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The Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is one of the most docile species of tarantula!
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hunter bourgeois - 2010-08-05
My dad found me a texas brown and he's amazing wish me and him luck for a good future.

hunt bourgeois - 2010-08-05
I got a texas brown its freakn awesome I love him I named him batman he has the bat emblem on his butt my dad found him on the road he's as big as my hand he attacks the stick I used to see if he is ok. Wish me luck on a happy future for my man batman.

Rachel - 2008-07-30
I'm really looking forward to getting a Oklahoma Brown. I have researched a lot about the differnt kinds of tarantulas and this breed seems perfect for me. All I have to do now is persuade my mom let let me own one. Wish me luck =)

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  • Bob - 2010-07-16
    They tickle when they crawl on you!
Paul Jimenez - 2010-06-15
When my dad first came home from a job he told me that he had something for me, and I would have never expected a TX Brown tarantula in his hand. At first I was a bit scared and thats that I've owned a Mexican Curly Haired T., but after a few days he was pretty cool making webs, going in his hiding spot taking crickets down like he's never eaten before. Great pet, docile, good for beginners.

Mac - 2010-03-07
What time of year is the tarantula mateing season in Oklahoma. I have heard that it is pretty impressive to see them is such large volumes.

cdennis - 2010-01-05
The tarantula has lost the hair on its "butt" for all purposes and has grown 2 appendages. Would this be spinnerettes?

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  • lizziy - 2010-03-16
    Well it all depends on the age if it is fully mature then yes but if not then I have no idea sorry.
Natalie Vogel - 2009-11-08
I live in Piedmont,Ok and see a ton of these during the late summer and fall. I usually see them crawling up the side of the house. My husband told me they were wolf spiders but I googled it and it said wolf spiders only get to about two inches. These are definitely not wolf spiders because they're about four inches with the legs. I am deathly afraid of spiders and having one walk right up to me one night was a memorable experience.

lissa - 2009-09-30
I just convinced my arachniphobic mother to let me catch an Oklahoma Brown and keep him. I named him Puck after the Character in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The second day I was able to pick him up and let him crawl on me. I noticed he wasn't eating much, he's going to molt as I found out. Anyways these are great tarantulas, and I love my Puck lol. :)

Tracie McMichael - 2009-09-25
I just saw an enormous spider whilst walking my dog (Austin, TX). My husband didnt believe it was a spider and so I took him out to see if it was still there. It was. Whilst I was climbing up the walls, my husband was studying this rather beautiful creature. He has lived in Texas for 30 years and has never seen one. I am from England and in five years have never seen one. We came back inside and googled. We believe it is a Texas Brown Tarantula. I guess I should be delighted for the experience.

Stanley Perkins - 2009-01-31
How long and how many molts from spiderling to adult?