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Karen - 2012-03-10
I have had a chilean rose hair for about 2 years and this has never happened before like about 2 months ago she stoped eating and walking. I thought she was shedding but she didn't flip upside down and she is getting cracks in her legs

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  • Lace - 2012-04-20
    I have not heard of this before. But if she is getting cracks on her, I hear people use super glue to close up the cracks. (my mom even does this to her fingers when this happens) If she may have stoped walking because the cracks in her legs hurt her to much and it's to much stress for her to walk.
  • Paul L. - 2012-05-01
    How old is she Karen? Did you get her as a sling or as an adult?
  • Keith B. - 2012-07-04
    Could be that the spider is a male, and has a short life span. Does the spider have tibial hooks on the front legs? When the male mature the hooks tend to get them stuck when molting and they die. Mine managed to make it through one molt, and molted very quickly, but shortly after from old age he passed away, but seemed to dry up and crumble as he did. Hopefully this is not the case with your T, but it's natural, and while it's always hard to lose one after bonding with it, it's exciting to raise another one. I agree with trying the glue, and keep the cage a little extra humid (about 70%, not too crazy cause Rosies go nuts in high huumidity) and good luck!
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Vuk Šćepović - 2012-05-12
I have heard that A.versicolor have big death rate when they are slings :( I am going to buy one sling and can you tell me how to keep them alive and healthy all the time. Thanks :)

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  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    This is true, I would just be very careful and take care of it to the best of your ability, if you do this you should have no problem.
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sox - 2010-12-02
Ours has molted for the second time and its f*$*in massive and beautiful can't wait til we get our second tarantula idk what we are getting yet but hopefully a chilian white knee.

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  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    If you don't mind getting something a little more fast and skittish, I would recommend a Green Bottle Blue, I have one and it's colors are just beautiful, totally makes up for its attitude. They don't have that bad of an attitude, easy to take care of. And since they are heavy webers they are very fun to watch.
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carman - 2012-05-16
My aunt gave my son a tarantula and the cage was gross so I went to the pet store and bought all the things they told me to but it hates it, it won't come off the side of the glass and go down into the mossy stuff or go into his log anymore? What should I do?

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  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    Is it am arboreal tarantula, if so climbing the glass is normal. It is for terrestrial tarantulas too, tarantulas can walk up glass as easy as we can go rock climbing
Skwiggles - 2012-06-08
Last night I found about a 2-3 inch Oklahoma brown tarantula. After some convincing i talked my mom into letting me keep it. We now have it in a 10 gallon aquarium with about 5 inches of peat moss on the bottom and a nice little borrow. I have a few questions though and would greatly appreciate help. 1. The water container I am using is just a lid that is about 3/4s an inch deep and an inch, maybe more tall. I partially burried it to make it shorter, is this sufficient? 2. While fixing up his/her cage my mom bumped me and Joseph fell about 4 feet and barely avoided concrete, landing on carpet instead. afterward a clear somewhat milky fluid was leaking from his leg where it attaches to him/her is it ok? I've heard dropping them is pretty much an insta kill but other than the leg thing he seems ok. 3. Is only peat moss a good thing for his cage? or should i use something else 4. the pet store folks suggested a spray bottle for occasional use. should I use it and how often? 5. I have put a cricket in his cage and he hasn't eaten it yet. Should i just leave it in? once he does eat it should I pet in another one right away? should I always keep one cricket scampering around his cage? if not how should I go about feeding him. Also he hasn't eaten since I found him is he ok? 6. how can i tell if its a male or female? its butt hairs are a little gingery, and it has two small legs(I know they aren't legs) coming out its butt, does this mean boy or girl or nothing? its legs black, its abdomen is dark brown and its head is a lighter brown almost tan. Another odd thing I noticed when i found it is that it has a relatively deep dimple on its head. Is this normal 7. Maybe he's just getting used to his environment, but he acts a bit clumsy and moves his legs in the air a lot, could he be blind? that's probably a dumb question but he looks like a silly goose some times reaching for stuff that isn't there. thanks a lot for the help, I hope to see answers soon. i know I have a lot of questions and if you can't answer all of them just help with the ones you can. thanks again.

