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   The Tangerine Honduran Milksnake is a beautiful color variation of the Milksnake.
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ronald adkins - 2010-10-21
That is a cool snake..... lol.

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  • good boy - 2011-01-01
    I know right! I might get one!
Spencer Baird - 2011-04-23
I just bought a small tangerine and she's beautiful. Does anyone know of a place with a pet guide for tangerine honduran milksnakes though?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-25
    I don't know of a place for an actually Pet Guide for this little guy but there is quite a bit of information on the Animal World site and also other places on the Internet. Lots of luck.
jeff - 2012-06-14
I have two of these, a male and a female, my male is six feet long at the time. The female is a tri-color with a slightly larger head than the male. The female is also more aggressive than the very laid back male I have but still very tame.

Rachel - 2009-02-27
We have three: a tricolor female, a tangerine male, and an albino female. They are all only a few months old. The albino was only added last week and she is very bitey around feeding time. We keep all three in a 30 gal and have not had any issues thus far. As a matter of fact they like to den together. We use coconut bedding atop calisand. We also have a little tupperware dish with moistened terrarium grass and they love to hide in it. It was what helped out tri female with her first shed. All of them are albout 20-25" in length and are comfortably eating a pinky and fuzzy or two fuzzies each week (although they are starting to hunt for more). Overall they are great!

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  • Anonymous - 2012-02-02
    you shouldnt keep them together because if one of them goes through a growth spert and gets bigger tan the other two it will eat them
bruce - 2011-01-23
Cool snake I have one and she's great even with the kids her name is little miss and she's 3 feet long now.

Ian Amaro - 2008-05-15
I just got my awesome new snake, his name is Chief. He is very colorful, he has black, red, and orange on him. I have him in a 20 gallon tank with a rock and a log. He is about a foot and a half. He likes to be held, unless your hand comes up behind then he gets really scared. He is only about 1 year old. I wish he was older so he was bigger. Well thats what I have to say about my new snake Chief.

Brandon Runyon - 2008-04-19
My Tangerine Honduran Milksnake is about a foot and a half or close to it. His name is Ace and he is generally very docile, but can be aggressive if you startle him or tap at his head. He has a distinct stripe on one side of his body but doesn't have it on the other side. Ace was lost for five months, but my dad found him under the carpet in the basement back bedroom. Ace is a very fast eater, he can eat a pretty good sized thawed-pinky mouse in 25-30 seconds or less.

tommy linn - 2007-01-13
I own 3 honduran milk snakes, 2 tangerines (male and female), and a female tri-color. I bought the hondurans because I like the bright colors and I wanted a snake that was going to get 5 to 7 ft. My females are 2 yrs old and 5 ft long and as round as a ping pong ball, my male is the same age and only 40 inches. Males are smaller than females. I have never been bit or musked. they are great eaters and mine love to be handled. All hondurans are very brightly colored when they are young but darken as they get older. I think mine are prettier now since they have darkened.

Jamie - 2007-01-02
I'm an 18 years old and I've had my Tangerine Honduran Milksnake for about a year and a half now. She originally belonged to my teacher who could no longer take care of her. Halloween (my snake) is quite friendly and curious and she loves getting her body rubbed. She has never tried to hurt me in any way shape or form, and she is also beautiful in color variation. She usually just sleeps in my hoodie and rests her head on my shoulder. She has grown a lot since I've taken her in and she is now about 4ft in length =)