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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
My daughter and I have a rosehair tarantula. It is spinning a web in the corner of its cage. I am afraid the cage has a bit of mold around its water dish an I now no I don't have enough soil in her pen as well. My question is should I interrupt her right away an clean the mold and add more soil or just let her be. I believe she is getting ready to molt and I'm worried about her getting sick from the mold. I always clean the top soil about once a week but the bit of mold I at first thought was her webbing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are new with spiders and have only had her about two months.She is a very hardy eater and has close to doubled in her size almost two thirds of a balled up fist. Please reply.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-03
    You say the rose hair is in he corner spinning a web?  If she is in the corner, then just pick up the wter dish to clean it and gently add the aditional soil you need to (not around the rose-hair).  Clean the dish of mold and back in action.  It shouldn't really dirupt the rose-hair if you go slow.
  • Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
    Thankyou for your quick reply. I thought it would be fine.  I just didn't want to desturb her while she is reading herself to molt. Thanks again your friend and spider enthusiast. P.S. we also have alovely ball python an a wonderful pet rat. Thanks again.Gracie.
  • Grace Collins and mom - 2012-12-03
    Thankyou for your quick reply. I thought it would be fine I just didn't want to desturb her while she is reading herself to molt. Thanks again your friend and spider enthusiast. P.S. we also have alovely ball python an awonderful pet rat. Thanks again.Gracie.
deirdre - 2012-11-28
I've just got a new female rose and I'd like to know how venomous they are? Would I need hospital treatment if she did bite me? I'm new to this so any advise would be a gr8 help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-28
    It is a sting - I have been told (I have not been bitten) but similar to a bee sting.  Where a person can run into problems is if they allergic.  Otherwise it just hurt locally and you should wash it off with a betadine or anticeptic solution, put some ice on it and go on back for another try. 
Eddie Douglass - 2012-11-26
My Rose Hair 'Subie' was fine in her coconut shell, after she molted we got her a bigger cave like dwelling, (she got bigger)now she wont go in.........should I wait or put her coconut back? First time parent here, any help please appreciated, I searched everywhere. Thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-27
    If you have the room, I'd put both in and let her get used to the new larger one as she wishes on her time frame.  She can use the coconut in the interim.  A little security.
  • Eddie Douglass - 2012-11-27
    Thank you Charlie................will do.
Tina - 2012-11-23
My son and daughter-in-law have a rose haired and right now the front left leg is just curled under the body and won't walk on it at all why is this?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-11-24
    Gosh that's a little unusual. The legs will curl when they go into a molt, but being just one leg, I'm wondering if it was hurt. As long as it eats and can still get around, when it does molt the leg should hopefully get back to normal.
luke gravett - 2012-11-20
i own a bradlyselma smithi or more commonly known as the red knee tarantula and the funny thing i found out is when you place a insect on the palm of your hand the tarantula will ran at it and strike it, and when you do this it will come to you and if you do this a certain amount of times the tarantula will become comfortable with your palm and will walk towards it searching for food, it will recognise your hand immediatly. i would recomend wearing a glove for the first few times as the tarantula may mistake your finger for a insect.

caroline - 2012-06-07
Hi everyone,l have a rose haired have had it for 6 years. l want 2 know how do l know it's a female or male? l can't touch it everytime we put r hands in the tank she raises up on the 2 bottom legs we did buy it ,when it was a few years old ,l can hold other one just not mine ,it has shed twice thanks if any comments :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-07
    I would place money that it is a female.  Males don't have that kind of life expectancy - usually just around 5 years where the females have been klnown to go 20 years.
  • caroline - 2012-06-08
    Hi thanks ,for the reply. I thought it was a female. How would l be able 2 pick her up as she doesnt let me and when l do she raises up on her 2 back legs.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-08
    You don't want to pick her up when she is standing on her hind legs - she is scared.  Let's go slow - she is no young thing and not used to being picked up so just try and lay your hand - palm up - on the floor of her enclosure.  Just leave your hand there palm up for a minute or so and then extend the time.  Put your hand in slowly and remove slowly but just lay it on the bottom.  If (when) she comes over as she is curious - be still and let her sorta 'SNIFF' you like a puppy would.  Keep your hand still.  Just as with a puppy and he gets to know that you are not going to hurt him - so it would (could) be with the rosie.  When (if) you become very comfortable and the rosie is getting on the palm just lift slowly - at first jus an inch and then put your hand down.  Then go a couple of inches and then out of the enclosrue and then you should be able to pick her up.  If she does not take an interest in your hand after several days of just sitting your hand palm up on the bottom - just let it be.
  • bubba - 2012-09-29
    Hey, I've had a rose haired tarantula for almost 4 months now. It just shed yesterday. Should I take out the molted skin or leave it?
  • luke gravett - 2012-11-20
    yes you need to take it out, it may attract parasites and when the spider is in its softend skin state it may be vaunrable to certain parasite or crickit bites so also keep the spiders food to a small stature.
Delphinia - 2012-11-05
My spider did another interesting thing. I was trying to move her into a smaller container so I could clean the larger one, and first she raised up her front legs, and then she put her legs down, put her abdomen up, and 'squirted' something at me. It was a white liquid, and seemed like a warning. I haven't been able to find anyone who has heard of this.

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  • Ooga Booga - 2012-11-18
    It's going through its period and trantula blood is white so just wait a couple weeks or get a male trantula for it to go away.
jesse - 2012-09-30
I just recently got my tarantula her name is ZELDA and she is beautiful as ever went past our first molt together..(killer) so I figured her out she's very chill. Eats about 2 to three crickets every three days, roughly.  But now....shes spinning her food in webs ....never seen this. Why is she doing this

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-01
    They say they do it to protect the food to eat later or to protect themselves while eating it.  There are actual videos of this on u tube. 
  • Ooga Booga - 2012-11-18
    Cause you named her after a video game character so it's upset and it eats when it's upset so change the name to something cool like Tyrone. No Tyrone is not my name nor anyone I knows name.
Cindy Fortin - 2010-07-12
We just got our tarantula and I have a question. Herck secreted a white milky substance does anyone know what it is? If you could please let us know that would be great thanks :)

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  • emma williams - 2011-11-30
    it's poo , dont worry .
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-13
    Are you sure that it's poo?
  • Ooga Booga - 2012-11-18
    The substance is normal the white substance is the trantula's blood.
  • Ooga Booga - 2012-11-18
    Trantula poo is black anyways.
Delphinia - 2012-10-09
I have had a rose-hair for about 2 weeks now. She (I think a she) has been fine and only reared up at me once. I have touched her back legs and had her fine with that, and thought I would try putting my hand in to start getting her used to it. I had my hand laying in the cage, palm up, for about 2 seconds when she jumped at my hand. She didn't rear up first or anything, and didn't hurt or bite me. I have been trying to find out why she might have done this, and haven't been able to find any information about it.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-12
    Sounds like it is very nervous. It is not being overly aggressive... but definitely not wanting to be interactive. Tarantulas don't actually relish being held, though this type of tarantula is one of the most docile. You may want to check its habitat to see if its comfortable - the temperature and humidty - and see that it has a place for it to retreat like with a piece of  driftwood or bark.