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The Chilean Rose Tarantula has been an important spider for more than thirty years!
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Lou - 2011-02-21
I was given a chilean rose (Penelope) for my 21st birthday and I love her even more than my dog. I am quite worried about her at the moment though. My boyfriend said that when he bought her the shopkeeper fed her a cricket and she ate it right away. I have now had her for seven months and she has not eaten once. I tried to feed her again earlier today..every time the cricket came near her she shied away. It even crawled through her legs and she just lifted them away from it. Should I try feeding her something else? She has a lot of webbing around the tank.
Also I am worried about the comments on here concerning heat mats. I had to move Penny out of my living room because it's a converted garage and I think it's way too cold for her. I got a heat mat and it just seemed to make one little area really hot while the rest of the tank stayed cold. She started acting quite strangely with it there so I took it away and moved her to another room again. It was the shopkeeper of the reptile shop that told me to get the mat though! Very confused.
(Out of interest, does anyone name their crickets as well? Mine are called Derek. =]] )

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  • Donatello - 2011-03-01
    The lack of eating, with webbing is largely stating that your Chilean Rose is about to molt, try her with crickets, but take them out if she shows no signs of interest within 2 hours, mostly because the crickets can harm her after she has molted and her exoskeleton has not hardened.

    She just may not like being handled, DEFINITELY DO NOT HANDLE HER WHILE MOLTING OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER A MOLT, this could kill your spider.

    About a week after she has molted, after she has been fed, and eaten, place your hand down slowly, about 3-4 inches in front of her, and slowly tap her abdomen, urging her to move forward, she/he should climb straight onto your hand.

    Hope This Helps.
  • ren - 2011-03-01
    My rosie went one year without eating before her last molt. Make sure you provide a shallow dish of water if she is not eating to make sure she doesn't dehydrate. Chilean rose tarantulas are generally fine with room temperature, so if you are using a heating pad, make sure she can get away from it if it is too hot. I have had my rosie for 10 years, and she has never required heat. Off topic...anyones T's do a happy dance after eating? Mine does! Spins in circles and taps her feet after eating :)
  • Troy - 2011-03-09
    I got my son a rosie a few months ago. It's in a 10 gallon tank. 2 1/2 inches of mulch, a water dish, piece of driftwood at one end and a pumpkin hut at the other. That's it. We fed a cricket to her every other day. At one point she dug a hole under a third of the driftwood. She also developed a bald spot on her backside. She later did not act interested in food. So we stopped feeding her and just kept her water dish full as web sites had suggested. Three weeks ago on a Sat. morning, I came into the room where she is kept and saw that she was in that hole upside down. Her legs were not drawn into her body like she was dead, so I figured she must be ready to molt. Her legs flexed every so often. You know that it took almost 12 hours for her to completely come out of the old skin. We did not bother her for a couple of weeks. We let her get adjusted again. She starting eating a cricket then. She's doing just fine. Taking care of a tarantula is kind of like fishing or hunting. You have to have patience. This is our family's first tarantula and just like you good folks we have learned a lot just by reading comments like these. Thank-You and good luck. Troy
Olivia - 2010-12-20
My tarantula has not moved. He is curled in a ball. I reached into the cage and he moved but I am still worried.

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  • Donatello - 2011-02-27
    Just bought it? If you've walked it home, or bus, anything which shakes the terrarium severely then he's probably stressed, leave him for a couple of hours to settle down.
Anonymous - 2010-05-04
Libby is her name she is a great pet even a friend of a family my dog loves her.

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  • juli - 2011-02-14
    Hi I have got a rose haired tarantula I love her she's the best she likes to be held but I don't hold her a lot in case this unsettles her but they make great pets I would be lost without her.
  • rosi - 2011-02-17
    Hi I have a rose tarantula I'm getting a colt bolt blue tomorrow I have been to the pet shop to look at her she is amazing she just a baby awww I can't believe how stunning she is can't wait to get her ;)
  • rosi - 2011-02-19
    Well I got my blue cobalt she lovely she can't be handled like my chile rose but she is amazing and the color is outstanding I love my spiders and next weekend I'm getting a mexican red kneed can't wait ...........
Ever - 2008-05-26
My best friend, who is far more awesome than given credit for, got together six friends of ours and herself, of course, and my family for a plot... They surprised me on Saturday with an AWESOME birthday, which I totally was NOT expecting. I didn't much want to do anything for "my special day", but Saturday was soooo fun. Well anyways, we all got lunch and she told me, "You have to open my present LAST, okay?" And I said back, "O...kay.....I'm scared now, but okay". Little did I know, right? Yep! If you guessed, you probably guessed right: A Chilean Rose was right there in front of me. I was pretty much only able to say: "Dude? I LOVE YOU." She laughed and said, "Remember how I told you that I was going to put a tarantula by your bed?!" And it was so cute, there were two little boys who wanted to come see but were a little too afraid to venture near.
So yeah, that's this little one's story. XD
Dunno male or female just yet, still pretty small and don't know how old... But! In a few days I'm going to take this little guy out and let him/her get more acquainted with the rest of the surroundings. I would have already done so, but I wanted to let him/her adjust and calm down from the shock. I mean, (s)he was shuffled around so much then. Between the pet store, bff's house, her house-to-car, car driven, car-to-restaurant, restaurant-to-car, car driven, car-to-house, thru house to my room where (sh)he was placed on the bed, and finally bed-to-desk! I'd want a few days to relax and calm back down, too!
That, and, I'm almost positive that I got him/her very close to a molt! (S)He's been spinning webs around the enclosure.

