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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Jessica White - 2006-12-26
I've had my baby MC for two years now and she's a beautiful creature, in the beginning I was nervous about holding her, however she's used to all the attention now, and I have had no incidents with her. Although they require minimal care, it is important for people to research this creature before owning, they do require certain care EVERYDAY, and only should be owned by those willing to take on that EVERYDAY responsibility. While I encourage other people to open up to the idea of owning a rose hair, please make yourself aware of all the aspects of ownership...keep them safe and love them as you would any other animal in your care! Jessica 12-26-06

jacks mum - 2006-11-28
My sons tarantula, Tallulah has just shed her skin. She had been very docile and did not eat anything for a few week. I went into her to check her water and she was laying on her side with her legs underneath her. I thought she was unwell as I had expected her to be on her back. I removed the cricket from her tank incase she was unwell but when I checked on her the following morning the sight was amazing. She had totally shed her skin and is now black with pink hairs as aposed to brown with orange hair. I have put the skin a glass jar as it looks amazing, her fangs are also visible. We have never had a spider before but she really is an amazing creature, i would recommend this as a pet.

Anonymous - 2006-11-24
This website really helped me out! my rose haired wont let me pick her up/pet her! if you are a beginner i would recommend most likely a rose haired tarantula! alexandra/ lexie typed on 11/24/06, help save tarantulas!!

Tiffany - 2006-11-22
I'm glad I read this. I just got my spider yesterday and I would have definitely been freaked out if I didn't know they molted and shed.

Tanisha Thomas - 2006-11-17
this helped me so much. my spider hasn't been eating so i got worried, but now i know what to do.

pooky - 2006-11-11
Rose haired tarantula's come from a desert climate and they are used to no humidity. they love it hot and dry not humid. mine hated it humid she has thrived in the dryer climate.

Tyler H. - 2006-11-10
I love my rose haired tarantula. Though they say that they are okay to hold, mine is really nervous when i try to pick it up. But it's still cool to see it eat crickets and mealworms. I saw it molt and I thought it was dead. Luckily, it wasn't. This is probably the best tarantula for beginers and pros alike.

isaac - 2006-11-07
This tarantula is awesome. I love watching it crawl across my hand and eat crickets. The amazing thing is i used to be terribly arachnophobic but my little spider Rosie helped me overcome my fear. in a matter of hours i had it crawling across me. They are incredible.

korina - 2006-10-09
This is wonderful keeping a tarantula! Our tarantula eats mice and crickets. We love the tarantula, we brought it home and took it back at school. One day it spun a little ground web and it molted.Ewwww!The mucus was ugly.....

paul - 2006-10-07
My chillean rose spider has layed eggs an it has not been near a male since i bought it plz help thanx