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  • Skwiggles - 2012-06-08
    sorry for such a long post. I was also wondering if anyone could shed some light on his/her possible age. Because they mature after 5 years and grow to be 4-5 inches, I am assuming 2-4 years, but i don't know jack about tarantulas so maybe someone who knows more can help.
  • hankypanky56 - 2012-07-02
    Hello, your water dish seems fine I wouldn't worry about that. Normally when you drop a tarantula it is an insta kill, but if it's abdomen is in good shape I think its okay. If its leg is really in bad shape, the tarantula will actually rip it off itself to avoid further damage, don't worry about that, if a tarantula looses its leg it is a real bummer but it will regenerate the leg within a few molts. You can use peat moss in the cage, it just depends on what you prefer, I prefer using coconut fiber. A spray bottle is a good idea, for some tarantulas all they need is a water dish for humidity, but if the Oklahoma Brown needs extra humidity, spraying the cage with the spray bottle every once in a while is good. I would not leave a cricket wandering around the cage for more than one day, if the tarantula does not eat it, take it out as leaving it in there can stress the tarantula out. Don't worry about it not eating some tarantulas fast (not eat) for long periods of time. So if it doesn't eat, just remove the cricket and try again next week, it will eventually eat trust me! One of my tarantulas (a Chilean rose hair) wouldn't eat for three months, then one day she decided she was hungry and ate a couple crickets. One more thing, if your tarantula molts and there is a cricket inside the cage remove it immediately! Even something small such as a cricket can kill a tarantula right after it molts, if it molts, give it at least a week to give her time for her exo skeleton to harden, then you can feed as usual. Those little legs on the back of your tarantula are called spinnerets, they make the web. To tell if it is a male or female, you can look on the underside of the abdomen, it is hard to explain but if you see a horseshoe like shape it is a male, if you see a horizontal line it is a female. I would suggest looking it up on youtube..You can also tell from the most just use a magnifying glass. The dimple on its head is normal, and the way it's legs are in the air is just how they walk. Or it cold be a defense pose if it isn't moving and it's legs are up showing their fangs. And one more thing, all tarantulas are pretty much blind, they rely on the hairs on their body to 'see'. Hope I helped, and have fun with your tarantula!
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ian - 2012-06-30
The indian ornamental tarantula or poecilotheria regalis is no joke and not a good spider for amatures. It is how ever one cool and very intertaning tarantula and is one of the high lights of my collection. I own some other agressive and dangours spiders such as an obt, orange baboon tarantula. The obt bit me and my hand swelled up and my arm felt like it was on fire for a whole day it sucked, but it is nothing compaired to what an indian ornamental will do to you so don't mess with him as he will cause severe pain for a long time and it will make you cry.

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christie - 2012-06-10
can u use wood from outside for there cages

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-10
    Outside wood can bring parasites or other things that can get your spider sick!
  • Devin Hansford - 2012-06-16
    It is best not to use real wood at all. Petco always has a great selection of Underwater figurines that a lot of times look like twisted branch break-offs with texurization and paint to make moss growing on it. Fake plants are exceptional considering that the smoothe plastic actualy helps the Avic hold on to the bottom surface, a fall could be deadly! Also, easy to clean and last forever.
Lynn - 2012-05-30
Hello, my name is Lynn. I have a pink toe tarantula and have had her for about a year now. Recently I had to go out of town and before I left she had molted and was starting to eat regularly like she has always done. Well, while I was out of town she managed to get out of her cage. Now she is somewhere in my bedroom and have looked everywhere where I assumed she would be and have been unsuccessful in finding her. I'm concerned because I have 3 cats but they don't go into my room. Do you have any suggestions as to where she might be hiding? Thank you for your time.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-05-30
    Look for some were dark and warm/damp that's your best bet, these lil buggers love hiding so it will be a challenge
  • kain - 2012-06-04
    Try between your mattress
Ian Beattie - 2011-06-09
I have a pink toe,which has just had its first molt,but I have noticed his abdomen has shrunk to a abnormal small size, which looks totally out of proportion to his body. In fact it looks quite weird.
I have had a few different spiders over the years and I have never seen anything like this before. I have his picture on this site before his molt. I will try and get one after his molt if I can get one of him, but he stays in his web behind his plant now all the time. Any help would be grateful??? thx.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    Your little guy just went through a molt so it hasn't been eating or drinking. It is probably dehydrated. Someone suggested a wet paper towel - Your tarantula could get hydration from the towel placed close to him. I am a little afraid of a bowel to close because he might drown and I don't know your lay out and a towel you can put behind the plant. Not under him though.
  • Ian Beattie - 2011-06-11
    Thx for the advice. I have a little bowl for him with little beads in it. It stops them from drowning ,but he hasn't come down from his web which is in the top of his tank for over a month now. I've put crickets in his web, he doesn't bother with them. As for water ,i spray on the glass side by his web ,,
  • Ian Beattie - 2012-01-26
    Im sad to say ,i found my pink toe dead today ,he was starting to eat again and had really started to come out of his hiding den ,and show off ,,,:(
  • sue hughes - 2012-05-28
    Sorry your pink toe tarantula has died.
Dina - 2008-02-26
My husband and I have a rose haired tarantula, we have had her for 6 years and we love having her. Our 7 year old daughter wanted her own tarantula and she picked out her pink toe named Midnight. The pink toe is not as socialable and jumps every time we try to hold her. Our rose hair we handle quite often. The pink toe jumped from my husband's hand to land on my 4 year old son's face, to his surprise, and since he is used to our rose hair he patiently waited for daddy to take her off his face. We are hoping that the pink toe will get more comfortable with being held eventually. We love our tarantulas and they are wonderful pets.

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  • chance - 2012-05-24
    My pink toe never jumps but if you don't want him/her to jump so far when you hold him/her put your other hand in front of the t so it doesn't jump

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