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Indian Ornamental Tarantulas are one of the most beautiful, fascinating tarantulas in the hobby!
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jaycee - 2007-11-21
I bought mine last month, they were an inch long and now they are about 2-2 1/4 inches. I'm telling you these pokies can eat and they are fast. Can't wait for them to get much bigger so I can see the amazing colors of this species. And please don't handle them, pokies have stronger venom than any tarantulas. They are only for display, like a pet fisn in an aquarium.

ali - 2007-10-22
I got a female Indian Ornamental and out of the 65 i have, she is one of the best. She is fast and she can eat a full grown gerbil. She is only 1 year old. Her colors are very bright and she is a very tempermental spider, more for show than anything. I paid

ren - 2007-03-22
I have owned an ornamental for a little less then a year now, shes a beautiful beautiful spider! A little skittish in nature and very fast! Shes not holdable, but that was something I knew before I purchased her, shes one of my favorites. She sticks to the side of her tank unless frightened so I always have a good view of her, she eats well and is starting to get some very distinct markings. Such a treat to own one.

jon - 2006-12-25
i got this spider when, (she?) i think, was about a 1/2 inch. it is now about 1" and a quarter now. she has only molted twice and has gained size quickly. i have three other tarantulas and this is the only one that i will not handle. very fast and aggresive. good eater, i have seen it take down crickets about her size or a little smaller. Uncharacteristically of this species it has used provided housing. i can't wait until it gets bigger so i can sex it and so it gets its adult coloring! fun to watch.

Charlie - 2006-10-01
Very interesting species to watch and observe, never handle however due to the aggresive nature. If you choose to purchase this spider, research what you intend to buy and then return and make the purchase. I love mine and even though I am unable to handle it, I do enjoy the vast quantities of time I get to spend sitting on my bed observing this most unique species of tarantula.

Henry - 2006-04-02
Good but needs brighter colours