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The Pink-toed Tarantula is Energetic and friendly, making it fun to keep!
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Patrick - 2006-12-11
We currently own over 60 tarantulas and several of the avic genus. No cottonballs or sponges are necessary for the tarantulas. They are quite good swimmers. Those things just harbor bacteria and parasites.

Darin - 2006-11-02
I love my Pink Toed Tarantula! They make great pets and are easy to take care of. I feed mine about once a week. Heads up on their molting. Today I came home and feaked out when I thought I saw two tarantulas in the cage. I thought, oh crap it's some how cloned itself, and the bigger one is eating the smaller one. Not so. It was only shedding its body, so just prepare yourself for it.:)

Christian Vuceta - 2006-07-07
I have recently purchased a rose haired tarantula and I am considering getting a pink toed next. Exotic animals are far more interesting than the typical domesticated pet. Thus far, my research has confirmed my commitment to make the pink toed my next purchase. The idea of a vertical terrarium sounds facinating. I would like to put two or three in one terrarium. I can't wait. Thanks for the great info.

trepsica - 2006-04-22
i have had my pink toe named siobhan for about 3 months and she is fabulous. she is quick when you hold her, but she has never bitten. she poops when she gets mad, it is more effective! and she has only done that twice. she is so fun to watch.

Somebody who is now quite fond of Pink Toes - 2006-03-07
I haven't kept this spider as a pet. But, if I was thinking about adopting a tarantula, I would look at this one first. This site has been very helpful, especially since I have been researching the Pink-Toed Tarantula for a science report i am doing.

Donny - 2006-02-15
REGENERATED LEGS. I have a number of tarantulas in my collection right now. A stripe knee, Cobalt blue, chilian rose hair, 2 pink toes and a goliath bird eater, (theraphosa blondi). I recently bought the second pink toe and she arrived with one leg missing. She has just undergone her first molt since being here and the leg is completly regenerated. Complete regeneration can occur during one molt.

Donny. Feb. 15/06

Frank Saplamaeff - 2006-02-03
This site is pretty good compared to the ones I've seen today, small but correct. the only thing I would suggest is putting cotton in the water dish as an owner of three. I find it helps to keep them from drowning, mostly if you have differant sized tatantulas in the same tank.

Jean - 2006-02-02
I got tired of having the traditional pets that everyone expects one to have, so I bought a Rose-Haired Tarantula, and a Bird Eating Spider. My Goliath was sick apparently when I got him. He died several days after I purchased him. I also have just recently purchased two Pink Toed Tarantulas. One is still a baby spider. The other one is a half size bigger. The smallest stays on the floor of the taranium and the bigger one likes to stay on the wall close to the top of the taranium. I love my tarantulas. I just respect and take care of them and their environments. But I am too scared to hold them for fear of possibly getting bitten.

Becky - 2006-01-25
this was really helpful. i am planning on adopting a pink toed tarantula and was just curious about a few things which were answered. thanks a bunch!