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The Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is one of the most docile species of tarantula!
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Skwiggles - 2012-06-08
Last night I found about a 2-3 inch Oklahoma brown tarantula. After some convincing i talked my mom into letting me keep it. We now have it in a 10 gallon aquarium with about 5 inches of peat moss on the bottom and a nice little borrow. I have a few questions though and would greatly appreciate help. 1. The water container I am using is just a lid that is about 3/4s an inch deep and an inch, maybe more tall. I partially burried it to make it shorter, is this sufficient? 2. While fixing up his/her cage my mom bumped me and Joseph fell about 4 feet and barely avoided concrete, landing on carpet instead. afterward a clear somewhat milky fluid was leaking from his leg where it attaches to him/her is it ok? I've heard dropping them is pretty much an insta kill but other than the leg thing he seems ok. 3. Is only peat moss a good thing for his cage? or should i use something else 4. the pet store folks suggested a spray bottle for occasional use. should I use it and how often? 5. I have put a cricket in his cage and he hasn't eaten it yet. Should i just leave it in? once he does eat it should I pet in another one right away? should I always keep one cricket scampering around his cage? if not how should I go about feeding him. Also he hasn't eaten since I found him is he ok? 6. how can i tell if its a male or female? its butt hairs are a little gingery, and it has two small legs(I know they aren't legs) coming out its butt, does this mean boy or girl or nothing? its legs black, its abdomen is dark brown and its head is a lighter brown almost tan. Another odd thing I noticed when i found it is that it has a relatively deep dimple on its head. Is this normal 7. Maybe he's just getting used to his environment, but he acts a bit clumsy and moves his legs in the air a lot, could he be blind? that's probably a dumb question but he looks like a silly goose some times reaching for stuff that isn't there. thanks a lot for the help, I hope to see answers soon. i know I have a lot of questions and if you can't answer all of them just help with the ones you can. thanks again.

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  • Skwiggles - 2012-06-08
    sorry for such a long post. I was also wondering if anyone could shed some light on his/her possible age. Because they mature after 5 years and grow to be 4-5 inches, I am assuming 2-4 years, but i don't know jack about tarantulas so maybe someone who knows more can help.
  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    Hello, your water dish seems fine I wouldn't worry about that. Normally when you drop a tarantula it is an insta kill, but if it's abdomen is in good shape I think its okay. If its leg is really in bad shape, the tarantula will actually rip it off itself to avoid further damage, don't worry about that, if a tarantula looses its leg it is a real bummer but it will regenerate the leg within a few molts. You can use peat moss in the cage, it just depends on what you prefer, I prefer using coconut fiber. A spray bottle is a good idea, for some tarantulas all they need is a water dish for humidity, but if the Oklahoma Brown needs extra humidity, spraying the cage with the spray bottle every once in a while is good. I would not leave a cricket wandering around the cage for more than one day, if the tarantula does not eat it, take it out as leaving it in there can stress the tarantula out. Don't worry about it not eating some tarantulas fast (not eat) for long periods of time. So if it doesn't eat, just remove the cricket and try again next week, it will eventually eat trust me! One of my tarantulas (a Chilean rose hair) wouldn't eat for three months, then one day she decided she was hungry and ate a couple crickets. One more thing, if your tarantula molts and there is a cricket inside the cage remove it immediately! Even something small such as a cricket can kill a tarantula right after it molts, if it molts, give it at least a week to give her time for her exo skeleton to harden, then you can feed as usual. Those little legs on the back of your tarantula are called spinnerets, they make the web. To tell if it is a male or female, you can look on the underside of the abdomen, it is hard to explain but if you see a horseshoe like shape it is a male, if you see a horizontal line it is a female. I would suggest looking it up on youtube..You can also tell from the most just use a magnifying glass. The dimple on its head is normal, and the way it's legs are in the air is just how they walk. Or it cold be a defense pose if it isn't moving and it's legs are up showing their fangs. And one more thing, all tarantulas are pretty much blind, they rely on the hairs on their body to 'see'. Hope I helped, and have fun with your tarantula!
Teri - 2012-05-19
Today I found a hairy legged spider (dark brown/quarter to half-dollar leg-span). It had a brilliant, almost neon blue & white egg sac. I took it to a dry creek bed and let it go...any clues as to what type spider this was....


Kristin - 2012-04-09
I have a Texas brown tarantula that I inherited from my cousin after he was killed. I have never had one so have been learning. I came home and found it on its back under its hiding place. It freaked me out I was so upset I thought it was dead so I removed hiding place and quickly turned it over and gave it water. Now I have read that it was getting ready to molt so what do I do now? Put the hiding place back in its habitat or just leave it alone? Can someone give me some good information?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-10
    I would just put her back as best as you can - as close to where you found her.
màtt - 2011-11-13
Wow! That's a big spider!

