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matt - 2010-12-20
I have never seen the molting process, and today my pink toe finally molted. I was worried at first because I thought it was dead. It hung its self by the front two legs, really crazy looking. Wish I could have seen it molt. I have heard you should not feed them, but it already has crickets and anole lizard in the cage? Should I try and remove them?

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  • Matthew - 2012-04-05
    Don't remove them not unless you want too because it will reject food before and after molting -- well a little after and when it gets to the point where it wants to eat it will.
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Kristin - 2012-04-09
I have a Texas brown tarantula that I inherited from my cousin after he was killed. I have never had one so have been learning. I came home and found it on its back under its hiding place. It freaked me out I was so upset I thought it was dead so I removed hiding place and quickly turned it over and gave it water. Now I have read that it was getting ready to molt so what do I do now? Put the hiding place back in its habitat or just leave it alone? Can someone give me some good information?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-10
    I would just put her back as best as you can - as close to where you found her.
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Brett - 2010-06-01
How do you determine a tarantula's gender?

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  • marian miner - 2010-06-12
    the male will have hooks on the front of his legs you will notice them and they will not shed as much, they will be a little smaller, and they will spin a small area that they sit on like a blanket. They also will tap their front legs. females,they are larger,they spin the webs,thats all I can say about the females I hope that helps you.
  • poli - 2012-03-31
    You should wait until your spider is a good size. Once it molts spray the molt with a spray bottle until its moist enough so that it will unfold. Then looking at the molt, gently spread out the outer layer of the abdoman that would be the spiders tummy. The 2 white sacks are their book lungs. It's how they breath. The best way to tell if its a female or male is right in between the book lungs. There should be a large slit, an opening that if you were to take a toothpick you would be able to easily insert it into this slit and see it slide right through the skin and out the other side. This is characteristic is strickly FEMALE, its how she collects the male sperm. A male spider will not have this slit! Best to wait until your spider molts. Check youTube for a step by step video of this process!
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Anonymous - 2012-03-22
We got our spider from one of my fiances co-workers. We never have liked spiders but the guy told us that his kids played with it, but that is also why he parted with it. I need some pointers on caring for it. We have a 10 gallon aquarium and it has about 3 inches of soil a log for it to go in and sleep and another branch like decoration that as soon as we put it in it doesn't want to come out and it has a rock like water bowl. We bought a light. It's red and put it on the wire top but the humidity and the temp doesnt seem to want to stay right. We put a cricket in it and it has yet to eat it, been in there for about 2 hrs. I've been doing some research but I can't find a good answer. If someone with some experience could help it would be great?! Thanks

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  • Anonymous - 2012-03-24
    It does a lot thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
  • Kevin - 2012-03-23
    I have had my rose-hair for 10 years and as she has gotten older her appetite has always been odd. She just ate 30 crickets (in 3 days)after her molt and has barely wanted to do anything since. . . Sometimes she goes months without touching them and i take them out, now they do always need to have a small dish with water and a sponge in it. They have some odd eating habits so no need to worry there. Mine does not especially like a lot of light and sunlight is an absolute no-no. Maybe the light is putting off too much heat. I also keep it really humid for mine i try for like 70-80% which you can get to by using terrarium moss and misting regularly. (oh and mine climbs and falls a lot so the fluffy moss is also good for her protection as well) hope this helps.
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rose - 2008-08-02
The pink toe does not start out metallic, but the Versicolors do. The picture is of a verisicolor. It is not the avicularia avicularia, it is the avicularia versicolor.

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  • Rachel - 2010-11-09
    No it isn't it is the avic avic the versi is more colorful...
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got the bug - 2008-10-23
Hi there, I got to say I love this spider and always have since the first time I saw a picture of one. I also got to say that I completely disagree with Mick's comments that we who love the rare and beautiful creatures will kill them out. Mick if you look further into the hobby you will see that many people are now having great success in breeding most species, which in turn means that they will never become extinct.
I do however understand what your saying as our race has wiped around numerous other animals out, of which I'm sure we have now learned our lesson from. As for tarantulas, I speak from experience when I say that captive bred specimens appear to have far less ailments and seem to also have a lot more color.
I hope I haven't offended anyway by putting my 2 pence worth into this, but someone has to defend us :) There will always be an arguement on this topic as many people don't understand exactly what is involved and just how much love and care some people put into it.

