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What's big, fast, hairy and has an attitude? The Goliath Bird-eating Spider!
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Mikolaj - 2010-10-17
We handle my sisters T. blondi regularly - they can be tricky to get out of the cage, but once out, they're just as docile as any other tarantula. We have had practically zero threat display from her, especially during handling (she only gets nervous when taking her out of the cage).

No, it's not for beginners, but I know many people with T. blondi's that handle them constantly and have never had any bad results. It's all in knowing how!

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  • rose - 2010-10-24
    Omg that is big!
  • Phil - 2010-11-12
    I just obtained a large female Burgundy Bird Eater, about half her mature size. I have handled her twice (3 hrs the first time) so far without a problem. So far she seems to be as calm as my Rosehair which I have had for 21 years or so. My Mexican Redleg has shown more aggression than my Goliath.
  • learrn yur SHeit - 2011-02-16
    If you do further research online tho it shows that every spider is different some can be handled like nothing and others will try striking for no reason it has nothing to do with knowing how it's about knowing your specimen and making sure it's comfortable with you and you it. It's rated 9 out of 10 for hardest spider to care for. Make sure you don't go tell someone that hasn't ever held a spider to go mess with their new bird eater.
Gary - 2007-11-18
Having kept various species of spiders over the years, I recently aquired a Goliath and straight away was blown away by its truely aggressive nature. This spider means business and if you put your hand anywhere within striking distance, your gonna get bit! If you are looking for a Tarantula to handle then this one is not for you. If you are new to keeping Tarantulas then I would suggest starting out with a Chile Rose or a Mexican Red Knee. These species are far easier to keep and far less aggressive. If you have got your heart set on a Goliath then try to get as much info on them as you can because tank size, humidity, diet and temperature are very important to get right. A very rewarding spider to keep, growing up to 12" in size and living to the ripe old age of 25 years in some cases.

joe craig - 2009-09-07
My name is joe. I have a goliath bird eater on the way, can't wait to get it. I have a beautiful pink toe and one sunburst baboon tarantula. She is a handful, mean as can be, but a fun pet although not for beginners. Anyway found this site, and everyones comments are informative. I strongly suggest to anyone looking to get one of these beautiful creatures to look into each and everyone's unique needs. They are all different and deserve a good environment. Enjoy your furry friends. JOE

key - 2008-12-06
I recently bought a goliath bird eating spider and was told by a friend that it would be ok as a first hobby pet. This friend also said that this spider would be ok to handle, bearing in mind this is my first spider. I have been totally misadvised by him. Any advice from experienced keepers would be grateful as I dont think I can trust the advice I've had so far. thanks

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  • Tom - 2010-08-31
    The usual recommendation for a first spider would be the Chilean Rose (Grammostola Rosea). They are placid, in fact most of them are so calm that they are outright boring. I would consider getting a pet rock instead :)

    My first spiders were two Avicularia Versicolor babies, cute fluffy blue ones. They can be a little skittish (meaning they run around a lot when spooked), but I have never been bitten by one. Avicularia are arboreal (tree-dwelling), so as they grow, you should have a tank that sits upright so as to allow for climbing space. They spin a lot of web, too. Avicularia need high humidity (you can find the care sheets on the web). Good luck!
  • hunter - 2010-09-20
    Well since they are so big they will try to over power you or threaten you. It would be better if you got a smaller more docile one like a mexican red leg or a rose hair. And don't get a cobalt they're very aggressive even though they look the best.
  • Yikes - 2011-03-02
    It's kinda funny if somebody already has a spider and asks for help how other people suggest what other spider to get. Now I suppose since it's already a while ago since you wrote you got the hang of your pet but for others and future reference if you plan to get a spider don't ask just anyone but a person that already experienced several species/the seller/people in pet stores also researching online is always helpful. If you already got the spider well either you try to transfer it to another keeper and a good home or if you plan to keep it anyway you will need a lot of patience (as with any pet) you'll have to study its behavior carefully. Don't stress the animal or yourself and in doubt avoid to touch the spider they don't really need to be handled and can do quite well by themselves :)
  • Ivgotagoatcalledclover - 2011-03-14
    I like the way you are so interested in finding information on your wee spider. Now, I have loads of reptiles at my home and I work with them all the time so I think you should study up on the internet and read some books about them! Goliath spiders are nice as long as you squeeze and cuddle them when they are sad! :) Nice talking to you.
phil - 2009-12-16
ive had my goliath for a year now. it hasent molted yet and wont eat for the last 4 monts. is this normal? its not to active what should i do?

