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The Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is one of the most docile species of tarantula!
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Amy - 2007-09-29
We found a baby tarantula in a water bowl. She is very well tempered and was caught from the wild. Again, she is such a great pet, we let her loose in the back yard at times to hunt for herself and she comes running when we start slapping the ground. I would definitely recommend this type of Tarantula for a pet.

lore - 2007-09-27
My girls found our tarantula in our front yard. I do not like spiders, but i think of ours so different. Ours is an adult male I think. He has long legs, black with a coffee colored middle, a dark brown butt, two hooks on his butt, and two small hooks on the front legs. We live in northeast oklahoma. I hope he lives long but i have read that they do not.

Justin - 2007-09-15
Hey, me and my dad bought 3 babies! They are so cute. They dont seem very mean and we put some baby crickets in their little cages and they have already eaten some! They are awesome pets!

Marilyn Berk - 2007-09-08
I have two hentzi's and they are both very sweet. I have a 2.5 gallon tank for one as she's still small, only about 3 inches. When I went to get my nails done the kids there asked me to bring a spider that they could hold in their hands, so Calamity got to visit with a shop full of people. She took it very well and climbed from one hand to another like a perfect lady. She's great.

Illinois Jules - 2007-07-25
On my oldest/younger brother (Scott)'s girlfriend (Tracy)'s land in SE OK, last spring (May 2006)they caught a smallish (half-dollar size) Oklahoma Brown immature female tarantula spider to show me - Since those crawlies live there.
To that date I was NOT a spider fan! Big time! No way! Fear!
Don't get me wrong - The general bug, insects, fuzzy beasts, reptiles, amphibians - basically everything else, was great fun and cool with me!
Just not - SPIDERS!
Until - Grethel.
She looked like a small brown furry bear - with 10 walking legs.
I fell into ... Great Like. ([smile] - Still, some small fear was involved)
That was then... Now she has become an Arachnid Spokesspider.
She is so docile and polite that she has scampered mildly across or been handled by as many as a half-dozen wary spider-phobes at times. A pet I will cherish forever. Illinois Jules

Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
I have a 4 inch female and she is adorable. I have not handle her the last 3 weeks because she is guarding her eggsac. Yes she will fend me off because that is her natural instinct as a mother: TO PROTECT HER SPIDERLINGS! If you get one do get it from the pet store because from the wild you don't know what you will get.

Arthur J. Lewis - 2007-06-25
I live in Oklahome and have picked up the alleged brown Tarantula. They have very long, very black, very sharp fangs. Upon measuring the fangs, I found it to be 1/2 inch long. While measuring it the spider bit repeatedly at the measuring stick. When I dropped it the spider took up attack posturing and came towards me. I captured it in a can and let it calm down undisturbed. After about ten minutes I looked in the can and gently put a long stick into the can turning the spider over for inspection. The spider struck at the stick repeatedly squirting clear venom along the bottom of can. My neighbor was watching closely while I did this and became scared when it started venom squirting from the sharp black fangs. The venom is of sufficient toxicity to make small children very ill. Be careful if you catch a wild Brown Tarantula here in Oklahoma, you will see how vicious they can get when messed with like a child does when at play.

Stephen Birkner - 2006-09-27
I have had a few of these spiders and they handle very well. They are very tolerent, in fact I had accidently dropped one of them and it didn't do anything. It didn't strike at me or anything, it just walked on my hand as if nothing happened at all

Jeffrey A. Keverline - 2006-09-09
One thing I noticed in the ailments discussion is a tarantula laying on it's back described as being sick. Tarantulas normally molt in this position and so is not an indication of illness. A dying tarantula curls it's legs under it's body like a clenched fist instead of flipping on it's back. Great discussion otherwise! Check out for more information on tarantulas.

Jonathon - 2006-05-29
Oklahoma Brown Tarantula - i never owned one of those but if any one knows any thing about them.... and can help me out.... i went camping in fort worth texas.... in just a sleeping bag on the ground.... woke up and that huge ass spider was on top of me..... so i killed it and brought it home.... well i have a bite on my leg.... and think it might be the reason..... ummm its a little white bite with a red circle around that... and then a big pink circle around the little red circle its like the size of a half dollar

some one help b4 i go aputate my leG