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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Laura - 2007-09-08
Charlotte is my first pet taranchula and i am finding that for a spider she has quite the personality. Once i take her onto my hands she rarely wants to go back into her home. She is amazing to watch, and i'm glad i decided to add her to my family.

jen - 2007-09-04
My Rose hair is 17 yrs old, had her for 3 years and she just had her first molt in my care. She did not flip on her back like I've read. She did seem a bit lethargic and didn't want to eat, so I had thought she might be sick...I did not expect the molt since she did't flip over. She is the most gentle creature I've ever had, very docile and slow. People are always surprised at how big she is.

Robert - 2007-08-24
My grandma is 43 years old she and has had her rose hair for 5 months.
Her name is zelda. At first I was scared to hold her, but last night I held her and she was so calm and beautiful. I am anxious to hold her again. Zelda is in premolting stage. My grandma says this is an amazing sight. I hope to see it while I am still here.

Anonymous - 2007-08-07
they are a great pet and are very cute, but they are delicate.

Andy Messner - 2007-08-03
I live in the interior of British Columbia, Canada and I believe that I am the only person in my town to own a "Rosie". Her name is Hairy Jane, and she has become a family pet now and I am very attached. Last week it completed it molted for the first time in my home. We all thought she was dead, I had picked her up and studied what I thought was a dead spider. luckily I returned her to her home in the same position I had found her. That night I was happy to see that she had only been in the middle of her molting period. It was kinda freaky, but I am happy she is alive!

Adam - 2007-07-22
I have had my current rose hair for about a year and a half and I have seen it molt now TWICE. I am sure this is a common thing but I am amazed that it could put itself through such a transformation twice. Also, my Pink Toe has also just recently molted in a verticle position (it makes a tube shaped web) inside of its web. I recommend to anyone with a rose hair to try a pink toe next. It is cool to see the differences between the opportunistic burrower variety as opposed to the all out climber. Enjoy all, I am out to get a cobalt blue now and i will post my progress.

Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
All the comments about the Rose Hair is CORRECT. I have a 5 inch "Pushover" female. When I handled her she gets in the defensive posture but then draw her legs inward to signal "Please don't hurt me". I have seen one that looked like a brown version of the Colbalt Blue. It actually charged at me ready to bite. With any and all pets you must learn their behavior. Mine almost bit me because she was in the premolt stage and I did not realize that until a week later when she was on her back pulling herself out of her old skin.

matthew - 2007-05-13
My Chilean Rose Hair molted last night. I actually thought it was dead at first. Then this morning my son thought it multiplied due to the exoskeleton right next to it. it looked really weak but now after a few hours its regaining some weight or bulk and looks healthier. Best pet I have.

Marc Frick - 2007-05-11
I have owned rose hair Tarantula's for over 14 years. First, as far as handling, I recommend a person putting the hand in the tank first, check your Tarantula's response, then gently nudging from behind, urge the tarantula to your hand. 'Rosies' can vary much in their behaviour. avoid loud noises in the area, any violent movements, etc. when handling any Tararantula. Any fall from even 2 feet could be fatal to a tarantula

Lori - 2007-05-08
We have had our male rose-hair tarantula for 3 months now and have already experienced one molt. That has to be the weirdest thing ever. We kept the old skin and my son loves to show it to his friends. The tarantula was given to us as a gift and we were told it is around 9 yrs. old now. This one was not bred in capitivity. It was originally found in the southern-most part of the desert in Utah, where we live. He is very tame and has a great temperment.