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  • josh - 2011-02-02
    Try feeding her something that she has never eaten before like a lizard. I had the same problem for a little bit she was just sick of her mouse only diet.
Duffy - 2008-09-13
I've been keeping spiders for about 13 years now, and I've had my goliath for just over a year. She about 3 years old with a leg span of about 8 inches, so another few years and she would have reached full sized. I strongly agree with gary, beginners should not start with a goliath. As impressive as they may be they can be a handful, as they are very sensitive to cage conditions, ie humidity and temperature, and they one of the most active spiders I've come across.
Although they can be agressive they're not the most agressive I've kept. If I open my goliath's cage she usually crawls into the corner and I'm able to move around the tank freely. The most agreesive I've come across is the thailand black, it's short haired and short tempered! I've almost been bitten quite a few times while trying to sort out a thailands tank. They will bite anything, leaves, pens containers, even had it killing locust just because they were in it's way, not to feed!

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  • owenkitto - 2011-01-18
    Re my bird eating spider

    I have my day time temp at 82F

    and my night time temp at 70F.

    Is this right? I have a wooden viv 2 foot by 2 foot
    with a 50W infrared bulb by Exo Terra.

    And I keep it relatively humid not excessive she just huddles in the corner of the tank and sleeps in the day am I doing things right?
T - 2009-10-26
I have had my t.blondi, Dave, for a few months now. She's got a legspan of about 3 inches. she's always so scared of me, and always hides from me. I keep the tank incredibly humid and the temperature is usually between 18 and 30, depending on the heat of the day, is it dangerous that it gets that low? I keep her food in the tank with her also, as I thought this is how it would be in the wild. But I've read "over feeding" them is bad. I don't understand why since she only eats when she's hungry, and isn't that how it would be in the wild? tho there's been a huge cockroach in there for about 2 weeks now, and a small one too at the same time. She doesn't eat em, :s. I was told i should gently rub her back legs when she's pissed off to calm her down, tho she just has no reaction to it. Tho when I use a stick to do it, cus I think she's gonna try to bite me again, she usually moves or goes into attack pose.
does anyone know how often she is supposed to molt?? its been a month since she molted a month after i got her. also how bad is it that i use a torch to see her in her burrow? she has no reaction to it but i read somewhere that they dont like bright lights.
i think im doing things wrong but i just want to look after her.. >.<
my first tarantula, tho i kept a huntsman before her.
any advice is welcome.

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  • tim - 2010-08-19
    Hey I have the same breed of spider as you don't panic too much about her always being upset I open my tank and mine tries to attack me lol the t.blondi is one of the most aggressive breeds with your food don't put too many crickets in at a time or they will gang up and attack her if she doesn't eat the food you provide for her after a while take it out and try again later.
  • catpoopkillz - 2010-10-05
    Ok I'm no spider genius but I'm pretty sure that spider would not like a torch in its face and as I remember the goliath spider like swampy and marsh like areas, and those areas are usually murky and the lighting is usually dim so I don't think they take too kindly to bright light.
Kat Von - 2009-06-22
I have had my T. blondi for a few months now and she is so sweet. I don't hold her unless I have to move her to clean her cage because she is nervous and kicks hairs and I don't want to stress her out. But she never bites or tries to bite. She stays hidden most of the time and if I lift her hide, she runs out just long enough to be seen and then goes back under to hide again. She is a voracious eater--she had her 3rd pinky last week! I have 10 other tarantulas as well. I have 3 rose hairs, the goliath, a greenbottle blue, Indian Ornamental, Gooty Ornamental, Togo starburst, Antilles pink toe, curly hair, and Brazilian salmon bird eater. They are a great hobby and interesting to watch and care for.

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  • bob - 2010-03-18
  • ashley - 2010-05-12
    That's very awesome.
  • Anonymous - 2010-08-27
    Are you Kat Von D.?
keels - 2010-08-13
I just bought a bird eating spider today for a pet shop and I live in australia in n.s.w but I don't know what kind, it is I was just wondering if anyone could help me figure it out? They said it was a rainforest spider but I'm still not sure and also I have my light on but it keeps going over the set temp so I have to turn it off to keep her from over heating. By doing this can I stress her out more because of the temp changes from hot to mild? I have it set at 28 c because that's what they told me to put it as but it keeps going to 29c so I turn it off then it drops to 23c is that bad?

natasha harper - 2010-07-10
I would love advice as a mate of mine has just bought one of these spider's a about a week or 2 ago and he got bit by it bout 2-3 days ago and he ain't been feeling well since as he can't keep anything down even fluids, is the other name for this spider called brass red legged bird eating spider? Would you also advise him 2 go 2 a&e or just go 2 hospital?