of time between a full cleaning and replacing which I do every 3-4 months. Using a pail I pour in vermiculite then add lukewarm water and mix by hand till the soil is damp. When putting the soil in the tank I put the damp vermiculite in only half the tank so your pet has damp and dry zones, but then I lightly cover the damp vermiculite with dry vermiculite.

    Your water dish with stones is excellent, don't change a thing. I like to use drift wood and small silk plants around them to create natural looking burrows. I find Tarantulas love climbing in the plants but don't add too many otherwise it's hard to maintain the habitat. Feel free to add small amounts of orchid bark and some stones of various shapes and sizes. Make sure you wash them first with hot water only, no soaps.

    Be sure to maintain the habitat, remove dead or uneaten parts otherwise mites will form. Maintain the water in the dish and clean the water dish and stones at least once every 2 weeks otherwise algae will form. Clean with hot water no soaps. Misting the habitat is a nice way to maintain humidity as your soil will eventually dry out, but don’t be afraid to add small amounts of water to the soil, however remember to leave dry zones. As for the prey, crickets are sufficient, but remember to feed them. I like to feed them orange, lettuce or celery, but despite your efforts they will still eat each other, yes crickets are cannibals. Feeding the prey is very important because whatever they eat will eventually end up in your pets belly, so feed them well and your pet will flourish. I hope this information helps you Melyssa as I have no doubt you will make an excellent Tarantula owner.
Jessica Brown - 2011-12-05
A little more that a month ago I told ya'll that Sookie (my rosie) made an eggsac. The poor little buggars didn't make it. Guess I'm not a good breeder. Won't try that again. Now Sonny my Golden Rosie just molted. Looks just beautiful. She hasn't moved from that corner in a week. Maybe after she gets her strength back. My poor Charlotte I think is dying. I don't know what's wrong with her. She hasn't ate in about 2 months and just mopes around. When I look at her she reminds me of an old granny. She shakes when she walks and her legs are all crickety underneath herself. I think it's her time to go to spider heaven. I'm so sad. she was my first spider:(

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  • Jessica Brown - 2011-12-06
    Charlotte died last night. But she had a great life. I'm going to load some pics up if it works for me.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-06
    Sounds like she had a good home and life. I am sorry you are sad.
  • PF - 2011-12-23
    I'm sorry for your loss! They're special little individuals and each have their own characters, I see it with my own Ts. I wish her the best in spider heaven.

    Happy holidays!
  • Anonymous - 2011-12-23
    My wife Tsunako and I owned a Mexican Fire leg Tarantula in Wichita, and it sounds about right,we did something similar, she mentioned her former friend Pablo did as well
  • Jessica Brown - 2011-12-29
    I'm not sure how old she was. I truely believe she died of age. She stopped eating so I thought he was getting ready to molt. After 2 weeks and no molt I tried to feed her every 2 days and she would never eat. She didn't eat for like 2 mo. Lost all the weight she had on her so I thought she was trying to hibernate. She just completely stopped eating. She had everything a spider needs and more. Just wish I could have done more.
Jessica Brown - 2011-12-09
OMG Lastnight me and my hubby were getting ready to hop into bed and I couldn't find my phone. So I turned on the light and THERE IT WAS!!!!!!! My Thai Tiger (very aggressive and potent venom)was just chilling in the front of my isolating fan. I was just about to turn it on IN THE DARK. I can't even imagine how that woulda went since she FREAKS at any wind. She probably would have launched at my face! omg scary! So we tried to just persuade he into a crittercage but she reared up and freaked out so i jumped around like the elephants did in dumbo when they seen a mouse. lol. the she ran in the darkness behind my door. after alot of work at 1am, trying our best not to kill her, we finally got her into a container. It was my fault she got out. didn't put the lid on right after I changed her water out. She hasn't been out of her tunnel in about 3weeks. If we hadn't seen her when the light went on I'd have never known she was out of her cage. I just had to share my crazy story.

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  • Jessica Brown - 2011-12-09
    omg hell no!!! i stare at the fan everytime i walk in the room, then i have to check the tank.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-09
    Must have been an interesting episode. Bet you don't look forward to it happening again.
Nevarmore - 2008-01-11
I love my pet Rose Hair. She is such a pretty little girl, and quite nice to go with it. I find her absolutely adorable and interesting to watch every day. She is even somewhat comical sometimes, or she atleast seems as if she is trying to be. The other day I walked into my room and she was sitting on top of her shelter, just kinda sitting there, looking at me like "What?"

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  • emma williams - 2011-12-02
    that is sooooo cute.
  • Jessica Brown - 2011-12-05
    awwwwww. sometimes i just want to squeeze mine. their just so cute.