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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Dex Etherton - 2008-05-08
I've had my rosea for about 5 weeks, I named it Lestat after the vampire in queen of the damned. My girlfriend bought me it for my birthday but I've not allowed her in the house so she stays with my gf. I go to my gf as much as I can to see Lestat. The other day I was lucky enough to watch her shed her skin and tonight I'm going round to give her her first meal since shedding.
I have never had a more interesting pet. The other day she made a lot of webs around the opening to her shelter to begin her shedding process. It was amazing to watch.
The first day I got her I handled her, she bite me but it didn't hurt as she was way too small to cause any damage and I know I'm not allergic to the venom. Lestat Loves to walk around her enclosure over and over again. We don't use any heat pads because my gf's bedroom is very warm and is over the top of the heating pipes, so the floor acts like a heater. I coudn't have asked for a better pet :D

Anonymous - 2008-05-03
I love my Tarantula, I named it Pride. They are so Cool...

Ryan & Tracy - 2008-02-20
We recently received our Louis as a gift from our brothers, we were very scared, but still intriged. Once to twice a week we get Louis out to play with his uncles, we are warming up to the handling of Louis after reading everyone's opinons. We weren't sure what to feed him, we started off with crickets and moved to a small feeder mouse, and believe it or not, Louis ate him! All that was left was a skelton of half the feeder. We were amazed, after our readings we will stay with the smaller foods, ex: crickets, which he loves, and we would like to try some mill or wax worms. We leave our Louis out in our garage. He has a heat rock and a heat lamp, a cave and a nice tropical tree with a thermostate. Louis's house is really warm since at times our garage has gotten to 0 degrees. We are learning daily and we are very amazed that our little Louise ate a mouse as big as him! He is our Little Monster! Thank you for your stories, we will be enjoying Louis, we have already made some movies and will be showing them soon on "Louis to a theater near you!" Sincerely, Ryan&Tracy. 2-20-08

robbie - 2008-01-31
Terry, as i call her, is a very interesting pet. I mean, at first before she settled down she would literally just sit there, never move, never do anything. But after about a week she would start moving around randomly, dug a little burrow under a log and rock I provided, and it was just awesome to watch her eat ^_^.
First time i picked her up I was kind of scared, but soon learned that even though they LOOK intimidating, they are very calm. It's also funny when she just SITS on my hand.. doesnt move at all.. and wont let go, lol. It's like she's trying to say "I love you! I never want to let go!" haha,
but shes a great pet.
She's about to molt though, anyday now. it had me worried, but it's always interesting to see the pattern of a new pet's behavior.
~Robbie.... South Carolina.

Greenmanbacchus - 2008-01-27
Chilean Rose Tarantulas are indeed wonderful pets!
I only have 150 words to use...wanna learn something?
1. G. cala does exist, but not in the pet hobby, it is
a different tarantula than G. rosea. ( Rick West)
2.The current (2008) correct taxon for the Chilean Rose
is Grammostola rosea. The other scientific names no longer apply.
3. The correct common name for G. rosea is not Rose Hair, it is
The Chilean Rose ( Stan Shultz, co-author of 'The Tarantula Keepers Guide") Btw, this book is a must-have for all tarantula lovers!
Do a search for The American Tarantula Society Headquarters and join their message board. You'll really like it. Enjoy your tarantulas!


Michael Winn - 2008-01-18
My fiancee bought my Tarantula for me for Christmas. I am so happy to have her. I named her Charlott.......gee I wonder
Yesterday I watched her shed her ecco skin. She looked so helpless but this has to happen for her to grow. She is one cool pet.

Jonquil - 2007-11-13
My cousins and I went to the pet shop to find a pet and who knew we'd end up buying a tarantula? I'm not sure if my tarantula is a boy or girl, but I think its a boy. He's such a sweetie and hasn't bitten anyone so far. This expierience made me get over my fear of spiders and I hope to have him for a long time!

dakota - 2007-11-05
i never knew how fun spiders could be

Louise - 2007-10-15
Before i started the first year of animal management in college, i was petrified of spiders. Now in the second year, i convinced my mother spiders are awesome and i brough a chili rose, Honey. I have a 2 year old sister, and as usual she has a lot of energy. When i get home from the farm she pesters me to get Honey out. Honey has taught her to be gentle and that animals are great. They are the best to learn with and starting off small helps gain trust and curiosity from the little ones. Even now we love to sit and watch her hunt and sleep, she is so incredible. My little sister likes to see her move, so she gently strokes her back legs to see her walk up my arm. She will sit there giggling for ages!
P.S always keep children supervised with all animals, including spiders (obviously).

Gabriel - 2007-10-10
I have just recently gotten a rose hair for a pet and she is wonderful. I am 13 and at first i was nervous to hold her, but when I did she was very calm and great. Now i hold her much more often and enjoy it. These tarantulas make great pets.