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The Pink-toed Tarantula is Energetic and friendly, making it fun to keep!
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rick walker - 2010-12-10
I have owned 28 tarantulas over the last 30 years. I have never had a pink toe "jump". period. The 3 I've had were all females, as is the one I just bought yesterday. All have been calm and relaxed when handled. I've had every species of tarantula I could get my hands on, handled all of them including the notorious goliath bird eater. I've been bitten only once - by a 28 y/o mexican red knee who warned me she wasn't feeling well. Love this site!

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  • Don - 2011-01-07
    My pink toe hasn't ate for 3 days he slides down the glass as if he has lack of energy. He just sits in his tunnel (WEB). Should I be worried?
  • bob law - 2011-01-14
    I think that these spiders only jump when being handled jumping from one hand to the next if there is a gap like the chicken crossed the road only to get to the other side I don't think it will jump for any other reason, but I may be wrong, by the way your old red knee of 28 years would be like a grumpy old man ha ha. bob
jeremy - 2011-01-02
My pink toe eats and moves very little, may sit in the same spot for a couple days at a time. Likes the ground more than the top of tank. Temp and humidity are perfect. And I've had him/her for about 3 months and still no web has ever been formed. Can anyone help to tell me if he's sick or depressed, and am I doing something wrong? His cage has plants, fake ones and lots of logs to get him to the top of tank, he's in a 10 gallon cage. Plus a log to hide under on the ground and that's his spot over all areas, it's a log like a burrow and is it wrong to not be active or web and stay on the ground? But he eats. Please help.

Logan - 2010-12-28
I have a pink toed tarantula, and I've been feeding her crickets and she loves them, she jumps on them immediately after I put them in but I'm just wondering, how big do they need to be to eat an anole?

Will W - 2010-12-23
My wonderful Wife bought me pink toe for Christmas. I'm afraid of spiders, but am very fascinated by them. I hope "Squishy" will help me overcome my fear. No doubt they are gorgeous creatures. My Wife adores him/her.

t. - 2008-10-25
My son who is 8 just rec'd a Pink Toe Tarantula for a gift. We have never owned a tarantula. After doing some research we are a bit sceptical of this breed. We are considering taking it back and getting a Chilian Rose Tarantula. Are Pink Toe's good for beginners? Can they be held? Any feedback/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hyusha - 2010-10-25
    Pink toes, I'd say are just as good as Chileans, they are mostly as equally docile, but they tend to be more skittish then Chileans. I have had 2 tarantula's now, a chilean and a Pink toe and neither one have bitten me. If you do make a tarantula angry it will kick up its back legs, and usually it only gets angry if it is cornered (like any other animal). By a rare chance someone does get bitten its like a bee sting and always remind yourself if they do bite you, stay calm and don't freak out or you might drop your loved pet. Both Chilean Rose Hair and Pink Toes make good pets and all have different attitudes. (I'd say mine is a brat)
  • Liz - 2010-10-26
    Pink toes are one of the nicest species of tarantula. I have a pinktoe and I adore her. We have a rose hair at the shop and she is rather unfriendly, but I have been told that both species are usually quite nice. However, the rose hairs can (and will) flick hairs when stressed and cause a rather annoying skin irritation. The biggest defense for a pink toe is for it to shoot out a stream of fecal matter. Both species rarely bite. I suggest not handling any spider very often, though because they are delicate. Since the pink toe is a a real spider, they are more tolerant of falls but it is still slightly unsafe.
  • Elloyd West - 2010-10-31
    Yes pink toe's are very good for beginners and can be held they are pretty timid and nervous but make wonderful pets.
  • Flinch - 2010-12-03
    Do not return it! I have a Pinktoe and it is awesome. Pinktoes are for beginners. They like to climb so give them lots of climbing space. Also don't feed them too many crickets at once! The crickets can kill the tarantula and don't mist the tarantula directly. The tarantula is very docile, but I would'nt recommend holding it too much. They don't bite at all unless it is cornered or squeezed. Males also have longer legs than females, and also have a distinct looking hook or nub on their two front legs. (not the petapelps.) I'm only 10 and I love my tarantula! Also Chilean Rose hairs tend to bite more. So if you're worried about bites the Rose bites more. And definitely don't get the Goliath Bird eater!
Ryan larkin - 2009-10-06
I just got my pink toe yesterday and I love him/her.He is very friendly but can be a little skiddish at times. He is a beautiful solid black with pink-orange feet and a blackish purple abdomen. I have had experience keeping other exotic pets including a ball python, a green snake, bearded dragons, a corn snake, a crested gecko, and a Russian tortoise, but this is my first tarantula. He is very funny and last night when I was watching him he, climbed the side of his cage and got to the top, but fell in his water dish. 10-6-2009

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  • Flinch - 2010-12-03
    Your tarantula should be fine. Mine fell from the top and landed on a log. If your tarantula dosen't move the next morning I would check it out. Lightly touch it and if it dosen't move it is probably dead.
BMan - 2010-11-12
I just go my new Pink Toed spiderling. He's about the size of your thumb nail and super blue. He has five legs on one side of his body and three legs on the other. I was wondering if this was a common thing or something I should be worried about? Thanx.

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  • Shell - 2010-11-22
    A tarantula has 4 legs on each side and 2 pedipalps at the front. Sounds like your tarantula has lost a leg or two. Don't worry, it's not uncommon for them to lose a limb. They will slowly grow back each time the tarantula molts. At first the new leg may be thinner than the rest, but with each molt, it will grow into a normal-looking leg.
pets - 2010-10-19
Hi. .. anyone can help me. .. why does my pink toe not want to eat. . .she molted 2 weeks ago. . .but now she was building new web in her enclosure. .. I'm giving her roaches but she refuses and don't want to eat. . . .is this normal?

ANETA - 2010-10-01
Just got pink toe don't know much about it, just wonder if they are friendly and if they bite what happens?

robert - 2010-06-02
A student begged me to take his pink-toed tarantula, since I have a pet scorpion and try to educate my students on the care of animals including insects and spiders, but I haven't had the courage to hold her yet. She is quite large and admittedly I am a little skittish. Any tips for first time handling of adults would be great!

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  • michael - 2010-08-27
    i had a pink toe reaching maturity and i got him about 3 days ago. i held him on his first day. The first time i just put my middle finger under his abdomen and he kinda nutched on and the second time i nudged him from behind with my hand and he crawled around on it for a while but careful, they are faster than you might think