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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Jonquil - 2007-11-13
My cousins and I went to the pet shop to find a pet and who knew we'd end up buying a tarantula? I'm not sure if my tarantula is a boy or girl, but I think its a boy. He's such a sweetie and hasn't bitten anyone so far. This expierience made me get over my fear of spiders and I hope to have him for a long time!

dakota - 2007-11-05
i never knew how fun spiders could be

Louise - 2007-10-15
Before i started the first year of animal management in college, i was petrified of spiders. Now in the second year, i convinced my mother spiders are awesome and i brough a chili rose, Honey. I have a 2 year old sister, and as usual she has a lot of energy. When i get home from the farm she pesters me to get Honey out. Honey has taught her to be gentle and that animals are great. They are the best to learn with and starting off small helps gain trust and curiosity from the little ones. Even now we love to sit and watch her hunt and sleep, she is so incredible. My little sister likes to see her move, so she gently strokes her back legs to see her walk up my arm. She will sit there giggling for ages!
P.S always keep children supervised with all animals, including spiders (obviously).

Gabriel - 2007-10-10
I have just recently gotten a rose hair for a pet and she is wonderful. I am 13 and at first i was nervous to hold her, but when I did she was very calm and great. Now i hold her much more often and enjoy it. These tarantulas make great pets.

Bonnie - 2007-10-03
i now have 2 rose haired tarantulas, not kept together of course. I am having a hard time determiningg the sex of each and their age. I consider their age from when i purchased them. I have had one, Charlotte, for a year and recently purchased "Wednesday". The pet shop said they have had Wednesday for at least 6 months. Charlotte has molted was facinating...

Ashley A - 2007-09-30
Hi my name is Ashley. I am 13 years old, i got my rose haired tarantula yesterday and her name is claire bear. She is 4 1/2years old, so far she has been great, now she is all over her ten gallon tank. She moves more when i play country music and everyone loves her. She's gentle and shy in some ways. She's been one of the best pets we have have and cleaner than our ball python. I love this tarantula and hope to have her many years. P.S this web site helped me the most, thanx

ac - 2007-09-25
I'm so fascinated with this gentle baby. It started as a b-day gift for my son. I call her 'spikey'! She is such a joy, when it's play-time for her you'd see her wanting to be picked up like a baby in a playpen. All she wants is to walk and get a little excercise or to be held for comfort & reassurance. By the way, they do have a good memory and remembers things, too.

destiny - 2007-09-24
I have a rose hair chilean tarantula
and i love her so much. It's so funny when i hold her, my mom dose not like it but i do.
i cant wait for her to molt. im really
happy i got her as a pet. i want to lean more about tarantulas and i want to find some one that likes them as much as i do!

Laura - 2007-09-08
Charlotte is my first pet taranchula and i am finding that for a spider she has quite the personality. Once i take her onto my hands she rarely wants to go back into her home. She is amazing to watch, and i'm glad i decided to add her to my family.

jen - 2007-09-04
My Rose hair is 17 yrs old, had her for 3 years and she just had her first molt in my care. She did not flip on her back like I've read. She did seem a bit lethargic and didn't want to eat, so I had thought she might be sick...I did not expect the molt since she did't flip over. She is the most gentle creature I've ever had, very docile and slow. People are always surprised at how big she is.