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The Pink-toed Tarantula is Energetic and friendly, making it fun to keep!
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Marie Lang - 2008-09-18
I got a pink toe tarantula for my birthday in June from my husband and daughters. She's absolutely beautiful! I rub her legs and abdomen almost every morning. She stopped eating a few weeks ago, so I think she might be preparing for her first molt. I love showing her off to friends...even though they think I'm weird to have such a pet. If it were up to me I'd have all kinds of unique pets!

nervous tarantula owner. - 2008-08-16
I just got a pink toed tarantula as a birthday gift from a friend two days ago. Never having owned a tarantula (or any insect for that matter) made me skeptical. I still am a little nervous about it, actually I just took her out of her tank/cage thing for the first time a few minutes ago. To my surprise she jumped on my head! It freaked me out so much that I screamed! She's sneaky, she'll be walking around all slow and then go into hyper speed in a second! I immediately tried to find out about it and now that I've read this I realize it's normal. But I am worried that I might hurt her by accident if she jumps or runs around all crazy all the time. She's so pretty though, and I'm learning how to handle it, even if I am still a little scared of her. I mean the poop spray? ahhh. :O I can only hope that never happens. Thanks for the info on this site...very helpful!

Melly - 2008-08-14
I just got a pink toe a few days ago. Like pink toes should be, he is very shy. He jumps a lot, but he loved it when I rub him. He stays completely still when I rub his body. A sweet nervous thing he is. But I am not quite sure what his environment should be like so he is stuck with shredded paper. It was my dads choice to put paper in the cage. He seems to sit around and do nothing, lazy bum. He is scared of his own food, and he desperately wants to get out of the cage. I hope he gets more comfortable with me. We will just have to wait and see.

jason frampton - 2008-08-02
I have a pinktoe, her name is beniceo and I love her like family. She has jumped a few times but doesn't seem to mind being handled. She is friendly and has never bitten me even though I probably deserved it more than once. I would recommend pinktoes to anyone interested in keeping tarantulas, very very friendly creatures. I no longer believe that all spiders have it out for

Aric Alford - 2008-06-22
My pinktoe is quite aggie. It squirts fecal almost every time I try to handle it, plus it definitely likes to jump. I've only had it for a short while, so I'm hoping it'll get better with time. Overall,I'm glad I bought it though. Aric

Regina Clark - 2008-02-28
This site was VERY helpful to me. I have had my pink toe for about a year now. My husband bought him for me for Valentines. He's great! My 5yr. old son and 9 yr. old daughter helped me name him "Spiderman". When my husband first brought him home, I right away got on the internet to find out about him. I only found 1 site and it had very little info. I wish I would have known about this site a year ago! He has molted 2 times now and is a very good eater! We all love to watch him grab a cricket and chow down. My children thinks its "cool!" Thanks again for all the more helpful info. and the comment section is really good to read also.
Gina 2007-02-28

shorty - 2008-02-08
Hi there, my name is shorty. The info provided was very helpful and thank you. Many thanks and take care.

keeley - 2008-01-24
Thank you for the information on the poo-spraying. I have experienced this twice now from my first pink toe tarantula, Mr T. As I have not heard of this in any other care sheet, I started to get a complex! It might be a good idea to warn people on how far these goegeous creatures can spray which does cause alarm (after I had to wipe my arm, bed, curtain, and wall!). All in a days experience I suppose, I just hope he grows out of his defensive attitude.

Tanya - 2007-12-27
I was reading the comments after getting my Pink Toe Tarantula today. Kind of surprised about the jumping aspect of it - mine hasn't jumped yet when I hold her, and to be honest if it does that might freak me out. I still don't have a name for her, but I am really glad I got her since she makes a great addition to the family and looks fascinating . She doesn't seem to move that much but maybe by morning she might be more active.
Definitely not regretting this purchase.

Donita Whistle - 2007-12-01
My husband and I decided to try bringing a pink toed tarantula into our home after having much success with 2 Rose Hairs. I have to say that I think they are a nasty little spider and very unsociable. It used to run towards the opened doors of its inclosure every time we opened the doors and poops down the side of the glass. Now it has a very elaberate web and will not come out of its web, I guess except for at night. Every time we have tried to handle it, it has jumped. I enjoy our female Chilaen Rose a whole lot more, and we are thinking of trading the pink toed in on something more friendly.