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   Some of the most beautiful snakes are Corn Snakes!
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ME - 2007-07-31
I got a baby corn snake for my 13th birthday. She (I think it's a girl, at least) was less than a 12 inches when I got her. Now it's about a half a year later and she's about 20+ inches long. She sheds prety predictably once every month. I give her a large pinky mouse once every five days. She's doing fine, not too fat or skinny. she loves to climb all over my hands and arms and explore everywhere. this is my first snake, so I'm a complete beginner and she's really easy to care for. I also want to get gekos and a ball python, but not yet. For my cage setup I have a water bowl and a half of a small log I got from the pet store on the cool end. On the warm end I have a little log I also got from the pet store. I also have a branch that I found outside and cut to fit the cage. I soaked it in bleach water to kill all of the bacteria and bugs. She loves to climb on it. I use aspen bedding. When I feed her, I put her in a little brown bag that the pet store gave me when I buy mice for her to eat. That way she knows that she shouldn't bite anything unless it's in the bag, and she won't accidentaly swallow any bedding, which she never has.

Fel-city - 2007-06-28
I have 2 corn snakes, a male and female. They are both wild but very healthy and docile. I do better with wild snakes. I am hoping to breed them but I am worried that it is too late in the year.

kelsey - 2006-09-10
Me and my siser have a corn snake and we thought that they did'nt need water or a light, but good thing we read this or we would have had two dead corn snakes!

jamie n - 2006-02-08
i have two corns of my own.
one is a black corn and one is a cream sicle corn.
its perfectly normal if your corn does not feed before shedding.
look in the eyes to see if they are smokey, to see if it is shedding or not.

Colleen - 2005-12-30
I have a gorgeous male cornsnake that is now just under three feet. He's clean, docile, entertaining, and not to mention- a conversation starter. I'm looking into a female companion, too.

Tina Manley - 2005-12-15
I love my corn snake.. I got her as a hatchling she is now 6 years old and almost 5 1/2 feet long. I feed her about once a week and have never had to have a heating system in her tank. I have found that using a wooded enviroment for her makes it easier for her a shedding time and she seems to shed about once to twice a month. I highly recommend a 55 gallon tank or bigger due to they like to strech out, but they also like to escape so please make sure that your tank is closed up good. if they can get their nose through their body will be next.
Honestly one of the BEST PETS for children. Very sweet and LOW in cost to care for. my daughter was 2 when we got her and is now 8 years old and has been handling her since day 1. I highly recommend a corn snake for people that want to start raising reptiles. unlike the grass snake or king snake. they are so much easier for a child to handle.{not as fast or skittish}

Karen - 2005-11-30
I have worked in a pet store for 3 years, and the corn snake by far intrigues me the most! I have two now, one regular and one albino, they share the same cage and are very entertaining! This is a great starter pet for snake lovers!