bethany - 2011-10-25
Hi I had a couple questions about my new wild caught tarantula. I got it a 5 gallon container, and I'll get that stuff to put in the bottom (I have different stuff in there now). okay, how do I tell if it's male of female? It's leg span is a little over three inches, so it is not full grown correct? My other one is that when I first got it it was in a VERY small container for 2 days and it made a web. I put it in the five gallon one and it has been in there for over a week, but it has not made a web. Should i be worried? Any other tips are much appreciated! thanks!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-26
    I wouldn't worry - timing and newness and getting around is all. He will aclimate to the new enviornment and do his web thing when he feels like it.
Greg Hunt - 2011-10-18
Found an Oklahoma Brown on my stove top this morning at six am. He is a young spider about four inches across. Gave it a home in a lage tank I have. Gave it a little water

John S - 2010-10-31
While pulling lumber out of our garage, we managed to injure an OK Brown that was living in the lumber pile. One leg is hurt. I don't want to put him out, since it'll probably be curtains for him. We're thinking of keeping him to see if the leg heals. Any suggestions on setting up the cage? Do we have a prayer of him surviving? We like these spiders, but have never kept one before. Any advice would be welcome.

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  • Deanna - 2011-03-09
    Have you thought of asking a vet or person who handles spiders? They might know what's best for him. But yes, pulling him out will only injure him further.
  • JulieGrace - 2011-08-19
    I have read that spiders can regenerate injured or even lost limbs through their next molt. Since taratula care is one of the cheapest for pets, I would just keep him/her until they molt and see what happens!
  • Mike Jabbs - 2011-10-18
    Isn't it frustrating when people dont listen to what you're saying? I know I think so and that is why I'm replying to youre QUESTION. Here it is; I have two tarants and this is my experience. I'm guessing you meant put him outside when you said this and you're right, he would most certainly meet his demise in this comprimised condition so you'll need to set up a taranterrium. oklahoma browns (and all tarantulas) should be kept in rather cramped
  • Mike Jabbs - 2011-10-18
    Enclosures. A 5 gallon aquarium is fine. Go to the plant store and pick up a brick of organic fert-free cocanut coir. Follow directions on the side and finish off by drying it out on a cookie sheet in a WARM oven. It should be barely moist- NOT wet when youre done. Just enough to clump in the hand when squeezed. mix in some sand(3coir-1sand), 3-4 inches deep and nestle a broken flower pot(terra cotta) on its side to simulate burrow
  • Mike Jabbs - 2011-10-18
    enclosures. a 5 gallon aquarium is fine.go to the plant store and pick up a brick of organic fert-free cocanut coir. follow directions on the side and finish off by drying it out on a cookie sheet in a WARM oven. it should be barely moist- NOT wet when youre done.just enough to clump in the hand when squeezed. mix in some sand(3coir-1sand), 3-4 inches deep and nestle a broken flower pot(terra cotta) on its side to simulate burrow
  • Mike Jabbs - 2011-10-18
    -When you see it sitting in the entrance in the evening waiting for prey you've succeeded. This can sometimes take a while. If you start the burrow it moves in sooner. Provide a shallow water dish that it can lower its BODY into to drink, keep v.clean. feed 3 crickets/day till its full,fasting for 30 days is common. a tight fitting lid is essential, wire mesh 1/4 inch square, *they chew through window screen in hours. no basking light is needed, they're nocturnal. Mist 1/2 the tank every 4 days (a.m.) to provide dew and keep humidity proper. Keep tank out of sun. A young one will have a new leg in 1-2 molts, an adult might take1-2 years to molt and just lose the leg. Keep in calm, draft-free place. Females can live for 20-30 years,....yes, years. Males up to 5. Remove dead cricks and poop and you'll only need to clean out the entire tank once, maybe twice a year. tarants should have no odor.GOOD LUCK
Jon - 2011-08-27
I just experienced this spider while I was laying in bed watching TV and felt something crawling on me. First thing I did was flung it off my arm and ran out screaming, I do not like spiders. When I calmed down, I went on the hunt for it found in my hat, took a picture and it's a tarantula.

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  • jordan castro - 2011-10-04
    Just today I found an oklahoma brown tarantula.....IN ARKANSAS!
  • jordan castro - 2011-10-04
    But my extremely stupid mom wont let me keep it! >:(
Samantha G. - 2011-07-12
I love catching and raising Oklahoman Brown Tarantulas because they are so easy to catch, are very calm and doctile, and are simple to care for. I love showing off to my friends by picking up my "terrorfying" pet, OK Brown, tarantula with my bare hands and its really funny to put the tarantula in a friends face. LOL. If you want to know more about my tarantula and other "savage" pets email me at or visit my website at

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-12
    I like your website. I especially like the quote "Every little soul has a purpose." Thank you for sending it to us.
Isaiah - 2010-10-08
I have had lots tarantulas and I like the Oklahoma brown best!

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  • JC - 2010-11-02
    +1 to Isaiah. Same here.
  • Christina - 2011-07-11
    I do too, but so far that is all I have had, since I live in Oklahoma :)
    My husband and kids found one at the baseball field. She went right up on to my hubbys hand and she has been with us ever since! We found a small male, and put him with her. Well after a day, he is gone, and she is fatter lol... It's funny to see people get all scared of her!