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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
All the comments about the Rose Hair is CORRECT. I have a 5 inch "Pushover" female. When I handled her she gets in the defensive posture but then draw her legs inward to signal "Please don't hurt me". I have seen one that looked like a brown version of the Colbalt Blue. It actually charged at me ready to bite. With any and all pets you must learn their behavior. Mine almost bit me because she was in the premolt stage and I did not realize that until a week later when she was on her back pulling herself out of her old skin.

matthew - 2007-05-13
My Chilean Rose Hair molted last night. I actually thought it was dead at first. Then this morning my son thought it multiplied due to the exoskeleton right next to it. it looked really weak but now after a few hours its regaining some weight or bulk and looks healthier. Best pet I have.

Marc Frick - 2007-05-11
I have owned rose hair Tarantula's for over 14 years. First, as far as handling, I recommend a person putting the hand in the tank first, check your Tarantula's response, then gently nudging from behind, urge the tarantula to your hand. 'Rosies' can vary much in their behaviour. avoid loud noises in the area, any violent movements, etc. when handling any Tararantula. Any fall from even 2 feet could be fatal to a tarantula

Lori - 2007-05-08
We have had our male rose-hair tarantula for 3 months now and have already experienced one molt. That has to be the weirdest thing ever. We kept the old skin and my son loves to show it to his friends. The tarantula was given to us as a gift and we were told it is around 9 yrs. old now. This one was not bred in capitivity. It was originally found in the southern-most part of the desert in Utah, where we live. He is very tame and has a great temperment.

jay - 2007-05-06
I have just recently gotten a rose-hair, she is about 4.5 years old and as of yet i have not handled her. She looks beautiful and i know that she has been well cared for. The kids love looking at her, my wife has a fear of spiders but even she has shown an interest. Hopefully, i'll get lots of years of fun from her. Jay

terri - 2007-04-27
I got my rose-hair when I was 15 and I am now 27. My 12 year old spider is in great health (she is big and beautiful). I took in another tarantual because her owner couldn't keep her any longer and I have had her for 6 years. My children love to look at them and help me feed them. If you are thinking about a rose-hair I recommend it, they really are wondeful, just make sure that you know that you could have it for a very long time. Both have a great temperment and don't mind being held, as long as you respect them and watch for signs of anger or stress. Bring your arachnophobic friend over... watch them change their mind about spiders! They really are great pets.

Fez - 2007-04-08
Ive been handling tarantulas for 6 years and I just got bit a couple days ago. It didn't hurt but it swelled up a little and got ichy.

jared - 2007-03-23
I purchased a Rose Hair and she is great. I'm kind of worried because she likes to eat alot. She lays flat on the bottom of her 20 gal. tank like she is hiding...this is probably her hunting i thought. So i would drop a criket in front of her but before it hits the ground, she rears up and catches it in her fangs!!! She then promptly marches into her "cave" I made her and eats it. She then brings the dried crusty carcass out, drops it in the corner, and crouches down for another one...I'm wondering if she will eat too much or if im not feeding her enough and shes always hungry.

anthony - 2007-03-20
"Celeste 2007-03-10.

I purchased my rosehair today, its my first tarantula and im excited. Got to see it eat a cricket and spin it in some web. it was quite an amazing sight. My cage is only 68-70 degrees at all times even with a heat lamp. after reading the temp must be around 78-80 I think i need to go get a better heat source for her/him.

Celeste - 2007-03-10
Hi, we just bought my son a rose haired turantula yesterday for his 12th birthday, he has studied them for 4 years now and i was absolutely terrified to have it in our home. But, now i think she is so pretty and interesting. I can not wait to watch her become comfortable with us and her surroundings. My son thinks that turantulas are very interesting and he loves to see them eat and walk around in the terrairiam. He is still very scared to hold her but i am sure that he will eventually. I told him that he needs to be confident and not jumpy before he does this She doesnt move around a lot and i am not sure if it is because she is just settling in her new home or if she is about to molt. i am looking forward to experiencing something so wonderful. celeste