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The Pink-toed Tarantula is Energetic and friendly, making it fun to keep!
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sally - 2012-10-09
How do you tell the sex of your tarantula

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  • Niki - 2012-10-21
    the legs if there legs are longer (girl) widder(boydont understand all and ask me 615-215-9079
Latina - 2012-09-01
My 2 year old Tarantula has been for a week spinning his web and has made a tunnel where he cant even reach his water and barely can see him. He looks likes he's going to molt, but dont know. He made a web ball under him, is this normal?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-01
    Yep - is normal.
Curtis Sowers - 2012-08-21
My pink toe had a huge web at the petstore but hasn`t built a web in his new cage. It`s been 3 weeks should I be worried

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-22
    No  it is normal - new cage,location sounds etc.  She is fine.
j.ramirez - 2011-01-17
Hi, I own a pink toe tarantula, and I just found out that it's a boy pink toe.
I wanted to know how would I know when to mate these species..?


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  • Justin young - 2012-08-15
    Just look it up on youtube or keep looking on the internet
andrew bishop - 2008-11-16
Hi, my name is andrew and I own a 3" male pink toe. Recently I noticed that it hasn't been able to climb glass anymore, its feet wont grip the glass. I dont know if it is hurt or sick or if it is normal. If you could email me if you know whats happening it would be greatly appreciated. My email is, thank you!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-03-19
    Has anyone gotten back to you about your pink toe not being able to climb the glass? If they did, will you tell me what they said?
  • Dan - 2012-08-09
    If mine is any indication, not sticking to the glass means there's a moult coming. I've had Indy for about 6 months, and I don't think she ever touched the bottom of her terrarium until she just... Fell. I was in the UK at the time, and by the time I got home, just a couple days later, her old skin was laying in the bottom of her web.
Curtis Sowers - 2012-08-06
I have him in coconut husk does that effect him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-07
    Shouldn't bother him at all - doesn't seem to bother them in the wild. 
Curtis Sowers - 2012-08-05
I bought a pink toe 3 days ago named Titan. I let him get used to his tank and he ate 3 crickets in 2 days ,but every time I try to hold him he bites me. I am being gentle. I haven't dropped him yet but he won't stop bitting me. Please help me my email is HELP it's so frusterating he also about 5-6 months old.

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  • anon - 2012-08-06
    Don't try to physicly pick him up, try resting yor fingers on the flat in front of him or a few fingers flat on the tree. Some like to be left till they come out from hiding, always approach him from the front. Shower his tank with water, at least every four days but don't get him wet.  I  use a 3rd of a cup. He miight also prefer locust.  You'd be amazed what they devour in 1 meal ,
christie - 2012-06-10
can u use wood from outside for there cages

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-10
    Outside wood can bring parasites or other things that can get your spider sick!
  • Devin Hansford - 2012-06-16
    It is best not to use real wood at all. Petco always has a great selection of Underwater figurines that a lot of times look like twisted branch break-offs with texurization and paint to make moss growing on it. Fake plants are exceptional considering that the smoothe plastic actualy helps the Avic hold on to the bottom surface, a fall could be deadly! Also, easy to clean and last forever.
Lynn - 2012-05-30
Hello, my name is Lynn. I have a pink toe tarantula and have had her for about a year now. Recently I had to go out of town and before I left she had molted and was starting to eat regularly like she has always done. Well, while I was out of town she managed to get out of her cage. Now she is somewhere in my bedroom and have looked everywhere where I assumed she would be and have been unsuccessful in finding her. I'm concerned because I have 3 cats but they don't go into my room. Do you have any suggestions as to where she might be hiding? Thank you for your time.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-05-30
    Look for some were dark and warm/damp that's your best bet, these lil buggers love hiding so it will be a challenge
  • kain - 2012-06-04
    Try between your mattress
Ian Beattie - 2011-06-09
I have a pink toe,which has just had its first molt,but I have noticed his abdomen has shrunk to a abnormal small size, which looks totally out of proportion to his body. In fact it looks quite weird.
I have had a few different spiders over the years and I have never seen anything like this before. I have his picture on this site before his molt. I will try and get one after his molt if I can get one of him, but he stays in his web behind his plant now all the time. Any help would be grateful??? thx.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    Your little guy just went through a molt so it hasn't been eating or drinking. It is probably dehydrated. Someone suggested a wet paper towel - Your tarantula could get hydration from the towel placed close to him. I am a little afraid of a bowel to close because he might drown and I don't know your lay out and a towel you can put behind the plant. Not under him though.
  • Ian Beattie - 2011-06-11
    Thx for the advice. I have a little bowl for him with little beads in it. It stops them from drowning ,but he hasn't come down from his web which is in the top of his tank for over a month now. I've put crickets in his web, he doesn't bother with them. As for water ,i spray on the glass side by his web ,,
  • Ian Beattie - 2012-01-26
    Im sad to say ,i found my pink toe dead today ,he was starting to eat again and had really started to come out of his hiding den ,and show off ,,,:(
  • sue hughes - 2012-05-28
    Sorry your pink toe tarantula has died.