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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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jen - 2006-01-07
I just got my 3rd rose hair. This one was just a few weeks old. My first two were quite pink in the center and looked very pretty and fairly large. Wonderful pets easy to care for and great if you rent. I never picked my original ones up however since I have purchased this one so young I am hoping I can get it used to human contact.

Patrick - 2006-01-06
I have a chilean rose hair and it is so cool. I love it and I think that it is a great starter tarantula for anyone who loves tarantulas, and I think that every one should have one

Riki - 2006-01-05
My brother has a rose haired.. she is very creepy crawly like.. her name is Rosie and she is quite interesting to watch.. she mostly eats crickets and she seems to be happy with them. i'm not sure she likes our company, either that or she is very interested in humans.. because as soon as we talk to her she sits still and it is almost like she is listenin contently

eric - 2006-01-01
hello i have just got my rose hair. it is the coolest pet i have owned. it is fun to watch. it likes crickets and meal worms. i would recommend this pet to any one. dont believe all the crazy stories about tarantulas that you hear, they can not kill you.

kayla - 2005-12-12
My rose haired tarantula is named Rosie. She is very low matenince and cost only $50.00(plus tax).It's real cool to watch her climb around.One night, right after we got her, she fell asleep eating a cricket(LOL).

Penny - 2005-11-05
I got my rosehair free from a fellow employee. She has been the most awesome pet. Such a subtley beautiful spider