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   The Snow Corn Snake is one of the most beautiful of the corn snakes!
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billy darnaby - 2010-01-16
Try puting a blanket in his tank. I put one in with my corn snake and he won't come out of it.

Anonymous - 2009-03-15
I've had my snow corn snake since he was a hatchling about 12inches long. We named him hoodeny, now he's pushing 5feet long. Unlike my python, he never turns down a good meal.

Anonymous - 2009-03-04
I have a snow corn snake. He's about 6 or 7 months old and his name is darnell. He's getting so big already and is a great handler. He has never bitten and my mate keeps telling me he's great. My mate has 5 corn snakes, lol, he's crazy. I'm going to get another corn snake like darnell to pair up with him.

Bill Kerr - 2009-02-26
My neighbour called me for help as he had a snake in his garage. I immediately recognised it as a constrictor but did not know what it was. I carefully took it to the middle of an adjoining vacant ground and released it. A week later he phoned to say it was back. I then took it home and searching the internet established it as an albino corn snake. As I am from S. Africa, it must have been released by someone who had lost interest or an escapee. After a few weeks it is eating like a pig and giving us much enjoyment. With regard to names for snakes. My son had one which he called "Fluffy" The name is possibly unique but always brought a smile to those who asked the name.

JennyCide - 2009-01-19
I just got a snow corn snake for my b-day and no, I didn't name him anything lame or having to do with snow like apparently everyone else has. His name is "Mr. Neitzche Vonnegut Bukowski" because I couldn't pick one. So now he has a full name and is apparently pseudo related to one of my favorite authors. He's the most beautiful and docile snake I've ever met. Right now he's only big enough to eat frozen baby mice but I think soon I'll be testing him to see if he can make a kill himself (maybe a pinky or something). So yeah, I'm in love with my snake. He's like the dog I'v always wanted. He's out of his tank almost constantly because while I sit and watch tv he'll curl up on my terry cloth robe and sleep on my lap. When I clean my room he turns into a bracelet, lol. Anyway the info on this page was incredibly helpful, so thank you.

Anonymous - 2008-10-28
In our class we have 32 snakes, and before I was afraid. But I chose Frosty to be the one I take care of. He is a snow corn snake and he is the coolest snake ever. I am no longer afraid.

Jamie - 2008-09-09
I have had a snow corn snake named tango for about 2 years now and it has never bitten. It is one of the best corn snakes to get.

Ruben - 2008-08-22
I have a snow corn snake named striker. He is a great pet and I wouldn't trade him for any other snake in the world. He is great and has never attempted to bite me or any of my brothers. He is very gentle and I would recommend a corn snake to anybody who wants a small, easy to care for, fun, and loving pet!

Desaray & Jimmy - 2008-04-27
We've had our snow corn snake, Snoflake, for about two years now. When we first got her she was about an inch longer than a dollar bill and now she is around 2 1/2 feet long. She's the best-tempered snake I've ever seen. She's still a little head shy but we are trying to work her out of that. We also have a cat, and they get along pretty good. Zoey, the cat is curious to find out what Snoflake tastes like and Snoflake is curious about what Zoey smells like. My best advice to you if you have both a corn snake and a cat is to make sure they know each other so she (the cat) knows the snake is a part of the family. And make sure you keep a watchful eye on both of them when you have the snake out of her cage.

Anonymous - 2008-04-13
We have just recently purchased two Albino Corn Snakes. They are a couple, and have been together since nearly birth.
They're friendly,easy to take care of, and they are completely safe.
At first I was shocked, and a little afraid to hold them, but they wrapped themselves around me on their own, and I've been attached since.
Owning such brilliant, low maintenence, interesting pets has vanished any fear of snakes of mine.
I'd recommend these pets to any snakes seeking owner.