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  • julie - 2011-02-14
    Hi I would just like to say how I got my rose tarantula.
    I have got a bearded dragon who is 5 yrs I went to the pet shop to get a basking bulb. While I was there the owner got out the rose tarantula I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had seen apart from my dragon while I was there I asked if I could hold her he let me and I knew the moment I held her I fell in love with her and brought her home she has settled very well and likes being held I couldn't imagine not having her but I never thought I would of been the owner of a tarantula.,,,,
ashley - 2009-09-10
I adopted my tarantula this morning, and I think she is just amazing!! The humane society wouldn't even touch her. I don't know much about them, and would greatly appreciate any help! She seems to enjoy being held, I read about a smaller tank, so I bought a 5 gallon. I don't know how old she is.. Her legs are about 3 inches long if that helps? She has eaten! Would you recommend a heat pad, or a light? How can I tell if she is molting? Is webbing in her tank good, and what is the clear liquid she oozed on my arm? Was that urine?? How do I know if she is content or not? Should I bring her to a vet, or a specialist to make sure she is in good health? Thank you so much! You site is terrific!

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  • Bret - 2010-02-17
    Heat pads that go under the tanks are the best exo-terra makes them and they are awesome and actually inexpensive. Webbing usually means they've eaten, they will lay it down as they're eating to make sure if lost, it won't get away. The clear liquid concerns me, sounds like hemolymph Hemolymph is the tarantula's "blood" and it is a clearish-whitish-pale bluish liquid. You should take her to a vet specialist. Besides that sounds like she will be taken very good care of. Great job in adopting one, your new baby is probably very thankful.
  • dk - 2010-04-12
    Do not use a heat mat... this can and will kill the spider off, it will cause hot spots and cause the spider a lot of stress and problems, also it can virtually cook your Tarantula. If you are using a heat mat put it at the side of the container about a cm away.... but other than that don't use them... room temperature is perfect, as for the clear liquid it could be blood, if it's clear fluid it is but if its creamy coloured or clear with an oval shape mingled in there, congrats your spider has took a poo on you lol.
  • julie - 2011-02-14
    Hi I have rose tarantula I have read your comment about not using a heat mat the pet shop where I got my rose from told me to use one it came with her tank I have turned off her mat as I am worried this could do her harm I don't live where it's very warm and I'm worried if she gets too cold if I stop using the heat mat I love my rose and want to do the best for her.
Kathie - 2010-08-13
I have a rose haired tarantula, which I purchased about 2 months ago. She/he is in a ten gallon aquarium. Half of the aquarium has sand the other half is wood chips. I have also distributed small piles of rocks randomly through out the cage. There is also a coconut cave for her /him to hide in. She is usually very docile and up till now was held often. Today I tried to hold her and she became defensive so I just let her/him be. We noticed a little while later that she was picking up the wood chips and some of larger stones and putting them in her coconut cave. She /he seems to be moving everything around and putting choice things in the cave. Why would she/he be doing this?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-02-13
    She is trying to block the entrance because she is stressed. Mine completely covered both ends of her coconut log when I put in too many crickets once. Just give her time and let her do whatever she wants. Moving the items back will stress her out more and she will become more aggressive.
Angii - 2011-02-11
I got my baby Yami Ryo for my sixteenth birthday. She has been with me through everything I can imagine. My boyfriend knows that she will always be number one in my life. I love to watch her but unfortunately I can't hold her she likes to bite. She also loves to play with her food. I watched her get chased by a cricket then all of a sudden turn around and eat it. She also likes to attack water when I pour it in to her bowl. She will attack retreat attack retreat. I love her!

matt - 2011-01-31
I own one her name is rose because of her beautiful pink color on her back. At first I was afraid to pick her up because she's a spider so I used to pick her up with a glove and I was surprised on how smart she is because one time when she was on the glove I tried to put her in my hand and I started to get nervous and she noticed and simply walked backwards back onto the glove after that I knew that she didn't want to bite me and she also has a great personality and she's very friendly my gf was afraid of her till I showed her she doesn't bite. One time she fell off the table that scared the crap out of me 1 because I thought she was going to die 2 the cat went at her and she stood up on her back legs and hissed really loud but she let me pick her up.

Brode\'s mom - 2011-01-29
3 days ago our little webby dug a hole and climbed in. We thought she might be molting. She has not moved. :(She was a gift for my 3 year old son, who is now 5. So I started to do a little digging of my own. Found out that when they get old, they lose the hair on their back. So I think we have lost our little webby to old age. So today I will take my son down to the pet shop and get another: )And this time I will be sure to not let the girls freak out withe tongs when they try to get, it out of the cage.

Anonymous - 2010-10-02
I have moderate arachnophobia but have become fascinated with an orb weaver who has so graciously made a new web for me to admire every evening on my back porch. I have been studying spiders and think maybe getting a tarantula will help qualm some of my fears. I especially was happy to read that these spiders don't need to be handled often. I wouldn't mind looking in on it and feeding crickets. That sounds like a hobby I might need to adopt.

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  • Shannon - 2010-10-25
    I highly suggest it. I'm actually using my two T's to help one of my friends overcome her arachnophobia. If you're not planning on handling often though, I do suggest a habitat that the tarantula can walk around in moderately. My Beau (Rose Hair) is pretty chill and generally just hangs out in the the middle of her tank, but Frankie (California Ebony) REALLY enjoyed the extra leg room (haha) when I upgraded his to something bigger.
  • anna - 2011-01-13
    Having a tarantula really helped me calm the fear. Also I work exhaustive hours and I needed a pet that was quiet and didn't require much pampering. My green bottle blue was a great choice for me.