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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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becca99 - 2013-09-26
I got my first rose-hair in april 2012 and since then she has shed twice but after the second shed(i think it was sometime between may and july) she started to become more aggressive and every time I went to put my hand in there a week after she reared up at me and threatened to flick hairs so I thought I'd give her some time but now everytime I go to pick her up she goes to bit me I feed her once a month and make sure she has clean water everyday, I just don't know what to do I don't want to get bit or anything but I also don't want to get rid of her I miss handling her please can someone help? Thankyou

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-26
    Rose Tarantulas are known to be unpredictable. Some will start out like yours, passive and then get aggressive, especially after a molt. Others will start out aggressive and then become passive. Basically I suggest leave her alone until these moods pass.
  • Peter - 2014-05-04
    I just read your post and the first thought I had was why do you only feed your tarantula once a month? You should be giving her at least 3 crickets a week let alone one a month. That may be making her apprehensive. Try feeding her regularly and you will find her temper will change.
  • clay - 2014-05-29
    Yea if I only ate once a month I'd be a little cranky too! This spider must eat 2 to three crickets a week.
Sierra Dawn - 2014-03-10
Okay so I've had my rose H T for about a month. Her name is madam octa and she's about 6 months old now. Sometimes she doesn't mind me holding her but others she freaks out. One thing I have noticed is she responds very quickly to my voice. If I sit by the cage and softly call out 'giiiiirly' she will face me and start moving towards me trying to go through the glass to get to me. I take her out and put her on my bed but she doesn't move much.  At first she would crawl all over me and sit and when I would place my hand out in front of her she wouldn't care at all and just slowly and calmly move up and over it. Now she moves away from my hand and gets very startled and curls up. I can't see why. I don't have loud noises or sudden movements. I wait for her to get comfortable before I start touching her. It confuses me on how to get her used to me. I have wanted her for so long I just want her to feel comfortable. Also her humidity and temp in her cage is good and she eats and drinks. I've noticed she cleans her mandibles a lot too. Help with advice on handling her please?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-03-13
    Hmm. Maybe she is getting close to molting? Or something else in her environment may be off which is just causing her to be feel more uncomfortable with things. Does she have a good place to hide? Or maybe you are just catching her at her 'off times'. All tarantulas have times when they are more irritable and just like to be left alone. I would just keep trying and hopefully she will warm up to you again.
  • Laura - 2014-03-28
    I have had our rose hair since 2003 and just recently she has had green spots show up on her back and abdomen. Any idea of what causes this?
Paula Foley - 2013-11-14
Our Rose H T has been acting very odd lately . She has not eaten for a couple of weeks (not too concerned on that). But when we go and look into her 'house' she freaks out. She taps her legs very quickly and wobbles around almost toppling over. She could be due to shed. We have had her for 3 years and she has shed twice with no problems. Any advice ?

AJ - 2013-11-05
Hello! I have rosie - Henrietta - and I just recently had to do a tank cleaning, I was able to move her to a separate tank without a problem and she seems to be enjoying the new tank (I needed to do a substrate change)...she seems to be walking/climbing up her logs and the top of her burrow no problem, but last night I noticed she was trying to climb the glass and was having a problem, what scared me is she went to the top of her log and stretched out between the end of the log and glass and tried to go up the glass...she fell! I heard it across the room, ran over amd she was uninjured thank goodness...I'm curious if there's something I can do with the glass so she can climb and not take such risks - I've also found she did some house decorating near her burrow (half log) but doesn't seem to want to go in it....any advice would be first T haf her a few months and she been great

PF - 2011-09-08

I just bought my rosy just a week ago and I'm taming her very slowly. I encourage her to move up to the top of the cage and try to gently push her onto my hand one leg at a time. Last week she had 6 legs onto my hand, she stayed for a minute then went back into her cage. I try and do this only once a day. I have noticed that if I can't do this exercice for a day or two, I have to start all over again gently encouraging her to come out and feel my hand.
I just think that taming this type of critter takes times and lots of patients and most of all, lots of gentle handling.
I read that some of you pet your rosy, but I have read that it stresses them alot and can cause them to be agressive. The first few days, I would pet mine also finding it extremely soft, but now I avoid petting her prefering it to come onto my hand.


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  • PF - 2011-09-08
    I will, I don't want to scare her and at the same time I'm getting used to her. I thought that once a day every day was going slow. She's my first and I'm not too sure myself. If you think I'm going to fast, should I tame her every other day or less, maybe once a week?

  • PF - 2011-09-08
    Lol, Oh! O.K. Yes, I already do, she's very skittish and cover her eyes when I get close even when I approach slowly.

  • Justin Anderson - 2013-11-02
    Tarantulas aren't something you tame. They more tolerate us. Use care when picking them up and be slow. Fast movement stresses them out. They are well tempered and docile but they prefer to be left alone. They can be handled you just have to slowly coax them onto your hand.
allysia - 2013-09-30
About a week ago I got a new rose hair from a pet store. This is my second rose hair. I'm kind of nervous about holding this one because it is younger than my previous one. The one before I got from a friend and I trusted it more because I've seen it has been handled before. But this one every time I open its cage it runs witch makes me nervous it's gonna bite me. My spider is very active and eats well, it seems to have adapted to its cage well. I really want to hold it but it freaks me out when it runs from me. I know they say lay your hand in its cage for it to get used to, but I'm nervous about it. Can anyone help me understand why it tuns and how to get use to it?

lenny negron - 2013-09-14
Can someone help me please. I bought a rose hair back in 2002 and he has been an awesome pet. Shes molted in the past without any problems, her last most was about a month ago. I dropped some crickets in for her but she did not bother with them. I noticed that her eyes where white and felt really hard like a cocoon. Since her molt she hasn't been very active and will not eat. She has been in the same spot for the past 2 weeks and all her front legs are leaning towards the left. I called a breeder and explained it all to him. He told me spray warm water and see if she rubbed off the skin from her eyes and also said that it's rare but he has heard that sometimes spiders go into a double molt within weeks of each other. Well the warm water didn't work, cause she just stood there. As for her molting I'm still waiting. But if anyone here can help me I will be very glad.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-16
    Wow, that is most interesting and it sounds like you have a great breeder, about as informative as they come:). Let us know if she experiences a double molt.
Kim - 2013-09-03
My tarantula Sprinkles wasn't eating so I thought she was in the molting process, a few months went by and she didn't molt. I put one cricket in the cage and she ate it within a few hours, so I went and got her more. Then yesterday she trapped all 5 of them that I put in there and she spun them in a web. I thought she was going to eat all of them, and when I got up this morning she hadn't. They are just sitting there in the web. Should I take this out or will she end up eating them?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-09-03
    I'm not sure if she will eat them or not. I would give her a couple days and then remove them, as you don't want to leave decaying crickets in there for too long.
PaulaP - 2013-08-21
I think of all the pets I have had over the years....and there were MANY....My rose haired tarantula Delielah is my favorite! Now that people have gotten to to her...(even the UTMOST arachnophobes) LOVE her too! She is awesome! If you are thinking about getting one DO IT!

charlie - 2013-07-29
My rose hair has not eaten for two years now and still not eating. Just wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong or if this is natural?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-29
    Two years? I am not sure a tarantula can live for 2 years without ANY food. It seems like she must have eaten something at some point by now. Are you sure she hasn't eat a cricket and you just missed it?