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   Some of the most beautiful snakes are Corn Snakes!
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conner - 2010-04-24
I want a corn snake but my mum won't let me because she is terrified of them out of order really it soooo unfair.

john gamble - 2010-02-27
I have an Albino corn that is now 16. My daughters friend purchased it when pencil size. I am a retired Biology teacher and had it in class until I retired. It loves being handled and only bit me once when I stupidly handled it after changing my mice bedding. He is housebroken and every few days I let him drik from the sink then place into the shower and it goes withing 5 minutes. Sanitize the floor and away you go.He loves being handled. Great snake pet.

Tony - 2010-01-06
I really want a snake but my parents won't allow me. They are such cool critters which shouldn't be feared or pictured as mercilous and mindless hunters.

Samantha - 2009-12-27
we have two corn snakes, scarlet is a 3.5 foot butter corn and damion is a 6.3 foot red albino. we also have two ball pythons and a sand boa. they make excellent pets!

grant - 2009-06-26
I've had mine since it was a baby, it's now 5'2".

David Watson - 2008-04-09
I just got my corn snake a few weeks ago and he hasn't bitten me yet. He is a bit sleepy and doesn't do much, but he is a great pet.

Allyson - 2008-03-29
I got a ghost corn, who I think is a male, from my local pet store. He loves to climb all over and get tangled in my hair. He is very well tempered but isn't sure of what to think of other people besides me, so I'm hoping to help him get over that. He is easy to take care of and my cage set up for him is a medium sized log that I got from the pet store. I use aspen bedding. He also has a fairly big water dish on the cool end of his cage. If you have ever seen your corn snake drink, lucky for you, because it is very amazing to watch them drink. I have only seen mine drink twice.

snakelover - 2008-02-22
I own 9 corn snakes, 4 are still babies and are all in the same tank together. I have no problems with feeding them like this and they seem to enjoy each others company.(they are a anery stripe, a normal stripe, a common, all females and an albino male) I also own a 4 1/2 ft female anery and a 3 1/2 ft male albino. I am trying to breed them this yr. My others are another common that is 2 1/2 ft and a anery thats 2 1/2 ft (both males) and a anery motley female that is 2 ft. I love all my babies and would say this is the best snake for beginners! All my snakes are friendly and have never bitten.

Alice - 2007-11-17
I got a hatchling corn snake for my birthday. Turns out he had mites, and they were fatel. Corn snakes make great pets and are easy to take care of. Make sure you ask to see the snake fed before you buy it. You want a healthy, snake that will eat. Also you want to check for mites and ticks as they can be fatel if you snake is small. If your snake is getting thinner, or not eating this can be a sign of mites or ticks. I am getting a new one tomorrow, it is a black corn.

bob - 2007-11-07
corn snakes can be housed together qiute succesfully. the only problem is with males during breeding, they might have a scuffle. otherwise these snakes are very docile and i have never received a bite from both of mine, which i hope to breed