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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Anonymous - 2006-11-24
This website really helped me out! my rose haired wont let me pick her up/pet her! if you are a beginner i would recommend most likely a rose haired tarantula! alexandra/ lexie typed on 11/24/06, help save tarantulas!!

Tiffany - 2006-11-22
I'm glad I read this. I just got my spider yesterday and I would have definitely been freaked out if I didn't know they molted and shed.

Tanisha Thomas - 2006-11-17
this helped me so much. my spider hasn't been eating so i got worried, but now i know what to do.

pooky - 2006-11-11
Rose haired tarantula's come from a desert climate and they are used to no humidity. they love it hot and dry not humid. mine hated it humid she has thrived in the dryer climate.

Tyler H. - 2006-11-10
I love my rose haired tarantula. Though they say that they are okay to hold, mine is really nervous when i try to pick it up. But it's still cool to see it eat crickets and mealworms. I saw it molt and I thought it was dead. Luckily, it wasn't. This is probably the best tarantula for beginers and pros alike.

isaac - 2006-11-07
This tarantula is awesome. I love watching it crawl across my hand and eat crickets. The amazing thing is i used to be terribly arachnophobic but my little spider Rosie helped me overcome my fear. in a matter of hours i had it crawling across me. They are incredible.

korina - 2006-10-09
This is wonderful keeping a tarantula! Our tarantula eats mice and crickets. We love the tarantula, we brought it home and took it back at school. One day it spun a little ground web and it molted.Ewwww!The mucus was ugly.....

paul - 2006-10-07
My chillean rose spider has layed eggs an it has not been near a male since i bought it plz help thanx

j.r. vargas - 2006-10-05
man i just got a rose-haired and it is so cool i thought it was dead when it started to molt but it wasnt

hrfjhx - 2006-09-28
I just got a rose-haired tarantula from a guy who's going to the Navy. They are so cool! everyone said they are creepy, but they really are neat. Plus, i'm an 11-year-old girl which makes it all the more weird. Tarantulas rule!