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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Glenn - 2009-11-01
I just purchased my first rose hair last week, I named her Isis, her body is about 2 inches already, so I don't think she is that young. I went to another pet store friday to purchase a larger container, and they had another rose hair, so, I bought that one also. Another female, so, I've decided to call her Arista. Her body is larger, about 2 and 1/4 inches, and her legs are about 3 inches, so I don't think she is that young either. The interesting thing is that Arista has more of a blue look to her. I read about people feeding locusts to their pets, but the pet stores where I live only carry crickets.

val - 2009-10-28
I have had my Terry now for 2 months. He is lovely, he is a bit apprehensive when the hubby holds him but will walk all over our youngest son and me. It is fascinating to watch him kill and eat his prey of crickets but at the moment he is letting his locust walk all over him. He may think they are too pretty to eat! If you do get 1 of these I do hope you enjoy it as much as we are. I am so glad I finally got him as a pet. xx

kat - 2009-08-20
My b-fren's spider saben got out of his 40 gallon tank and is nowhere to be found . He got out before like 4 times and always went to the same spot. I am scared I am going to wake up with him on my head. I will die! I love him but I won't pick him up.

sprouty - 2009-08-15
Mine and my fiance's chile rose is called Maleficent (after the evil witch in sleeping beauty). We've had her about a month, she is fantastic. I love it when she does a weird tap dance thing on the crickets before eating them, she's evil and I love her for it.

david beasley - 2009-07-28
I have several species of tarantula. I have had my chilean for two years, and he is the only one that has never bitten me. He is a sweetheart. If your child want's a spider, this is the one for you. Picture a teddy-bear with "8" legs. A cage will be useless.

Ausin-Kain Heminger - 2009-07-19
They do not have needles, they are a species that have hairs that ich and burn. They flick for protection but this species is the most docile of its species. Look at them compared to others at pet stores, most flickers have bald abdomens, but the rose hair has most of its hair, or even all of it.

cliff p brenneman - 2009-06-27
I just bought a red rose haired tarantula and I like it so far. It's very easy to take care of but i have a few questions which is male and which is female bc I bought the bigger one at a pet shop and can u cross breed a blue and red one or no?

Alex - 2009-06-23
I just recently purchased my rose hair and I love her to death. Her name is Bella. She is my first turantula and I think shes an awesome breed for a beginner, so I don't know why others are saying they aren't. Since I haven't had her too long, I haven't noticed any of these mood swings that everyone is talking about. So far Bella lets me hold her and has never bitten me yet. She caused me to flinch pretty bad once when she was in my hand and she still didn't bite. Everytime I feed her she pounces on her food, which is pretty awesome to see. Rose hairs are fantastic tarantulas for anyone!

Lee - 2009-06-11
Hey all, I've had my G rose about 6 months now. I got it from a friend who had some hatchlings and just wondered how to tell between male or female. hope there's someone who can help. All the comments have been great and really helpful.

chris elliot - 2009-04-17
Hi, I have a chilean rose, her name is terry. She is about 2.5 years old. She hasn't been eating for the last six weeks, but two days ago she started her second moult. It didnt take long, she is now up looking out a me. I don't handle her as she is a bit moody. Sometimes when you feed her she will try to grab the tweezers, a bit scary, but I wouldnt swap her for the world. Anyone who visits can't look at her and think I'm a bit mad for keeping a spider. But she is very low maintenance and costs next to nothing to feed, plus I don't have to take her out for walks in the rain.