Anyway that's my view and I got to say GREAT PIC and excellent info. tyvm.

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  • Chris Hardwick - 2010-10-06
    We should actually be encouraging people to keep and breed this spider. If you look online you'll find that the habitat is only 100 square kilometers in a small area in India. Once they are gone from that small piece of land they will only be in the hands of collectors. We should encourage protection of the habitat as well as private breeding and distribution to collectors to ensure this species never goes extinct!
  • PF - 2011-10-11
    I completely agree on encouraging breeders. For example all the Brachypelmas (most of them) are on the CITES list and are now protected. No imports or exports are allowed but since they have been numerous Brachypelmas imported the hobbyists do breed them. The only thing is if you buy a species on the CITES list and you want to go out of the country where you bought it, you need certificates to prove that the T hasn't been caught in the wild. When I bought my Grammastola rosea, I bought it from a pet store and I realised later that they were captured in the wild just like the Brachypelmas. Then I started to search for a breeder which I gladly found and I wished I would have bought my rosy from them (Tarantula Canada inc.). Now I only buy from them.

    And yes I've gotten bitten by the bug, I just adore these creatures!

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got the bug - 2009-02-23
Hi again, gotta say I have this species and many other baboons and tbh, they are very mis-understood. These are not aggresive t's but more on the defensive side. They would prefer to run away than bite but will definitely bite if cornered.
As for being scared of spiders, I can speak from experience it is quite easy to pass. I used to be terrified of spiders but my partner really wanted one, so one day when I felt brave, I got my partner a curlyhair spiderling. I kept this on my computer desk and watched it day & night and after a few week of interest and reasearch I found myself the one who wanted spiders. It's now maybe a year on from that point and I have well over a hundred different species, many of which are supposed to be aggresive. But believe me, baboons ain't nothing compared to culyhair's, lol. I am far more scared of our curlyhair than I am of any of my baboons or pokies.
My advice as far as aggressiveness is concerned is that take no notice. I have so called aggressive t's that are relatively docile so to speak, and a few t's (e.g chille rosea & curlyhair) that are nasty. They will jump at my hand at the drop of a hat.
Like humans they all have their own personalities!

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  • Bedlom - 2011-03-12
    I have to tell you 'GOT THE BUG' you don't know what your on about, yes tarantulas can develop there own temperament's i.e I have a chillian rose hair who will NOT ever let you handle her moody cow, but to say that curlyhairs are more aggressive than a king baboon is not true,
    I have two king baboon's one adult and a recently bought baby and have kept curlyhairs in the past so I know what I am talking about,
    the king baboon is NOT for beginners that is a fact it is an extremely aggressive species if disturbed (like most tarantulas)
    the only other species I have kept that is just as aggressive as the king baboon is the Thailand black.
    Curlyhairs are perfect beginner tarantula's.
    But aggression should not swayed someone into buying one out of all the tarantulas I have owned chillian roses still make the best pets.
  • James Carr - 2011-06-20
    That is not true... King baboons are in general very very aggressive! I've been biten and injected with venom by one. It ambushed my hand the aggressive thing!
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kassidy - 2012-03-07
These and pink toes have to be the absolute best spiders ever. I used to cry when I saw one then I started researching tarantulas and decided I wanted one. Now I have no fear and I am absolutely in love with mine :) i

ashley - 2012-03-01
I've had mine for a year now she's still a juvi. In the time I've had her she's eating 1 locust and never any signs of molting. I've tried everything to feed her and starting to get annoyed wasting money on boxes of live food for her to ignore any live food. Tonight I annoyed her with a locust to the point where she ate it then spat it back out again, any ideas on whats wrong?

oscar - 2012-02-26
Please help rose was walking around just fine and then she just stopped moving in a frozen state. She's been like this for a few hours now. Even when i touch her she just sits there. Don't know what to do

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-26
    Tarantulas do this. It is no unusual. They can FREEZE in position for hours and even days. When they decide to move, it is usually with a great deal of speed. If she is not in a tank, I would sorta gently slide her onto a piece of paper and put her in the tank as when she decides to move, it could be anywhere. If she is in the tank, just let her be. It could also be the start of a molt.

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