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The Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula is a gorgeous, friendly tarantula that's great for beginners!
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Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-16
If you are a "beginner" to the hobby or want a beginner tarantula that is a little more "colorful"(active) than the Rose Hair, this would be it! They usually kick "hairs" when you first try to handle 'em BUT they quickly calm down. They are for sure the most colorful of the Brachypelma Genus family. They are VERY rare to get these day so if you have a chance to buy one...DO IT, DO IT! Don't let the price scare ya away! But if you can't, any one from this family will make a excellent choice.

Sean - 2006-03-27
I have kept a red-knee for obout a year. I bought her when she was about the size of the top of a coke can, now she is about the size of a coaster. She has shed atleast five times, once i walked in on her in the process, i left the room to not disturb her and came back later after she was finished. Another time i walked in on her and out of the corner of my eye noticed her move strangly, this is because she had just flipped back over from molting!! Her entire legs were pink like crab meat and as soft as noodles!! her legs werent straight at all, she looked like a land octopus. Anyway, keeping her has been exactly like the care sheet said it would be, i guess you could say she has proved every part of it correct. I keep her in a 20 gallon. She has a unique anxious temperment.