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Phillippa Prestage - 2009-01-12
Hiya, I've recently bought a pinktoe, it's my first one. It's only a little one yet but it seems to have made a web in the corner of its tank and blocked itself in. It's not eaten for a few days as there are still crickets in the tank and it's not come out for a wonder, like it usually does. Could you let me know if this is normal or if there is something wrong. Also, when does it molt and how many times a week should I feed it. thankyou very much!!

The Slacker - 2009-01-09
I Am 12yrs old and I Wwnt a pink toed tarantula very much but my mom doesn't want me to have 1. I have wanted 1 for awhile now, they seem very interesting and fun to have (even tho they are not really the kind of pet to play around with a lot). I want a female spiderling pink toe and they have them for $15 at a pet store near here. I don't know why my mom doesn't want me to have 1. Anyways this site have been very helpful, thank you.

P.S. Can An1 Plz Let me kno how many times week to feed a pink toe and what Would be good to put in its home thank you

jeff - 2009-01-04
I'd love to have one of your hatchlings! Would you contact me? Thanks!!

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desiree - 2009-01-02
I bought my tarantula some months back and ever since then I have fallen in love with her. My mom wasn't really for it at first but she was the one who ended naming her, Isabelantula. I found that the best way to get her out and hold her is to coaz her into something then onto my hand. I'm constantly trying to learn more about my spider and I try to teach others that she's not as scary as they seem to believe.
I want more but for the time being but my mom won't let me.
I suggest that anyone who wants a pet that easy to keep care of to get a tarantula, I love mine.

RHONDA - 2008-12-30
I like your websight and was just wanting to know how do you tell a male from a female rose haired tarantula? I was told once but forgot if you would please email me back and let me know all you can about them. Thank you.

cameron - 2008-12-23
I'm going to get a rose hair tarantula and I'm sure I'm going to love it! My mom is freaking out about what she's going to do when I go to college. She says she'll give it to someone, but I think she'll be attached to it when the time comes. I plan to name my tarantula Sid. Thanks for all the tips btw.

B.Kelly - 2008-12-22
As this is likely to be the spider people purchase if they wish for a handleable pet, here's a few tips. Firstly, by far the easiest way to pick up a Tarantula is to put your open palm in front of it and carefully coral it onto your hand with a paintbrush. Take it slowly, place your hand in the tank in front of the spider (but at a distance) and gauge it's reaction, if it looks aggressive, give up now. If the spider reacts calmly or not at all it's likely safe to gently prod it and let it walk onto your hand. Make sure your movements are slow and that you do not breathe on the spider - sudden movements and the sudden gust of breath can frighten the spider, either causing a bite or a scared spider that jumps and falls from your hand (anything over 1-2 feet drop can prove easily fatal). Do not attempt to handle your spider if it recently shed as it will be very fragile until the new carapace hardens and also may be more defensive than usual as a result.
Just remember to take it slowly and carefully and your spider should be fine with being handled.

B.Kelly - 2008-12-21
My Chile Rose molted the other day, normally a very good feeder, I woke up to find my beloved spider suddenly with about 16 legs and two abdomens. Needless to say I sat and watched this amazing display, something truly incredible about it. She's a good 5" legspan now (tip front-left, to tip rear-right) and incredibly docile and friendly. If one places a hand near the tank, she has been known to climb the side and sit on the offered hand.

Don't expect all Chile Rose to be docile however. A good friend of mine made that mistake with a recent purchase of his and quickly found himself on the receiving end of a bite. There was little provocation, his hand in the tank and the spider darted forward and bit.

Makes me even more appreciative of how lovely mine is. =)

Allison Genevieve - 2008-12-21
These spiders are fantastic, easy to handle and easy to keep. Mine have all seemed to go through periods of refusing to eat for months at a time. I currently have one male, Ares, and a female, Shelob. (along with a female Green bottle blue T.) They live in 10 gallon tanks side by side and offer me hours of enjoyment. I love teaching people that spiders are not to be feared and not all spiders are as aggressive as they have been led to believe. I will continue to keep these amazing animals for many years to come.

jessica - 2008-12-20
My son wanted a tarantula for his 7th birthday. I wasn't ready for one then. I bought him one 2weeks before christmas. He was so happy, we now handle it together. My undecisive feeling for spiders has never been scared, but now I'm cool with them. The Chilean rosa hair we now call McKala is a part of our family and we love her. McKala has bit my son once but it wasn't severe. When I found out why McKala bit him, he told me he was trying to play paddicakes with her. OOO I was laughing so hard. She didn't punture the his skin but it was quite the experiance.


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