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What's big, fast, hairy and has an attitude? The Goliath Bird-eating Spider!
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Jessie - 2007-12-27
This spider looks so soft and fuzzy! It makes me want to pet it, and I really don't like spiders at all!

matthew - 2007-10-28
I've got a goliath bird eater. Shes a girl and I've had her for about 5 months now. Her name is Anabel. Lately she is acting really weird, i think she is going to molt soon. She hides in her log all the time, even at night. I just hope shes ready to molt, but i dont want her to molt in her log because i dont want to disturb her tank and rip it up once she's finished molting. She's cool though, but frustrating at the same time.

Jonny - 2007-05-30
I dont like my pet so much after he nearly attempted to kill me >=[. I tried to touch him and he keeps running or biting me so i wore rubber dishwasher gloves and he bit right through them and through my fingernail. it took 2 months for my fingernail to grow back because i had to remove it due to severe penetration and infection. he is a mad spider, he has bit me like 4 times now and left 1 fully permanent scar from accidently "hooking" its fang to my top of hand and ripped the skin. it never shot hairs at me though. it also ran away and scared my sister like crazy because it went on her bed. dont touch the spider or put him on your hand because he once went on my hand and would never get off. if you push him off, he'll bite you and go back on. and he puts webs all over your hand and if you try to pull the web out he'll bite you and run up your arm.

marduk - 2007-04-27
i got my theraphosa blondi 4 weeks ago. Shes agressive and not to easy to handle. she eats a lot. i have a large terrarium 80x40x40 because shes huge and needs a lot of space! Other than being agressive and leave urticating hairs, i dont have any problems doing what i have to do in the terrarium with the spider in there. She never attacks me because i respect her and if you respect her space you will probably have no problems. but i strongly dont recommend this spider to a beginner, because you will probably pay for your errors very painfully!

Jillian - 2006-09-23
The Goliath Bird eating spider also occurs in Trinidad an island off the northeast coast of Venezuela. I have found dinnerplate size specimens inhbiting the roof rafters of my house's ceilings one 3 occassions.

Phil M. - 2006-02-12
I've had my T. blondi for about 5 months. It is quite easily startled and short tempered. There's nothing quite like the sound of if its fangs hitting my metal tongs as I attempt to remove food scraps and feces from its enclosure. The urticating hairs from this species are extremely irritating. I have found a pair of arm-length rubber gloves to be very useful. You must be very careful not to get any of those hairs near your eyes,nose, or mouth.
It has a 9" legspan and is in a 20 gal. long aquarium with about 7 inches of Eco-Earth/vermiculite/peat moss mix. Heat is supplied with a 60 watt ceramic heat bulb during the day, a 15 watt red night bulb 24 hours a day, and an undertank heater placed on the side of the aquarium. Humidity is maintained by misting daily and covering about 2/3 of the screen top with a sheet of acrylic. The temperature stays around 80F day/74F Night. Humidity is 80%. Surprisingy I feed this spider mostly gut loaded crickets(the largest ones I can buy) several times a week. About once a week it gets a Madagascar hissing cockroach. Of the tarantulas I have, currently, this one requires the most maintenance. Due to its aggressive nature required living conditions, and feeding regimen, I don't recommend this one to anyone new to the hobby.