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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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anthony - 2007-03-20
"Celeste 2007-03-10.

I purchased my rosehair today, its my first tarantula and im excited. Got to see it eat a cricket and spin it in some web. it was quite an amazing sight. My cage is only 68-70 degrees at all times even with a heat lamp. after reading the temp must be around 78-80 I think i need to go get a better heat source for her/him.

Celeste - 2007-03-10
Hi, we just bought my son a rose haired turantula yesterday for his 12th birthday, he has studied them for 4 years now and i was absolutely terrified to have it in our home. But, now i think she is so pretty and interesting. I can not wait to watch her become comfortable with us and her surroundings. My son thinks that turantulas are very interesting and he loves to see them eat and walk around in the terrairiam. He is still very scared to hold her but i am sure that he will eventually. I told him that he needs to be confident and not jumpy before he does this She doesnt move around a lot and i am not sure if it is because she is just settling in her new home or if she is about to molt. i am looking forward to experiencing something so wonderful. celeste

bonox comoros - 2007-03-10
I purchased my rosehair today, its my first tarantula and im excited. I have already seen it eat a cricket it was amazing!

Janet - 2007-02-28
My husband and I recently bought a 1 year old Rose Hair Tarantula for ourprogram at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The elementary age children are studying about the interconnected web of life and how all creatures are important to the survival of others. As part of this unit we are reading Charlott's Web. The children love Rosie and I've heard my husband walk by her to give a cheery "good morning". I never would have thought that I could have emotional feelings and attachments to a spider. Thanks for the information it is very helpful.

tarantula tim - 2007-02-11
I just bought a tarantula today and it is molting. I'm a bit worried because I'm only 11. P.S. Her name is kitten shes a half of a year old.

Julian - 2007-02-01
I've had a G. Rosea for 3 weeks now, she is very docile and quite, she molted two days ago, I'm very lucky, I've had her for 3 weeks and I already saw her molting. I thought she was dead because she was still for more than 10 hours. Thank you for the information, tarantulas make great pets, easy to care for and very interesting animals.

Heather - 2007-01-09
Hello. Reaper is our pet. He hasn't been eating, and I was afraid, but now that I know it's most likely because he's about to shed, I feel much better. He's actually my boyfriend's idea, as I am aracnophobic, but being very calm and docile, he is slowly helping me to overcome my fear. Watching him eat and move and react to his environment has much overcome the fear I've had of spiders, though I am still a bit unsure about actually holding him as yet. Definitely a good idea for a pet. Even for aracnophobiacs.

Harmony - 2006-12-30
I just got my first rose hair and am extrememly excited. She is absolutlely beautiful! Just wanted to say thank you for all of the useful info. Harmony

Jessica White - 2006-12-26
I've had my baby MC for two years now and she's a beautiful creature, in the beginning I was nervous about holding her, however she's used to all the attention now, and I have had no incidents with her. Although they require minimal care, it is important for people to research this creature before owning, they do require certain care EVERYDAY, and only should be owned by those willing to take on that EVERYDAY responsibility. While I encourage other people to open up to the idea of owning a rose hair, please make yourself aware of all the aspects of ownership...keep them safe and love them as you would any other animal in your care! Jessica 12-26-06

jacks mum - 2006-11-28
My sons tarantula, Tallulah has just shed her skin. She had been very docile and did not eat anything for a few week. I went into her to check her water and she was laying on her side with her legs underneath her. I thought she was unwell as I had expected her to be on her back. I removed the cricket from her tank incase she was unwell but when I checked on her the following morning the sight was amazing. She had totally shed her skin and is now black with pink hairs as aposed to brown with orange hair. I have put the skin a glass jar as it looks amazing, her fangs are also visible. We have never had a spider before but she really is an amazing creature, i would recommend this as a pet.