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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Jason - 2006-07-04
Like your web site. Me and my wife got one 5 days ago and I really love my spider. My wife is really scared of spiders but she holds this one. my spider is very calm. I got a female and she is just very calm and she never tries to bite and i'm really glad i got her.

Rye - 2006-06-07
Nice sight, lots of good info. Bought my T the other day and love him, while I was worried about the venom and hairs I got over it quickly.

yan liktor - 2006-06-06
i picked up a tiny 4 month old rose hair the other day, and she is beautiful! she is very quick moving, and she loves to jump around her tank, something i thought was quite weird for a rose hair lol. i haven't held her yet as she is still too small, but i hope to do so soon. rose hairs are an ideal beginners spider, and a hardy species that i would recommend to anyone.

Rob - 2006-05-18
i just got a rose tarantula 4 days ago and she is quite good to handle. so i recommend people who are looking for a pet, to get a rose tarantula.

kevin thacker - 2006-05-16
i just got a rose hair and it seems very calm and it still hasn't bitten me lol. only the females spin webs, well thats just what i heard, but they seem like great pets.

Bree-Anne - 2006-05-09
I have had a rose haired for almost 11 years now. Oscar is her name, this was before I learned that it was female. She is very calm and allows me to hold her at any given time, she has never bit anyone before. I recommend the rose haired as a pet to anyone.

Amy E. - 2006-05-08
I'm a brand new and proud owner of a Rosehair Tarantula. I enjoyed your article and comments from fellow owners.

Steveo - 2006-05-05
I got my rose hair spiderling yesterday..we named her /him Cuddles cause I heard they are docile..I cant wait to watch it grow into a large spider.I hope I have it for years

Anonymous - 2006-05-04
the spider is very fast and is very fun to hang around, so im so glad that i got a chance to touch and play with her!

Angela - 2006-04-20
I just got my rose hair yesterday. I had been bugging my parents for one for years now and I had finally convinced them to let me get one. His name is Vlad. At first I had expected him to be skittish before he got used to me, but the second I picked him up he was calm and content. I was taking pictures of him to show my friends and he didnt even mind the flash. He just sat there quietly and seemed to not mind. He loves to be held and is very friendly. I hope to have many happy years with him. (writtem on 4/20/06)