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The King Baboon Tarantula is a bad tempered spider... letting anyone and everyone know it!
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pete hallett - 2008-08-23
Just got my king baboon home today to add to my small collection of two mexican red knees, a versicolor, and an indian ornemental. It's so young it could easily sit on your little finger nail. Looking forward to watching the little blighter grow :)

mark - 2006-09-05
i have had my baby baboon for about a 5 days so far. he stay's in his burrow he constructed overnight. he is always making it bigger and changing it. he left an opening were i can see him during the day. he piles up cricket legs and roach nymph shells outside his lair of death. i have never seen him outside his burrow and i have not seen any molted exoskeleton, but he seems bigger looking already. he was an inch when i got him. cannot hardly wait till he is 5 inches plus.