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   The Colombian Boa or Common Boa has an exotic appearance, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the constrictors.
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Jim Blomberg - 2006-01-29
I have to agree that a hot rock is not a good thing to have in your cage. A mat heater under the tank and a ceramic heater above, and black lights will be much better.
My red tail is about 6mo. old 30" long and is a fantastic snake. no bites yet, eats very good, I just switched over to pre-killed with no problem.

Anonymous - 2006-01-24
i just thought i would let you know, I NEVER recomended to use a hot rock in a tank with a snake, the tempiture is un-even and can get to hot and burn you snake.

Dee Morva - 2006-01-05
We just got a beautiful C.R.T Boa for my son's 13th birthday! The snake is beautiful and seems to have a wonderful personality. Very sweet! Nice to handle. Beautiful colors too!


Echo - 2005-12-02
Our Red-tail Boa, Big Louie, is almost 3 years old. He's always been a great eater, easy to handle and easy to care for. He's a beautiful and enjoyable pet. He's never struck at us, and has always been a very mellow pet. I've always thought if he was a dog, he'd be a Basset Hound. Happy to sleep for days in the same spot. He will go for a hole if given the chance though. He lived in our couch for a month, we thought he'd been stolen until I felt the couch move under me. He's been a lot of fun for us, and he gets along with our dogs just fine.