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The Mombasa Golden Starburst Baboon Spider has a tough attitude, and a tough constitution!
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jarrett skinner - 2011-03-19
I have a mombasa baboon I just bought it, it crawled to the top of the cage and won't come down don't know if it is he or she it won't eat and is very lethargic it is not even acting aggressive at all does anyone know what's up? I have a rose haired and it is fine.

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  • Simon - 2011-03-30
    Mine did that for awhile & the best thing to do is to put it in a quiet dark area the like that a lot & make sure that the prey you put in there has something to eat because sometimes they prefer to eat alone & in the dark & with no spectators, I know mine does & always has, please feel free to ask me any questions I have been raising & caring for tarantulas of all kinds for 21 years & I do not mind at all so please ask away.
jix - 2010-05-02
Heya, I just want to ask if the legs grow back? I found my mombasa this morning with one leg missing. I'm so worried.

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  • connor - 2010-07-03
    Yes they do.
  • Simon - 2011-03-30
    Yes the legs do grow back over time as they molt its nothing to be alarmed about, just make sure that the food they eat is easier for them to catch & that they have good clean water & your critter should be just fine, if you have any other questions please let me know, I have been raising & caring for tarantulas of all kinds for 21 years so please feel free to ask away.
B.Kelly - 2008-12-21
I recently acquired my Starburst Mombassa, about 3 months ago, and was placed in a plastic vivarium-box-thing approximately 12"-wide, 18"-long and 7"-deep. For the most of this, she refused to accept any prey offered until recently she began heavily webbing. At first we thought she was preparing for moult, but then I watched how she sat there and got the thought to try some prey in there. Bang, straight away took it and devoured it fairly quickly (only a single hopper). I was speaking with a local exotic creature expert who claimed this species can apparently easily survive without food for up to a year (and has been documented as longer) though I cannot verify this.
Mine is a fiesty and aggressive specimen. Every time I open the little plastic hatch in the lid either to offer prey or top up water or whatever, she will suddenly skitter across the entire tank and display or slap the paintbrush (if I'm prodding around) very aggressively.
If provoked, she readily displays and if the provocation continues, she seems to 'drum' on her webs, which makes a very cute display!

She is certainly one of the more active spiders I have seen (I've spent hours watching her burrowing and excavating (she tends to web an area of soil, then roll the webbed area into a ball, carry it off in her fangs and dump it to one side) and even just wondering), but do be careful. She is very agressive and much faster than you'd imagine a spider to be.

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  • Simon - 2011-03-30
    They are very interesting, mine is a male & he insists on building his web up off the ground in a corner & when he is provoked he will display, hiss & sometimes pull jump twist acrobatics in mid air before landing, he is grouchy but he is also lazy & goofy as well.
AlexKapper - 2009-07-24
I recently bought a Rusty orange spider From my local pet shop, one I have not seen before. I was told it was a King Baboon Spider But now that I've been doing research, it is not. It is a Mombasa Golden Starburst Baboon. His/Her Legspan is about 3-4 inches right now, and is one Mean Mutha. He is so fast it's unbelievable. So agile, so quick. From what I hear they are great escape artists. I got him in a exo Terra cage with the glass opening doors 18x18x24H, any Insight? I'm A first time owner of an Arachnid as well.

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  • bren - 2010-09-14
    ooooops I just got one too and yes i'ts my 1st spider too and all I can say is BE CAREFUL IT WILL TRY TO KILL YOU they are fast as hell and 10x meaner I am 6 ft 1 190lb and it had me back off when it stood on 2 legs lean back and show me its fangs ..... beautiful spider but treat it with respect if you go near it you had best be a jedi!
  • Simon - 2011-03-30
    They can be great escape artists but I have personally never had any trouble with mine except that Zoreander bit my ex. It's basically just a matter of getting a cage that has a complicated or locking door, I have had mine since he was about the size of a penny & they can get big though, I had fed mine a mouse because he was finally big enough & he would not touch the crickets I tried to give him afterwards, but they are generally lazy & fun to be around I've just learned that they do not like being messed with normally, if you have any other questions pleas let me know I've been raising & caring for tarantulas of all kinds for 21 years so please feel free to ask away, I don't mind at all.
  • Simon - 2011-03-30
    The best thing to do is just to get a cage that has a lock on it or something that you can easily secure, they are mean if provoked but for the most part they are lazy if you keep them in a quiet dark place with no sunlight because sunlight is harmful to them, I've raised mine since it was the size of a penny & no they are not out to kill anybody they just do not like to be messed with, just make sure that the tank temp. is between 70-80 degrees & the humidity should be between 50%-60%, their prey should be clean & well fed & they need good clean water, if you have any questions please ask I have been raising & caring for tarantulas of all kinds for 21 years, so please ask away I don't mind.
Raven - 2011-03-12
I purchased a Mombasa Baboon last weekend from my local pet store. This is my first aggressive tarantula. When transferring her into her new home, she crawled up onto my hand instead of down. "Samara" seemed to be in a very docile mood and just sat on my hand for quite awhile. I eventually got her into her new home and then totally FREAKED when I did a bit of research and found out what her bite could do to me. I think I was extremely lucky and will probably not tempt fate with her again LOL

She is really beautiful though and very active. Wouldn't trade her for nothin' =) But I will however give her a lot of respect!

rik - 2011-01-17
I bought my golden starburst yesterday afternoon it's an adult but mine isn't aggressive, I have been handling mine without any problems so far. I'm glad I bought it as it's one of the most beautiful tarantulas I have seen.

jj seitz - 2008-12-14
i just bought my first orange babboon spider yesterday. I put him in a terrarium and somehow he escaped from the enclosure. I didn't realize he was out and I placed my hand right on top of the spider who was resting on top of the cage and I was bitten on the hand by my thumb. It felt like a wasp or hornet sting at first and started swelling instantly. Then it went from a painful sting to more of an itching feeling after a few minutes, and the swelling has gone down some because I have applied ice to the bite. I was actually bitten just about 30 min before I wrote this. I have always heard they packed one hell of a bite and I never thought I would have taken a bite from one. But now after taking a bite it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would have been. It' a juvenile spider and it is the, terinochilus sp]or usambura, tarburst babboon.

terry - 2008-09-05
Hiya, I just thought I'd give you an update on my orange baboon bite. Over a week now and still getting random cramps, mainly legs, neck and lockjaw. Not much fun. Any sudden or awkward movements usually get a cramp response. May have a couple more weeks of this. Regards, terry

Dimitri - 2008-01-03
Yesterday I got a baby Sunburst baboon tarantula at pet plaza. He is so cute. Already he ate a big cricket last night. When I woke up this morning I said, "wow, how can this little guy eat a cricket that's bigger than him". I also think he tried to make a vibration line to try and catch the cricket and he caught it. He has a little burrow with clumps of dirt over where he sits. The crickets always go to one of his three entrances and tease him until he turns around and starts to walk a little bit to them. When I came home today he was walking on the web then I guess he felt my vibrations and went back in.
Dont you think thats a-lot to happen in two and a half days!

sydney - 2007-11-26
That spider is friking huge, man that's weird!