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   The beautiful Rough Green Snake is not only lovely to look at, but is so very gentle that it is a pleasure to handle!
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Amanda - 2008-05-20
I caught a rough green about 3 weeks ago, and he is the most gentle snake I have kept. We feed him 3 to 4 crickets every 4 days, he is a good eater and very friendly. At first though we couldn't get him to eat. We thought we would have to release him, but the day came when we were going to let him go, and he ate, lol. He is a great pet, and I would trust my 2 year old son around him any day.

Adam Koehler - 2007-12-27
I bought 3 rough green snakes a couple of weeks ago. They were very hard to find and luckily i knew a guy that ordered them from California (I'm in NY). They all have very different personalities. One snake is very calm, larger than the others and fun to handle. She likes to wrap around my fingers and climb my body like a boa. My next snake is very small and squirmy. He is very friendly but defensive when surprised. My last is VERY aggressive. He doesnt let me touch him and hisses at me when I try. When I do, he is very wiggly and hard to handle. Overall, these are very fun and beautiful snakes. The neon green and yellow is gorgeous. I love the fact that they eat crickets instead of mice, too. It's also fascinating how they like to climb opposed to other snakes. These snakes are very fun and pretty but have very diverse personalities. Not recommended for a child because of how unpredictable and fast they could be.

Paige K - 2007-11-17
A week ago, my 7 year old daughter caught our RGS in the woods. This snake has quickly become a part of our family. We were getting worried when she wouldnt eat the crickets that we placed in her habitat. We have read website after website on suggestions for feeding, holding, lighting, etc. None really give a single clear answer. All seem to have different suggestions. So maybe our experience will be helpful. Much to our suprise, "Katie" loves to be held! She loves to curl around my daughters hand and cuddle into her neck. She enjoys her branches to climb on, though doesnt seem to spend much time in her covered log, nor in her water. Though, we believe she goes there, as her bedding seems to be in the water. She sometimes sleeps near the heating pad we have under her aquarium. But prefers her branches. Finally, today, she ate two very tiny crickets, after spitting out a meal worm...litterally! But, again, to our suprise, she would only eat it if we hand fed it to her. How many should we give her? We dont really know, but we'll try again in a few days. We did place a couple in her home for her to try and catch. Hope this may be helpful to anyone as confused as we are. This little snake is so sweet, and so lovable, that we hope she continues to adjust well to life with us.

Tori - 2007-11-09
I had a rough green snake that I caught in the wild for about two weeks. She/he never attempted to bite and she enjoyed being held. I had the 12 inch long snake housed in a 20 gallon aquarium with a fake log and a rock pool. I also had a heat lamp. I never misted her cage because no one told me to-oops- but she was happy and liked to swim in the pool. The pet store told me that she was a racer and to feed her pinkies. We bought a pinkie and put in her cage and the snake would not eat the pinkie. Instead, it curled up with it and kept in warm, we ended up releasing both together. A few years after I had that snake, I came across another RGS, which was highly agressive and had to be promptly released.

Judy - Chrsitina - 2007-10-02
We got a rough green snake about two months ago. At first everything was going well. She was active and ate well. She actually got depressed when my 13 year old daughter, her "mommy" didn't hold her every day. She loves being in a place where she can watch what is going on from her aquarium. She recently began looking like she had small scratches on her. I read that it is possible that the mulch we were using could be the cause of the problem. That it may scratch and stays too moist when misting the cage. They recommended that we use an indoor outdoor type carpet on the bottom of her home and put shredded newspaper over it and to change it every day. She sometimes likes to burrow and hide and I am not sure the newspaper will be sufficient, but they also said that the calcium substrate wasn't the best idea. We love our snake and want to keep her healthy. I noticed that you here are rather attached to this kind of snake as well. We recently went to a reptile expo and there wasn't a snake there that could compare to this little green snake in personality and looks. We love these snakes!

nick - 2007-09-18
I'm planning on getting a RGS from the pet store i work at. I have a 20 gallon tall tank, 1x24x18 for those of you who don't know the dementions. I will also be getting a 75 or 100 watt basking spot light and a UVA light bulb. I will probably go with either a mulch or terra fibre substrate with vines and plants for climbing. I might get some live plants since i will be getting the UVA light, makes sense.

PETE 03-2007 - 2007-03-11
For anyone wondering how to feed an RGS, I have a couple of suggestions. Whenever it comes to feeding time with my snake, I make sure to put about 2 dozen smallish crickets directly in the tank with him. I never try to hand feed him because RGS' tend to be quite timid and high strung. By putting plenty of crickets in the tank the snake can eat at their leisure. Another trick I have learned about feeding is to sometimes give them meal worms. These are small and easy for an RGS to swallow since their necks are so slender. Make sure to mist your tank a few times daily for humidity and water. These snakes do not always like to drink water from a bowl. I know that mine does not. By misting the tank the snake can drink off leaves or vines in the tank. The added moisture in the tank will also help your snake shed when the time comes. Do not let your tank become too moist because these snakes can get skin disorders and respiratory illnesses easily and do not often recover from them.

pete - 2007-02-20
I have had my RGS for about 2 1/2 months. His name is Jeremy. The first RGS that I had died the day after I got her home. The pet center gave me a new one a few weeks later. I have never seen him eat, and he has not shed at all since I've had him. He likes to be held but only if my hands are warm and tends not to like anyone else holding him. I have him housed in a 29 gallon high terrarium. There are plenty of branches and vines for him to climb. Most of the time he is basking or hidden inside his enclosure. Along with Jeremy, I have a long-tailed grass skink housed with him.

TJ - 2007-02-13
i got my rough green snake for about 2 months now but i never saw it eating, i tried worms and crickets but he was scared from it does anybody know what to do ??

antony - 2006-08-02
my rgs is doing great now, it eats when I feed it