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   The Snow Corn Snake is one of the most beautiful of the corn snakes!
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Joanne - 2007-03-14
I have had my albino snow corn snake for nearly two years. He's such a friendly snake and he likes to be handled and the attention he gets. He is so easy to look after and he downs his food every time.
So if there is anyone out there who is thinking of getting a snake, i'd recommend the corn snake due to its docile nature, because they're easy to look after and there are many different breeds to choose from.

Patrick - 2007-03-10
my snow cornsnake was very friendly and gentle my first few days i had him. then i fed him for the first time correctly, and after that about a day and a half later, i tried handling him and he snapped at me. its been a few days and every time i try to handle him he snaps at me. he has become very aggresive within only a day.

Lee Roberts - 2006-12-21
I have had a corn snake for about a month now and I have found out it likes mince beef straight from the butcher. so if you are stuck for food try it. Its is like it's having lizard, my snake put loads away.

des - 2006-12-21
My baby corn is a very gentle snake. I really like it and my kids love it. I could not ever find a nice snake like the one i have now.

Joyce and Lady Diamond - 2006-08-06
FYI, I have had my corn snake for 4 years now and just recently put her into a much bigger aquarium with lots of stretching room. One thing I didn't think of was the humidity. More area less humidity. Expensive lesson to learn as my ER doctor informed me to soak her once or twice a week in warm bath water to help illiminate low humidity problems and aide in shedding of their skin. Also, no need to use vitamin supplement sprays on a snake. They are one of the only species we feed correctly.

toon - 2006-07-31
i got a baby one and they are very good pets to have. its only 2 months old

Moncia - 2006-03-10
The only case I've heard of the snakes eating other snakes came from a book by Bill Love, a leading herptologist. If you feed your multiple snakes at the same time, there is a large chance that they will both/all go for the same food item. Generally, while eating the mouse, one snake can begin to eat the other, simply because they are consuming the mouse, which the other snake is also attached to. I feed my snakes in separate Rubbermaid containers anyway, so that they don't associate the opening of their cage with food, to prevent them from striking. I haven't heard too much on cannibalism in the cases of breeding, though that would be possible as well.

- Monica

wiherpfreak - 2006-02-28
yeah in rare cases corn snakes will eat each other. There is a bigger chance if you are breeding them that this will happen. other than that good care sheet.

Katie - 2006-01-22
i am a snake owner and we own many snakes at this time and i wanted all of you to know that I think you should NEVER use a hot rock for a snake, the temp gets to high and can cause bad burns on your snake.

Just thought i would let you all know, just want the best for all snakes!

mitch - 2006-01-06
at my local petshop, one of the baby snow corns ATE another baby corn. i found it VERY interesting :)