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   The Snow Corn Snake is one of the most beautiful of the corn snakes!
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Bianca - 2008-04-06
My snow corn, Ayame, is only about five months old and he's already 1 1/2 ft. long. He's very nice. I got him in December and whenever I took him out he would go into my shirt sleeves since it's so warm in there. He was less than a foot long then. He also likes climbing all over my face and on my glasses. He's starting to show some yellow colouring on his belly and the tip of his nose. He's very well tempered. I don't even take him out of his house to feed him, I just put him in a certain place in it and he knows he's gonna be fed. He's very smart and has only bitten once when I woke him up too suddenly.

Anonymous - 2008-03-25
The snow corn is just a color morph of corn snakes. It's personality is not dependent on it's color. I've had corn snakes of other colors that are just as nice.

Jo - 2008-02-25
I have had a snow corn for the last year and half. She was just three weeks old when I got her and I only picked her because she was found underneath her tipped up water pot and she was all soggy, so I felt sorry for her. She has always been a friendly snake although she is scatty and doesnt seem to like water. I love her very much and would recommend a snow corn to anyone. My sister has a caramel corn and it is more jittery and doesn't like much contact.

kayla - 2008-02-09
I just got an Albino corn snake today. She or he is very active and fun. I also have 2 Columbian Rainbow boa contricters!

corey - 2007-12-02
I am new to owning a snake. A friend told me to start with a snowcorn, so i did. It has only been 2 days now and i love this snake. It will not bite or constrict, atleast not yet. She is about a 1yr. old and almost a foot and a half if not more. She goes into my right arm sleeve, lays across my back, and only shows a little of her face out of the left sleeve. A cool snake!

chris - 2007-11-13
Ive had my Snow Corn Snake for about 1 1/2 Years. He's the friendliest snake i've ever seen. He's never snapped at me or constricted or anything. He's timid and very fast, but he always slows once he gets used to me. We've had some funny moments. He went To the bathroom on me... TWICE...Lol Yea, it was messy... =) but I feed him 3 mice every week. I would recommend a Snow Corn Snake, just always feed them and just sit and talk to them every once in a while. i guess i dunno.. =) lol mine seems to like it. He's wonderful towards my friends too.

Laura - 2007-07-11
I'm new having a snowcorn, she's just a baby thouugh, fed once a fortnight but a fair sized rat. She is grumpy and likes to hide for 3 or 4 days after she's eaten, then she comes out of hiding and likes to play and be handled and give kisses. Very docile and contented snakes.

Anonymous - 2007-04-17
i have a snowcorn. i just bought a second snake today, a normal basic corn. im taking it back tomorrow and swapping it for a snow corn because it has an attitude problem and i just dont like it. snowcorns are definitely the best.

manley batista - 2007-04-06
i have a baby albino corn snake. its skin color is pink and white. it eats once a week, a small frozen pinky. its kept in a 10 gallon long tank with uvb lighting, and with a nightlamp and daylamp. i play with it at least once a day. very tamed snake only while hiding, and couldnt be approached suddenly or it will attack.

karl smith - 2007-03-21
i had a corn snake and it bit my hand, now i only have one