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The Mombasa Golden Starburst Baboon Spider has a tough attitude, and a tough constitution!
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sydney - 2007-11-26
That spider is friking huge, man that's weird!

Nick GF MT - 2007-04-25
I just got my Starburst Baboon and man, people are right they are FAST FAST FAST and MEAN too. Mine has already started webbing up it's den. Some say this species is terrestial and I for one believe it's partly arboreal. They are big and do climb glass. I wanted something just like that. Had my choice between her and a pinktoe and happy with my choice. You want something that actually does something here you go. Just remember, you are buying a spider after all.

JUSTIN ARRAN - 2006-12-29
My female golden starburst is 2years old and my first spider I've kept. shes stunning to look at but not usually seen during the day due to a very deep burrow lined with silk. she has also got a raised nest up in the corner of the tank which makes maintainance difficult when shes in residence.s he can be insanely agressive if upset and i have never seen anything move so fast, but will readily come out after dark to wonder the tank.

sean thistle - 2006-10-21
As noted extremely fast! I keep fast ones that bite. But ive had mine run up the side of the tank out and onto the next tank--im glad it never made the floor. faster than anything, ive ever seen it run up the end of the light, perched, and then i swear it wanted to jump when raising the container! GOT ADDRENALINE?

D.I.Allison - 2006-07-27
I once owned two of the Starburst Baboons. One was very aggressive and would come after anything that moved in his tank, and the female was aggressive and would display even if the tank was misted. They were stunning creatures.

I used to keep many different species of tarantulas and found these to be the most beautiful with the possible exception of a pink-toe that had teal hairs.

Dee - 2006-04-16
Never..Ever...EVER..get bitten by this spider..

It is fast, faster than you think and does attack as soon as it realises your hand is in the enclosure..

Its venom is semi-paralytic...Limbs will stop moving..and it is definitely a trip to the local A&R..and its bite is far, far worse than a Chile Rose or Mexican Red Knee...

Be careful...Other than that...Don't have nightmares :)