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   The beautiful Rough Green Snake is not only lovely to look at, but is so very gentle that it is a pleasure to handle!
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aimee - 2006-07-12
i had a rgs for about 2 months i named it sully i love that snake only ate twice though out of the 2 months..and then died. i never knew exactly when i was supposed to feed it cause the person i got it from never told me and i didn't have a computer at the time to look it up. so i put a cricket in there every other day thinking it would just eat it whenever it was hungry. but i guess it was never hungry cause the crickets ended up dying in there, had to clean them out. i put water and everything, Sully never touched it and i didn't know what to do. but now i found your website..and read how i was supposed to feed it...thank you for the information..

jjmajj - 2006-05-28
We found our RGS sunning on a road in the path of a school bus. It was nervous on the first day, ate 4 crickets on the active second day, and made a nest and coiled up quietly by the third night. So far, so good. Thanks for the info...

ffgg - 2006-05-19
I bought my green snake and it died in 2 days they gave me a new one free and it died too and never ate once.

Aaron - 2005-11-25
my rough green snake is a darling shelia. shes called shazza and loves to wrap around your arm and she has never bit any one.

Kris Starkey - 2005-11-13
I have had my rough green snake, Squeegie, for over a year, now. She was my first snake and has not proved very difficult to care for. I mainly feed her on store-bought crickets, and feed the crickets on Flukers orange cubes. She is wonderfully tempered annd has never attemped to bite anyone.

Pellaore - 2005-10-09
Yea, I was looking for this informations, thanks ;) !~!